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I Help Women Build
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I work with current and aspiring coaches and service professionals on crafting profitable business development initiatives, a focused sales strategy and a results orientated online marketing plan. 

As of today, I’ve had the fortune to work with, reach, impact, teach and coach OVER 300,000 entrepreneurs globally through Women CEO Project’s conferences, digital products, my books, private and group coaching, and my 30 city global tour.

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hey coach, i'm kristi

hey coach,
i'm kristi

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This course walks a new or aspiring coach through 5 Major Pillars of creating your new coaching business. It covers business niching, creating your expert status, getting paid your worth, creating client funnels, online marketing, and client followup. 

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Every client is different. They come with different needs, income goals, and starting points. I specialize in working with women who are focused, action takers and have the mindset of investing in themselves. My major focus and goal is to help women create strategic, profitable and sustainable coaching practices. 

Over the years, I've had the fortune to touch, work with and coach OVER 300,000 entrepreneurs through classes, online and in-person conference, digital products, books and mastermind teams. 

Listen to the stories of each of these ladies. 



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