Proposal  Writing  Course



Proposal Writing Course + Template

I believe in getting that daily money AND that long money within the SAME business.

BIG LICKS are better than making individual sales, BUT you must learn how to do both to keep your business afloat. As promised, my HIGHLY Anticipated 16 Page Proposal Pitching Template is NOW Available. Just as before, this template is customizable to your needs and YOUR PITCH.

This template can be used for pitching:

       speaking engagements
       influencer deals
       corporate contracts
       and many business deals

I'm giving you the EXACT template that I use to pitch my own projects.

And, I've included a video tutorial to show you how to customize it to fit your needs.

This template INCLUDES the Proposal Writing Video Class { Template Tutorial 15min Proposal Class 1:34 min Total almost 2 hours of video with the template }