January 18, 2018

( the pictures are from 2 of my platforms that I use to collect payments-so add them ( Paypal & Selz Jan 1st )  Yes, I Sold My Brain for $9738.41 within 24 Hours…..Well, some of my brain that is. On Dec 31st through Jan 1st for 24 hours, I hosted a sale on some of […]

May 22, 2017

As I sit and prepare for my clients this week, I want to drop a truth on you that no one really talks about.   It’s hard, hard to dip in and out of cash flow as a full-time entrepreneur.   Everyone always talks about the freedom of entrepreneurship. And while that’s great, incomparable and totally exhilarating, […]

December 12, 2013

This has been the best year so far for me as a business owner and for personal growth. I’m not sharing this post with you to brag, but to be as transparent as possible, tell you what’s been happening and answer some of your questions. Although it’s been an awesome year, for me, awesome is […]

December 5, 2013

Gearing up to write that first ebook was pretty daunting for me. I was dealing with the fear of it being “wrong” and all the while, wondering who in the world would read and respect my ebook. It was my business consultant’s idea- she thought it a shame that I was producing so much content, […]

October 16, 2013

  Let’s quickly dispel a little myth here. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. As I come off a quick conversation this morning full of why me’s, I thought it good to drop in and break up all the confusion about this marketing and creation path that many of us are […]

September 26, 2013

Want to know the TOP Types of content that your audience will love? Check out this list and determine which ones would leverage your talent and also reach your audience. After you read this list, get tips, tools, advice here and ideas here! ebooks white papers blog post series how to videos content that tells […]

September 25, 2013

The momentum in your business, your product and your life starts with you. Are you hoping for the Beyonce stage fan to appear and totally make you shine? The sh*t is for the birds and a total waste of time. We have the internets. We have social media. We have video. We got the goods […]

September 4, 2013

Are You Giving Your Business the Shaft?  When your business gets the last drop of your disposable income, after your normal activities, daily splurges, shoe habit, margarita friday’s and ….. when your business gets the last drops of oil, why do we expect it to be uber successful? There is much truth in the sayings, […]

July 9, 2013

Guest Post by Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living LLC    Where do you go for corporate career advice when you need it? Whom do you trust to tell you the truth about how things run behind the corporate walls? What Career Is Right For Me? Oh yes, the wonder years where I wanted to know what […]

June 19, 2013

UPDATE!!!! The Creator’s Mastermind is Here. Click this link to check it out     CEOs, I have some news and I wanted to let you know first.   We’ve had a lot going on behind the scenes, tour planning, speaking, book writing, partnerships, and some kind of way, I’ve gotten an invite to Google Headquarters […]

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