You Built It, But Will They Come?


Let’s quickly dispel a little myth here. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. As I come off a quick conversation this morning full of why me’s, I thought it good to drop in and break up all the confusion about this marketing and creation path that many of us are currently on.


If we build it, they will come. Because I am, fill in the blank _________:

  • Kristi

  • Special

  • The Bestest

  • Smart

  • Popular

  • Talented

And the list could go on and on. Truthfully, it takes a lot to get folks attention in this media grabbing free for all. People are inundated with TONS of stuff constantly pulling at them during the day, that just building it, will definitely NOT bring in the eyes, the dollars or the attention, unless you are Beyonce, a Kardashian, or Apple. And by the way, Beyonce’s marketing team is a BEAST, but that’s another story…

So, if you see some of the TOP, the VERY Best entrepreneurs out here doing a multitude of things to share their talents, skills, knowledge, products and services with us, why in the world do we feel, we can just launch a new website, event, product or blog post, casually mention that it’s live and sit back with our tea waiting for the line of paying buyers to form up?

This is totally unrealistic and a waste of your time. Each product, program, event, etc. must be built along with its OWN marketing plan. There aren’t many stand alone items for sale, really in the world that can be released without a certain amount of marketing. And for today’s savvy buyer, some creatively innovative and attention catching marketing must be implemented.

Here’s what I suggest or better yet, here’s what I do to try to keep my eyes and nose just above drowning in the sea of options, strategies and tools available. And before I jump in, let me say this, I’ve had YEARS, years shah, of mistakes, screw ups and hard lessons. And seems it’s not a stage, it’s called life as an entrepreneur. Those lessons come fewer and far in between, yet, they still pop up. So moral here, you will ALWAYS BE LEARNING ( ABL)

  • I am CONSTANTLY reading marketing stuff. Like, my Google page is so intuitive it seems, it knows that I just doing my regular marketing searches and suggest stuff…. jk But me and Google are total pals in helping me create plans and strategies and finding out what combinations of strategies will work for me, my business, and Women CEO Project launches.

  • I am ALWAYS reading marketing books. I search for them at B & N, then go to amazon and buy them. I have marketing books for days. I find that the most relevant info is probably on Google and Twitter ( currently happening news but I am reading regularly to see what’s in the book too.

  • I combined my Masters of Business ( focused in Strategic Marketing & International business) 10 years of experience in creating highly successful marketing plans in real estate, and in the 3 years of owning Women CEO Project ALL into the Creator’s Blueprint Course here. I totally took out all the stops and put my “blueprint” into this course that can be used to launch a program, event or product. And since the course is online, I am constantly adding new info that I learn to it. So check it out.

  • I watch what the big boys do. I mean, they are big boys for a reason. When they launch something, you can tell that there is a machine behind it. And if you are a good study, you’ll pick up some of it from just watching. What I do know is that, you CANNOT share something a few times and think people will just show up. You have to have something of value, that is needed, that your clients want, that is accessible, and share the news often. If no one is biting what you’re sharing OVER and OVER, stop sharing that same post, or content and change something about it. Add to it, take away something, change the title or totally scrap it.

  • Always be learning. Did I mention this? ALWAYS be learning more and more about your niche, and how to share within that niche. You really don’t need a book, you could learn a lot on Google. Truthfully, by spending 20 minutes a day researching your marketing and how to get your info out there AND by implementing and testing what you find, you will be scores ahead of the people simply throwing their stuff out there, hoping for a ton of bites.

  • Learn how to create systems in your company. I’m new to systems. Like 2 years new. I just started in about 2011 with my first assistant, to create documents, plans, and paths that could be followed and passed down when someone new comes in , but also to free up my time. Included in the Creator’s Blueprint Course, I’ve dropped in action plans that are completely downloadable and that can be used immediately in your business to start having some your systems in the creation and strategy side of your business. You can get ALL of the documents, action plans and guides from the course here.

So hopefully, this note, that was supposed to be quick 🙂 has gotten the one and done, build and they will come myth completely out of your head and has you marching the strategy, planning, and researching path to marketing success. Oh, and as another mega comprehensive, you will need nothing else, this covers it all BONUS to you, here’s another deep pocket of marketing info that will change your life.

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