July 10, 2014

LIVE Session TODAY in 30 MINUTES!!! CEOs,  I truly couldn’t have found a better woman to speak with you about fear and finally jumping that hurdle to reach the other side of your success.  Daily and weekly, Kia Granberry effectively leads women to find, unleash, then pursue their passions and tonight, you have her all to yourself.  […]

July 9, 2014

What does it take to start or grow a business? Learn with me and the Marketing Stylist Lisa Alexander here http://goo.gl/HB3y7G

May 29, 2014

I have a friend and consulting client.  Who just quit her job.  Closed her business.  Left her dog and family in Houston. And moved about a gazillion miles away to pursue her passion and a build a totally new business.    Nearing her forties, she took a chance on herself, followed my specific advice, made […]

April 3, 2014

How awesome has the last 2 weeks been? Well, the Strategy Series is coming to an end. We only have 2 things left! I have gotten a MASSIVE amount of feedback with your questions, what you’ve learned and what you’re doing with the lessons from this series. We have 2 things coming and I give […]

April 2, 2014

  Stop stepping over dollars to chase after pennies. Small ballers focus on what’s currently in front on them instead of delegating and going after the bigger picture and long-term strategy. Give the busy work to the secretary while you put on your heels and chase after the big deals.  Small ballers spend too much […]

March 31, 2014

Today’s lesson will be personal for most of us. But it’s a small exercise that MUST be done to finally release all those pesky mindset traumas that consistently hold us back.  Check out the recording here, then drop me a note below and tell me what it’s going to take for you…. listen to ‘What’s […]

January 25, 2014

  Make an unbreakable commitment to yourself in one area of your life. Quit the self doubt and the negative talk. We often kill our own opportunities before our enemies can.  Think long-term. Thinking short-term doesn’t allow you to create a legacy or an impact.  Determine, what you want your legacy to be? Then create […]

January 20, 2014

We give such little respect to these million dollar ideas floating through our thoughts daily. We ignore them, discount them, find fault in them, then systematically open ourselves to let others totally dump on what’s left of our goals.  But why? The way to get the most POWERFUL movements off that paper and finally executed […]

December 23, 2013

Many times our business stress comes from lack of strategy, using leverage and our energy wisely, thinking things through or getting help where needed. For our 2014 to be successful, it requires us to focus more on what’s important, what brings us closer to our goals, makes us more profitable and, if possible, hits more […]

November 26, 2013

Is 2014 your year to leave the J.O.B behind? Want to learn how to successfully leave your job and finally be in your business full-time? In this episode, we had the chance to interview the successful and energetic Farnoosh Brock, who is the owner of Prolific Living LLC. She made a smooth transition from a cushy […]

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