4 Ways to Grow Your Business NOW!

Just like that, and we are 1 month into 2017. Are your goals and business initiatives on schedule? Most of you started the year with a set of new projects and products that you wanted to create in addition to growing your client base. I wanted to share with you some tried and successful ways that grow Women CEO Project-incrementally, but sometimes substantially.
1. Package up your knowledge. I know you’ve heard this before and you’ve been thinking about creating that ebook, that digital download, that book or course. But have you done it yet? You are more than likely holding back on the project while you wait on it to be perfect or “the right time”. CEOs, now is the right time, and perfection is not needed to teach someone. What is needed, is your knowledge, packaged up in a clear ( plain speak) concise, and helpful way. Make it simple:
  • What 3 major things do you want your client to learn from this product?
  • What do you want your client to do once they finish using/reading your product?
  • What resources can you share with them in addition to your knowledge to enrich this product?
  • What method will you use to deliver this product?
  • What 3 ways/platforms/methods will you use to market this product?
  • What is the deadline to finish and launch this product?
There it is. Done for you. You just need to follow a simple plan and get your knowledge out there. Everyday that you hold back, you keep yourself and your business in the same place in ADDITION to not helping the people that you are supposed to help with your knowledge.
2. Bring the audience to you. If you’re waiting to get called for all of your speaking engagements, to serve on panels, or to meet your ideal client at other’s events…. you’ll be waiting a long time. One of the top speakers in the world who I truly admire, told me that she works/hustles for approximately 70% of the speaking engagements that she gets… that rocked my world. Like really, if she has to hustle like that-even being so known, I surely can’t just wait for my phone to ring. This is precisely why, for the last 14 years, I’ve hosted over 400 events…. Slightly out of shyness ( I know you can’t tell ) and a desire to 1. filter, then 2. bring the crowd to me… I realized that the best way to do just this, was to be in control of my networking and meetings. Let me increase the opportunities for me to speak by creating the event and placing myself as a speaker ( it’s amazing how much I get hired to speak AFTER meeting planners see me speaking). So, the long and short of this method, is to not wait and to take back the control of the type of audience that you want to meet. Why can’t you host your own event, be one of the speakers, AND bring in an audience that fits into your ideal client profile?
3. Know where to spend your time. With the launch of sites like Wix and Squarespace-you can truly create your own website-not within minutes, but within an evening, with wine, and few advils. I can create website… but I’m pretty intermediate at best, it takes me way too many hours, and I usually don’t love to end result.. but I could do it. I’m kind of hard-headed here and will occasionally just try to do things myself, but paying a contractor $100-$200 to create something for me quickly, is worth the money. At this point, I work with A LOT of clients through a monthly rolling calendar and truly am losing money minute by minute if I spend time hanging on the phone, half-azz creating a webpage or having pointless meetings. If you’re unsure on where to spend your time ( it’s in the Master Strategy Planner… ) you need to get really clear on what actually brings money into your business. I ask myself at least monthly, ” Kristi, where pockets in your business make you more profitable? How much time did you spend working and enhancing those pockets this month?”
So ask yourself:
  • What is your most profitable product or activity? If you are not sure, again refer back to the Master Strategy Planner
  • How have you shared or marketed this product in the last month? The last week?
  • What task filled your time when you should have been working on marketing this product?
  • What 2 areas can you pay someone to help you, so that you free up time to work on your profitable product(s)?
4. Leverage technology. No, but for real. I know that everyone is saying this, but this is one of those areas where you really need to pay attention to what is at your fingertips, give yourself some creative space to think about your initiatives and how they technology available can be bent to help you launch these initiatives. For example:
I paid $15 for a contractor ( on Fiverr above ) to research some past conferences in a specific genre, within a 5 year period, then list all of the sponsors.
Then, I had them search on Google/Linkedin and find the specific job title that I needed ( the person who was typically over marketing and saying yay or nay to sponsorships )
He then searched for their email address AND groups that they were in on Linkedin and added this information to a spreadsheet for me.
  • I could then reach out and build a relationship with this contact on Linkedin ( long-term strategy ) so that I can hopefully:
  • understand their marketing needs
  • when their yearly budget goes in ( I need to get them my sponsorship proposal before this time )
I hope the juices and flowing and you’re getting ideas on how to grow your business even slightly this week, and I want to help you further.
After hosting 8 successful mastermind teams in the last 4 years, I’ve created a new program to coach you monthly through the your major business foundations via a year-long mastermind, in addition to creating a private online community. Group Coaching allows you to share resources, gain multiple perspectives, have access to action plans, group challenges and a 24/7 Q & A platform. If you need just a little private time with me a month, we can spend an hour together in total creation mode, Q & A, or followup. Private coaching affords you all of the group coaching in addition to your monthly one-on-one time.
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