How to Rock a Biz Conference Like a Pro

Are we ready for the 2013 Business Conferences? Here we gave you some of the TOP Start-up Conferences for the year. Now, let’s create a Strategy and learn how to ROCK a Conference like a Pro.

Rock a Conference Like a Pro 

  • After registering for the conference, find out if there are any pre-conference virtual chats, tweet-ups, groups chats, etc. where you can meet other attendees and possibly speakers before the conference. This helps you to further plan your strategy and know who is going to be there. Check out some of these potential conference goers on Linkedin.
  • Look up the speakers’ websites beforehand , tweet them directly and let them know you are coming and can’t wait to hear them speak.
  • If you can, arrive to the conference the day before, and plan your own happy hour, small meetup, or event at your hotel ( no cost). Again, this helps you meet the people there in a more intimate setting. Also, you can gain traction and awareness of your company if you add the conference’s hashtag to your event. etc. Meet me for drinks at Hotel Palomar 5-7pm Jan 9th pre #GrowthCon
  • Go to all pre-sessions hosted by the conference. You never know who you will meet and be able to have one on one time with
  • If possible, stay at the host hotel. I have found this to be one of the BEST ways to meet the speakers, sponsors, and direct hosts of the conference
  • Wear comfortable shoes AND bring your flats. You know why.
  • Bring your charger, a notebooks and your business cards. If you have an ipad- trust me, you’ll love this at a conference more than your computer
  • Make sure the livetweet from the conference and add the hashtag. This again, gives you/your company the spotlight if you are saying or adding interesting things. I have been invited to a VIP post dinner from this before
  • Plan to genuinely network. It’s better to meet 10 good contacts than to run like crazy trying to meet everyone
  • Introduce yourself to strangers. Yes, talk. That’s why you went. Ask them to tag along for coffee, for the conference luncheon/dinner or to drinks afterwards. Ask a few people.
  • You can host post conference happy hours in your hotel as well
  • Follow up the same day to meet someone. This is one of our Power Moves icon smile How to ROCK a Biz Conference Like a Pro and it is HIGHLY effective. They will have you fresh on their mind and you can set up meetings before or after the conference to immediately start talking business AND you’ve no doubt taken our tip from earlier this week and have your proposal conveniently located on your phone right?
  • Ask the conference host if you can help them in any way- you never know. This could get you access to events, the conference, etc. etc.
  • I’ve asked a friendly sponsor directly if I could have a VIP Pass for my mother and I to the pre-dinner reception. I told him that this yearly conference with my mother is our special time, and she’s love to meet Judge Hatchett and the rest is history…..
  • Be prepared to give your pitch on the spot. No, you don’t understand me. BE PREPARED TO GIVE YOUR PITCH ON THE SPOT. Trust me on this. Stay ready to keep from having to get ready. You never know who you will meet.
  • Ok, how to meet who you need to meet and impress them:
    • Make a list of who you know is supposed to be there. Even if you don’t know exactly, if it’s an industry, for example, accountants- in what way do you want to work with them? Start there.
    • After determining who is going to be there, determine the best way to meet them. Quick new POWER MOVE!!!!!  ***** While live tweet, if you’re bold. Tweet it. I’m at the xxx conference and I’d LOVE to meet Barbara Corcoran afterwards to get her top advice on building a biz from scratch.  Now, what this does, is shows Barbara that you are bold, puts your honest, genuine request on front street for all of the sponsors, conference hosts, Barbara AND everyone in the feed looking to Barbara to of course do you that tiny favor and give you some advice. This is a NEW power move and ONLY for the bold.
    • This is a good time to walk directly up to the speakers( after their sessions- not before). I’m the girl who emailed you before the conference saying……. and tell them genuinely that you admire them and why and would like to have their contact information. What do you have to lose?
    • If you really are bold, ask to do a live video of you asking them one question- who doesn’t have a camera on their phone. POWER MOVE
    • If nothing else, take a photo with them, and occasionally tweet them ( using the photo) and remind them on how they helped you from their advice at that conference and you’d love to chat/meet/email. Eventually, they may agree.
    • Instead of giving them a card, give them a mini DVD ( google card size DVD) of you speaking, your product or your short commercial/demo. These DVDs only hold about 5 minutes. POWER MOVE
    • Ask the speaker where else they are speaking this year. Then…. wait for it…….. ask them if you can help either virtually in the planning or in person. POWER Freaking MOVE. What do you have to lose eh?
  • Lastly, enjoy yourself. Follow up that email with a phone call within a week. Keep in regular touch. Add those contacts to your database. Start strategizing  on how you will plan your own conference…….. now that’s another story. Good luck and ROCK your next conference CEOs!
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