13 People you MUST have on your Biz team now!

  1. Accountant. These people will get your numbers straight and also help you figure out what you can expense and what you cannot.
  2. Attorney. This person will save your butt often. They write your contracts, look over your office lease,  file your incorporation papers and will file lawsuit papers on your behalf if need be.
  3. Graphic Designer. By now, my graphic designer is my boyfriend. You will talk to this person so much and hopefully they will begin to learn your personal and business style and can make graphics that fit your company perfectly.
  4. Marketing Team. This is your money. Who cares if you have the best product in the world if it’s not selling? This team helps you get your widgets marketed and sold.
  5. PR Team. While the marketing team gets your widgets sold, your PR team makes your widgets news worthy. Work with them to get your message and business out there.
  6. Virtual Assistant. This person is invaluable. If you are working on anything that doesn’t directly make your business money, it’s an administrative task and your virtual assistant should be doing it for you.
  7. Social Media Interns. Go to Craigslist or your local university-they are there, waiting to get to work on some new projects ( note: interns aren’t free anymore)
  8. Mentor who’s done what you want to do and doesn’t mind offering advice a couple of times a year.
  9. Your tribe, love counsel, evangelists- people who love, support and encourage you.
  10. Mastermind Team. You MUST have a sounding board for your ideas and successful entrepreneurs to lead you along the way. Lucky for you- you can apply to the Global Mastermind Team 2013 here !
  11. An Influencer. This is that person in your circle who leads the crowd. You want to bend their ear with valuable, exciting, info about your biz a few times a year.
  12. A Connector. This is the person you know and have built a relationship with, who knows everyone. Take them to lunch, let them know your connection needs for the new year and be prepared to put in the work and act on the connections they give you.
  13. Devil’s Advocate. This is the person who finds the fault in everything. But your devil’s advocate needs to find fault and then give a solution. She also needs to do this with care, and a little tact.
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