How to Monetize Your Knowledge: A 21 Day Challenge

Today, April 25th, I’m opening registration for the 21 Day Monetize Your Knowledge Challenge.


Why Monetize Your Knowledge? Because, we spend so much time learning, reading, attending webinars, conferences and basically hoarding information, but with no plan to use or leverage this information to grow our businesses.


I want to help you change that.


I want you to know how to take some of the knowledge you have now, your expertise, your passion and create ways to expand your business AND your profits.
Why a challenge… this just makes it interesting.   Each day, for the next 21 days, you will get an email in your inbox, with a video lesson, a tutorial, or an action item with a new way to monetize your message. Also, by joining the challenge, you will receive a Digital Download with further explanation on just what to do with all that knowledge you’ve been gathering. 


Click here to join the Monetize Your Knowledge 21 Day Challenge

I’ve been watching you CEOs!


You grab ALL of the latest books. You attended the conferences. You may have even attending some of mine. But, what have you done with all of that knowledge? Has it paid for the conference, has it benefited you and your business beyond simply inspiring you?


Most of you need to learn and understand how to ask for business, how to ask for your invoice, how to receive your value. I’m going to teach you that, over the course of 21 days-so that it sticks.


Once You Join the Challenge:

You will receive the ” Monetize Your Knowledge ” Digital Download,

Then, starting Friday, April 28th, I will show up in your inbox daily with a lesson, video, or action step for the next 21 Days

You will have a clearer understanding and tangible steps on what to do with all that knowledge to finally start to make more money for your business…

I will be happy that you have started to profit from what’s been stuck in your head 🙂

Challenge Starts Friday April 28th!!!

Click here to join the Monetize Your Knowledge 21 Day Challenge




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