The Art of the Mastermind: What to do next…

From the Art of the Mastermind 3 Part Series, You’ve learned exactly what a mastermind team is in part 1 here, then what you should expect to give and get from a powerful team here, now here’s what to do next… (Part 3) 

What Should You Do Next ?

  1. Join the best mastermind group that you can find, that’s convenient to you and that you can afford. Women CEO Project builds two powerful 6 month long mastermind groups per year, that’s virtual, which makes it accessible to entrepreneurs all over the world. If you’re ready for a proven, connected, ambitious team, click here. 
  2. Or, if you are not at the point where you can join a professional mastermind group, start your own. Don’t get overwhelmed. You can start with you and one other person who has a similar skill set  defined goals, and determination. 
  3. START! No matter which option you’re ready for, don’t sit still. Don’t wait.  


Mastermind groups aren’t going anywhere. They are getting more sophisticated, more powerful, useful, and are leveraging technology and digital platforms to reach a diverse group of like-minded individuals all over the world. 

Peer accountability is a powerful tool that can be used to your advantage and by creating or joining your own peer-to-peer advisory counsel-or mastermind group to open your world and your business to the depth, momentum, synergies of each other. With this type of power, connection and combined dedication, who knows what altitudes you can reach together?


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It’s Mastermind Time !!

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