How to Grow When Business is Slow

On Thanksgiving 2012, I was up at 3ish am writing the best proposal of my life. I would start getting worried about rent around the 18th of every month-and I was a few days away from the 1st. I was trying to spur the growth of my business out of a direct and pressing NEED and out of the desire to get my business stable finally…


You all know the story of how that turned out-many of you have taken my proposal writing class and you know that-that proposal clocked me the first 6-figures I’d ever made in one lump AND it was the only time that my rent was late-since I got paid that money on December 4, 2012. 


I learned something super important-I mean like-I already knew this, but now it was permanent. As an entrepreneur-to not only start a business-but to stay in business-you have to learn this one skill and learn it VERY well. 


You have to learn how to be stressed, broke, shovel shit, get told no-then go home, regroup, re-access, get creative and grow your business. 



In the week hours of this morning-I had the most stressful conversations that one could have at 5:47am …… I had an intense discussion about business, budgets and growth. 


I know that the timing may sound strange, but when you’re an entrepreneur-if feels like-even if not with actual work-you are easily thinking about the state of your business at all times. 


I’m no different. Even after 15 years in business ( multiple businesses ) you will find yourself in months of slow growth if any at all. When I was having this super uncomfortable conversation this morning-I was having it with a 25 year business veteran that has gone through every single business cycle possible including new presidents, the real estate market crashing and much more. This entrepreneur leveraged the heck out of their current skills-start some supplemental business lines, took a job, sold some assets-you name it. 


I’ve done the same. But we’re at a different place now. Ain’t nothing getting sold these days. These days-we will use our brains. We will take a breath, take a pause, leverage the skills and the technology that we have and we will grow. 


Over the years-I’ve honed in on a few key skills, pitches and creation ideas that can be launched in a few days, over the weekend and within a week that can totally change the momentum and trajectory of your business. Some of you are currently stuck and feeling like you’re in a slump. 


Here are the next action steps that I want you to take: 


  • PITCH yourself to your local station to come on and give some insight on a current trend or issue. If you do this well AND continue to pitch yourself- you could become a regular on the news and get hot leads within your business weekly. I’ve seen it done multiple times. One of my top clients is a weekly regular on her local news station speaking about personal finance and paying off debt.


  • CREATE. I typically launch this strategy first when I’m in a business slump. It’s simply a matter of pouring my brain out on video or in writing and walking you through the steps on simple to complicated business strategies. So think like this-what can I teach-package-and sell that would benefit my client?


  • Go LIVE. Get your AZZ on Instagram Live right now. CEOs, Instagram is changing the game and to me-one of the BEST social media platforms right now for an entrepreneur. USE IT. Forget messing up. Forget how you look. Forget if you think you’ll stumble. Think like this… ” My money is on Instagram” and I’m going to do a live to get it in my account. Yes, it’s really that simple. The immediate engagement that Instagram offers you to get from your audience is priceless and we SHOULD all be using it as much and as effectively as possible to grow our businesses. 

Now CEOs-I could go on and on… AND I WILL on August 9th. Some of these strategies are new, some are tried and true with growing your business. 


On August 9th, I’m teaching you “10 Ways to Grow When Business is Slow” in a

2 hour Webinar + a Digital Workbook. 


I will be covering strategies like using

social media, speaking,

proposals & pitching,


email series,

video and

sales/closing techniques


This MasterClass is $49.99 until Midnight TONIGHT, then it goes up to $99. Either way, you need to be front and center in this class on August 9th, with your notebooks, pen, and open mind. 

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