How to Write a Proposal… a Webinar for Beginners

Knowing how to structure a Proposal could be the major factor in your business staying in the same boat financially-where you have to hustle for each and every single client and securing larger projects that allow you to focus your energies and talents.

Making my mistakes, learning, adjusting then creating some highly successful proposals that got me working with companies like Chase Bank.

Writing proposals is not very hard if you understand the basics coupled with a thorough understanding of your goals AND who you should be hustling to develop a relationship with.

On September 3rd I taught a hands on Webinar on just ” How to Write a Proposal “ and I ended the lesson with tips and strategies to pitch this proposal.

I’ve now made the recording AND the materials available to YOU!

Click the link here to take the class now !!

Good Luck CEOs-we still have plenty of year to get A LOT done

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