What to do when you want to quit….

I have a friend and consulting client. 

Who just quit her job. 

Closed her business. 

Left her dog and family in Houston.

And moved about a gazillion miles away to pursue her passion and a build a totally new business. 


Nearing her forties, she took a chance on herself, followed my specific advice, made a major move, got some initial success, got connected with some pretty famous celebrities and brands, had the doors to some prime opportunities opened……


Then… she quit. 


Four months in. She freaking quit and I couldn’t be more upset if I absolutely tried. 

Not because she wasn’t good. Not because she wasn’t experiencing a level of success. But for another reason. 

Let me tell you why.


She made 2 HUMONGOUS mistakes that so many entrepreneurs make.  

  • She felt that the success she was seeing from some pretty established folks in her niche, who had put in 10, 20 and 30 years…. She felt that type of success was owed to her after 4 measly months. 
  • She compared her beginnings to someone else’s established success and became overwhelmed, frustrated and felt hopeless.


CEOs, hear me now…


You don’t get points for showing up. You gain progress from putting in the work….


Don’t to this. It is a setup for failure. It is a prime recipe for unfounded feelings of inadequacies. 

I consulted her to some quick success but her fear, feelings on entitlement, and being overwhelmed made her quit. 

Most of you get frustrated because you’re comparing your first attempt to someone else’s 100th attempt. Your first proposal that didn’t work to someone else’s 25th proposal. 

Your first attempt at business from your comfy apartment with someone who lived in their studio for the first 8 years of building their business. 

Don’t ask me about my over 400th event’s success, ask me about my first event in 2004, that I prepared for, for WEEKS, and that absolutely ZERO people showed up to except my sister… And she had to bribe me with chocolate and a pedicure so I wouldn’t cry. 

 I was full of embarrassment. Full of what I imagined, were failure thoughts and looks from others in my real estate office.  

But then the next week, I was marketing a NEW event, with new ideas and learning new ways to make it a success. It took a while, and I had a winning formula in 2 years, but what if I had quit from the first attempt?

Ask me about my first proposal- that was ugly and on Google docs and so amateur and emailed ahead of my meeting because I was broke and out of ink. Or having to pull in 2 of my neighbors to roll with me to this meeting so that I looked like I had a team- when I had only the awesome meal I promised I’d cook them for the favor. 

My first 5 years in business were rough and I haven’t finished seeing rough times. Every single person who loved me, told me I should quit and move back home. But I couldn’t and thank goodness I didn’t, because successful year 6, year, 7, year, 8 and on were waiting for me. 

I could fill your head and your inbox with plenty of stories, but you must get one thing from this. 


It AIN’T Quitting Time. 


Failure has not found you. Failure is not your destiny. Failure is not your home- until you give up. 
Don’t get caught up comparing your beginnings to someone who’s been in the game, cutting their teeth, consistently hitting the pavement and paying their dues.

Until you have exhausted every single, solitary, opportunity, angle and option that you have developed for this business… it’s not time to let it go. 


Hold on to your intuition, that feeling that you just can’t let it go, that desire to think of something new, to try again. Hold on to your business and the reasons why you started it and imagine yourself feeling like a success, not like a failure. 


Just focus on starting, executing, on not letting fear succeed, on tapping into that power that you KNOW you possess. Focus on being the most fearless, courageous, creative, entrepreneurially minded, no matter what person you know…. 

and go after it relentlessly.




Reformed Professional Quitter…Kristi 

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