3 Week FREE Mastermind Video Series…. LAUNCH July 1st!

UPDATE!!!! The Creator’s Mastermind is Here. Click this link to check it out



CEOs, I have some news and I wanted to let you know first. 

 We’ve had a lot going on behind the scenes, tour planning, speaking, book writing, partnerships, and some kind of way, I’ve gotten an invite to Google Headquarters ( June 27-29th, I’ll be doing tons of vlogging).

You’d think it was enough that we have this AWESOME event coming up next week, the Women of Power Virtual Summit. Yep that too. But I’m constantly in work mode to bring you the BEST.

I’ve been hinting around on the Facebook page that because the #CreateChallenge went so dang well, that we were expanding the project into something bigger.  Because you’re a part of the Women CEO family, you get to be in during our First Access phase. 

What is it??

We are launching a NEW Program to help you get those juices flowing, kill those goal crushers, get projects created, build a team, then launch the hell out of your projects. Or in other words, we are creating a program to show you exactly how to share your talents and gifts with the world. 


As I’ve been mentioning in my not so subtle hints, we are having a Free 3 Week Mastermind Video Series FIRST! This video series will:

  • kick your butt ( with love ) 
  • get you out of your own way
  • give you tons of tools & resources
  • give you the space, opportunity, and a platform to interact with a group of people with a common goal…… TO CREATE!
  • gives you access to the New Program Launch FIRST

Yep so we will work together for 3 weeks FIRST. You  will get a new video each week, then we will meet up and have a private group Virtual Chat to discuss that week’s lessons, answer questions, discuss next steps, and clear out obstacles. 

When we finish the 3 Week Mastermind Series, the new program will LAUNCH! But the participants in the Mastermind Series will have access FIRST!! How cool is that? So here’s how you get in:

Click here and tell us ‘ You want in”.  On June 30th, we’ll let you know who has first access……… You want it, we’ve built it, get in!


 p.s. Yes, we are still having a fabulously content rich, POWERFUL virtual conference next week, June 25-27th. If you haven’t registered yet….. click here to do so.


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