26 Lessons for 2014 Success

  1. Make an unbreakable commitment to yourself in one area of your life.
  2. Quit the self doubt and the negative talk. We often kill our own opportunities before our enemies can. 
  3. Think long-term. Thinking short-term doesn’t allow you to create a legacy or an impact. 
  4. Determine, what you want your legacy to be? Then create a life that achieves that.
  5. Make your MUST list. Who you MUST meet, MUST collaborate with, MUST write/speak for. Hold yourself to that MUST.
  6. Become disciplined about your money, no matter how big or small it is. 
  7. Learn to say no. You are the guardian of your time, your energy, and your life.
  8. Stop blaming others for your position in life. Once you take control of your life, you have the power to change it.
  9. Make peace with any mistakes you made in 2013, so they don’t screw up your 2014.
  10. Set a solid goal, with a deadline and milestones, then make a plan to incrementally reach it. 
  11. Get something to hold you accountable to said goal, either a business coach, an accountability partner or a mastermind team
  12. Put a time limit on worry, crying, or tantrums. Have them if you need to, but make a promise to yourself, to stop at some point and start planning.
  13. Proximity to success and being in the conversation of success are important, but only ACTION and EXECUTION can get you to success.
  14. Understand that you will fail sometimes, but your failures come with much more powerful lessons than never trying. 
  15. In business, in life and in love, you teach others how to treat you. Start by treating yourself well. 
  16. Allow yourself time to think and respect your ideas. We dismiss million dollar ideas daily because we’re too busy to think them through.
  17. Make a commitment to keep learning, growing, and educating yourself. Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. 
  18. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
  19. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your path had different stones. You and your story are unique.
  20. Put a limit on research. When that time is up, commit to ACTION!
  21. You will get inspiration. You will get advice, but stop looking for the answers to be laid out for you in a 1 ,2, 3 pattern. Learn to be inspired, then channel that inspiration into your goals.
  22. When you feel yourself getting scared to make a move, ask yourself, ” If this fails, what’s the worst that could happen ?” 
  23. When you’re trying to reach your level best, before you turn in a project ask yourself,” Is this my absolute best ?”
  24. When confronted with an obstacle, ask yourself, ” What’s the best way that I can do this?”
  25. Take advantage of all opportunities granted to you but get accustomed to, proficient even, at creating your OWN Opportunities
  26. If you’re gonna go for it, go for the whale, GO BIG. You DO NOT serve the world by playing small ball. 
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