Your 2014 Goals: Respect & Priority

We give such little respect to these million dollar ideas floating through our thoughts daily. We ignore them, discount them, find fault in them, then systematically open ourselves to let others totally dump on what’s left of our goals. 

But why? The way to get the most POWERFUL movements off that paper and finally executed is to show them some respect by placing a high value on where we want to be, how to get there, who and what we allow to get our precious time, and who we let speak into our lives. 

We’ve burned the resolution list, because we are fully aware that making lists gets nothing done. We are now focused on setting goals with some power behind them so they become more than paper. They become DONE.  But what does this mean? What are power goals? And what tools are available to help you make steps towards your idea of success?

1. When making your “to do” list, stay focused on what tasks on that list are high-level and which ones are low level.  Here’s how to tell the difference. If the task directly brings in revenue, moves the dial on your business, or cultivates a key business relationship, then, you should be doing it. 

If it’s a task that helps to support your initiatives and projects like creating the documents to your projects, inputting emails into your database from the networking event you hosted,  creating the spreadsheets for your business that shows what revenue the high-level tasks brought in….. Those items should be done by someone else and are administrative. ( these should not be on your plate) 

Make sure that your “to do” list is focused at least 80% on the high-level items and spend a small amount of time checking the work and progress of your assistant doing the administrative or low-level tasks. 

2. Are the things on your “to do” or “to go to” list clearly aligned with your goals? I got a call last night from a pretty ambitious guy that I used to sell jewelry with. He always wanted to go into real estate and was one of my biggest supporters when I took the leap. After the formalities and catching up from not speaking in over 7 years, he asked one question, “ Kristi, how do you suggest that I get my client? I’m going to all of these events but I’m getting people who have so many financial issues and who aren’t ready to buy. I asked a few questions about where he was going to network…..Long story short, he was attending Credit Repair Workshops and sponsoring Free Events. I’m sure many of you just had a little chuckle like, if he’s going to credit repair events obviously, these folks have financial issues right? Sounds simple, but many of us fill our days going to, sponsoring and giving our time to activities and events that absolutely do not have our client that we say we want to work with. Continuing to do this, is counterproductive to reaching your goals. 

 Take a look at the activities currently on your calendar and ask yourself a simple question, “ Is my client attending?” It is your job to separate your busyness from your business focuses and clear up your schedule from doing things that don’t help you reach your goals.  

3. Having a goal is simply not enough. You must also attach an execution strategy behind how you will achieve this goal. How will you get it done? Whose help do you need? How will you market it? How much will it cost to accomplish it? Who will be your partners? Who will help keep you accountable? What date will you have it done by? What do you need to be working on today, tomorrow, this week, this month, to reach this goal? Answering these questions gets your goal executed not simply written down on paper or sitting pretty on a vision board. 

4. Learn how to separate business from volunteering or fun activities. Some of the things that you do or give your time to are volunteering, contributing to the greater good, but do not confuse them with business activity. For example, if you have a product or service that cost money, and you are giving or volunteering at a shelter or women’s rehabilitation group under the guise of “business” you are fooling yourself and wasting time. If you want to volunteer, call it volunteering and let it be that. But if you are hoping to gain clients from volunteering here, your chances aren’t necessarily nil, but they are extremely low. It would be better to spend your time around women who can currently afford your products and services and STILL volunteer at the shelter whenever you want, just with a clearer understanding that the goal here is charity, not business. 

5. Wear the opportunities you do get, the HELL OUT. It’s amazing to me to sit and watch folks get dressed up, break their neck to get a ticket to an event, then go, and sit and wait for the magic to happen. WHY? Why are you at an event and not talking to people, or just talking to the folks you came with? 

If you get a crack in the door of opportunity, you need to tear that bit*h down and bring some of the sheetrock with you. 

Why are you posting up on social media, simply reworking other’s articles and posts about celebrities? For many of us, this is the most powerful form of marketing and branding that we can afford. You should be wearing it the HELL OUT-productively. 

Why spend your time going to an event if you don’t have a goal to meet X amount of people and build some great relationships.

Why are you letting ALL of these business events come and go in your city (most of them for free) and you are not breaking your neck to get to EVERY SINGLE ONE that has your client there? CEOs, don’t watch opportunities waiting on the next one. Who promised there would be a next one?

The year is new but are you? Are you giving your goals the respect and priority they deserve? Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t wait until the next opportunity. Work on them daily. Even if it’s only an email, or a phone call, whatever it is, make small progress on it daily.Organize, plot and plan your dreams NOW. You and your goals are worth it. 


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