3 Ways to Market Your New Business ( Short Video Lesson )


Ok-so you’re a new business and you need to market yourself, your services and your projects but you don’t have a super large budget or no budget at all to get your brand exposed, expanded and engaged.

Technology is so exciting right now-because it gives even new businesses tools and platforms to market ourselves for free or really inexpensively.


This video breaks down 3 Ways to Market Yourself- if you are a new or growing business.

There are MANY more ways to market yourself and I break A LOT of them down in our Grow Your Business Execution Planner here (http://selz.co/VkWts2QzE)

This video gives you a start with a focus on Hosting Instagram Lives Strategic Video Marketing and Gaining Speaking Engagements We don’t leave you hanging.

There are many ways to learn more about crafting a strategic multi-channel marketing plan by visiting our store here (https://womenceoproject.com/online-store/) and checking out the:

  • Grow Your Business Execution Planner
  • Strategic Marketing Execution Planner and
  • the Marketing 101 Online Class

Good luck with your planning CEO. For more videos, blog posts or tools-visit us at www.womenceoproject.com or email us at (info@womenceoproject.com )


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