18 Types of Content Your Audience Will LOVE….

Want to know the TOP Types of content that your audience will love? Check out this list and determine which ones would leverage your talent and also reach your audience. After you read this list, get tips, tools, advice here and ideas here!

  1. ebooks

  2. white papers

  3. blog post series

  4. how to videos

  5. content that tells a story

  6. top tips blog posts

  7. ultimate lists blog posts

  8. frequently asked questions posts and videos

  9. should ask questions posts and videos

  10. the basics of how to do something

  11. content that is original

  12. content that helps them make money

  13. content that helps them save money

  14. content that doesn’t assume we know anything and starts from the beginning

  15. yet, content that makes us feel smart

  16. content that makes us feel we can achieve anything in the world if we just mix belief with hustle with passion and a spoonful of strategy

  17. content that keeps us from making mistakes

  18. content that reminds us that we should totally ignore bullshit and live life with no regrets

Have some ideas to add? Drop them in the comments below. So now that you know exactly the types of content your audience wants, get your 3 FREE videos here to get your started!

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