My Realest Message to You this Year….

Real talk…. I never thought I’d make it this far when I got into business.


Especially on nights that I couldn’t freaking open my garage because my electricity was out. Or my cell was off. I was trotting around Houston looking like a dime but with an empty bag-not from lack of effort. I was just in a business where you wait and you hope and you pray that your client don’t F up their credit before they close on their house and mess up your whole commission.


Every time you get a check-you are 2-3 months behind and it feels like you’re constantly in quicksand trying to pull yourself out of a financial hole….Rocky is an understatement. But I lack embarrassment. I figure I can help you more from my struggle years than to just to look like I’ve always been winning…..


I earned EVERY SINGLE LESSON in these 15 years in business. And I wouldn’t change it for the world truly. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner and get all those lessons out of the way earlier. But I held back. I was fearful. I said-next year I’ll launch. Then the next and I found that my journals were getting thicker but the goals weren’t changing…..I digress. I could go on and on.


I write this teary because I can’t scrape together 3 people who believed me from beginning to end. But in all with or without support-I made it. I still help people. I still pay bills that ain’t mine. I still come through. And I feel that God continues to bless me for my tenacity and for respectfully keeping a short memory for those who couldn’t find a reason to share a word of encouragement……. BUT GOD.


The way that it feels that I can invest in my projects, and have people on staff, and not struggle and wake up each day to touch people globally. There is no feeling that compares. Nor would I go back and change my struggle years. Look Ma-I made it. 15 years in and a lifetime to go…..😘


WHEEW Testimony Done!!!
So, as promised, I put together a 15 Year Anniversary Sale for the next 48 Hours!!

This sale is over 16 Hours of Business Content Wrapped into 12 Video Tutorials!!! 

The 48 Hours Starts NOW!

Click the link HERE to check out the sale AND thanks in advance for celebrating with me.

I feel SUPER Blessed!!

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