How to Monetize Linkedin MasterClass Sunday, April 29th

I’m going to keep the learning ➕ profiting going with a 2-Hour Webinar on April 29th on just ” How to Monetize Your LinkedIn”. There is MONEY in this platform BUT it requires a plan. You got a taste of what you can do in this mornings live-now we are going 10 steps deeper. You WILL leave me having a solid understand of LinkedIn and how to integrate it into your overall business strategy.

How to:

Make Connections

Gain Speaking Engagements

Get Contract Work

Gain Partnerships

Business Develop

This class is $99.99. We have ONLY 100 Seats TOTAL AND last month’s class DID FILL UP! So Click the Link 🔗 here grab your seat CEOs! #LinkedinMastery

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