30   Minute  Discovery  Call 

Have you just wanted to pop on the phone with me? Then, a 30 Minute Discovery Call may be what you need. Discovery Calls are 30 Minute Opportunities for you to pick my brain, to ask me ALL of those questions that you’ve had on your mind. Discovery Calls are $400. Some people get all the clarity that they need within the Discovery Call, some need to go further to a coaching package or group mentorship. I book 6-9 Discovery Calls per week on Monday-Tuesday's from 10am-4pm CT.  Do note that Discovery Calls are not coaching sessions. You’d definitely want to come prepared with your questions about any business subject so that our time together can be beneficial to you and laser focused. I’ve had some clients even solve their problem by asking me questions during the discovery call-so be prepared. The video of our recorded session is emailed to you for you to review as much as needed. You can book 1 Discovery Call per 12 month period. If you need intense coaching and strategizing, you'd be better served with a private coaching session with me. 


Discovery CaLL