Bring Your Own Damn Wind….How to Create Momentum for Your Business

The momentum in your business, your product and your life starts with you. Are you hoping for the Beyonce stage fan to appear and totally make you shine? The sh*t is for the birds and a total waste of time. We have the internets. We have social media. We have video. We got the goods and are totally responsible for our own wind.

We can create campaigns from thin air around our products and services and start TV shows using our own mobile devices.

We have absolutely no reason in 2013, to be sitting, waiting, watching hawking and simply gazing upon those who are truly doing in.

I’ve been there before. Fiddling my thumbs in the sitting room where you wait your turn…

I was watching and scoping and hungry (but not yet starving) and waiting for someone to show up with that trophy, with permission, with my damn fan.

But why? What makes me special? There are people waking everyday with that thang on their mind and willing to do absolutely anything that is takes to get there them. And we waiting. Waiting on our stage fan to blow our hair. We need to blow our own damn hair.

I’ve stopped waiting and simutaneously stopped caring about the naysayers. I’m focused on building.

I’ve seen them looking and eyebrows raised and lips pressed together when I say what I’ve done and that I’m planning some new ish…

Seriously CEOs, you can’t pay attention to the lip pursers. They are always available. Always got time, and always on time. Always ready to tell you that you think you’re upper crust and all.

But let’s focus.

Who are you scouting? Who has your audience? Who do you want? What one single kung fu ninja move would bring you from point A to point B? Do you know that move? Is it a call? Is it an event? Is it a sponsor? Is it a connection? Is it a piece of money?

Getting specific on finding what’s your move and what gets you results. Building up the momentum around you, your product or service isn’t easy. But here’s what you need,

Creating Momentum requires:

  • specific goals

  • deadlines for said goals

  • a definite direction

  • an ability to pull the trigger

To Create Momentum you Need to:

1. Increase your company’s audience or offerings ( products/services)

2. Increase the speed to which you launch

3. Improve and Specify Your Direction


1. Increase your company’s audience or offerings ( products/services)

There is no getting around it. You must start to grow your audience, but listen here, I don’t mean just paying someone on Fivver to add followers to your Facebook page or Twitter account. This does you no good. Neither does going on Facebook as begging people to like your page. What you need are people who WANT to be there and who really like you and your company. It is much better to grow your audience brick by brick with people who would possibly buy from you and who want advice, blog posts and information from you.

2. Increase the speed to which you launch

Due diligence is a must. It’s a necessary component of any product, service or business. But most of you stay in the “getting ready” to start position for too long. I mean, there is absolutely no way to see all of the pitfalls, all of the obstacles while still sitting on the sidelines.

3. Improve and Specify Your Direction

How can you get your fan blowing if you don’t know what direction to point it? You must know where you want to go or the goals you want to reach specifically. How much money do you want to make? How many people do you need in your database? How many clients do you want this month? You’ll be amazed at how many people are always busy, always working, and always hustling with absolutely no hustle plan.

You think you should sit and wait for all the speaking engagements you want under your belt? To be featured in all the articles that you dream of? For some publisher to call you and ask you to write? Naw, that’s the movies. You have to get busy. Get on the phones. Use what you have. Be creative. Get social. Use social. 

Get a focused hustle plan. Measure something. Get a scale, then get on the scale. Find out what you need. Find out who you need. Create a gamechanger move in your life and business. THEN, market the HELL out of it.   

It’s easy to wait. It’s hard to create.

But you can do it.

Get people talking. Get noticed. Get visible. Get popular for being you. Whatever you do, don’t wait, don’t watch. Don’t ask for applause. Don’t beg for awards. Don’t wait for recognition. Build your momentum and bring your own damn fan.

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