Strategy Series Lesson 8: Why Your Audience Won’t Buy From You…

What we can do as entrepreneurs, is to provide the best value that we can and deliver it in a way that reaches our client, that is immediately useful in their lives, and that is unique to our talent and passions. But are you missing a few steps? CEOs, here are 4 reasons your audience isn’t buying from you and what you can do about it today!
  • You aren’t providing value to your audience. When you reach out on social media or though a newsletter, is it to provide value or to ask for a sale or invite your audience to an event? If the only time you call is to ask for something, you become someone to avoid. If you take the last 10 times you reached out to your audience, if more than 2 or 3 of those times you were simply asking them to buy something, I want you to consider the opportunity you’re missing to offer your audience more value. A new entrepreneur hangs their business shingle out seems like every 2 minutes, so it can be hard to keep up with who’s the current expert on branding, marketing, the best fashion consultant or who to go to purchase your first home. The only way to get through the sea of temporary entrepreneurs, part time hustlers, and unprofessional side giggers, is to make your information different. Make it useful. Make it effective. Provide the absolute best value that you can to your audience through your content, videos, blog posts, courses, teleseminars and events. Think, what was the last thing you gave them? 


  • You don’t have a sales and information cycle. Most of your sales cycles are the equivalent to, ” Hello, how are you? I’m Jane. What’s your name? Hello, I’m John. Want to have sex?”  Sounds funny eh? But for some of you, your sales cycle doesn’t take into consideration that folks have to warm up to you. There is a saying by Michael Port, ” Your ask isn’t in proportion to the amount of equity you’ve built up.” Basically, you are asking for too much right now. How can you bring your audience through a cycle of them seeing your value? Once they meet you, what are the steps that you bring them through before there is a request for a sale? Before you ask for the sale, have they had a chance to fully understand how their life or business will change from your information? I’ve found, that the more I share and provide, the less folks ask me to negotiate my price. The less ” kicking the tire” calls I get. By the time you’ve experienced me or Women CEO Project for a few weeks, or taken ANY of our courses or events,  you’ve DEFINITELY gotten value. Can your audience say that about you?


  • You aren’t consistent. This is a biggie. Today your brand means this, tomorrow, something else. You have like 12 jobs. You market your business on Facebook consistently for 2 months, then no one hears from you for 3 months. You send out newsletters sporadically. See the trend? It’s hard enough to grab a client working day in and day out delivering quality, now add in seeing a person who’s actions show that they are not 100% behind their brand or what they are doing. You make people feel like your brand and your business is not stable when you aren’t consistent. What projects did you quit on? Where are you slacking? Haven’t spoken to your audience since the last time you marketed your event or sale? Be honest, then make a plan to do better. Take a look at what you want to do, then be realistic with yourself and narrow that list down to the things you can do consistently. Then once you have that narrowed down list- DO IT! 


  • You don’t match your brand. Are you spitting luxury but looking like a discount? Are you talking upscale, upscale, then hosting your events in the hood. Are you promoting the BEST xxx conference in the world but marketing materials made on Microsoft Word? Don’t laugh, I am pulling direct examples. People aren’t crazy. It’s hard enough to make a sale if EVERYTHING is on point, but if you aren’t quite living your brand….this causes more problems. If you are preaching a holistic lifestyle, don’t post massive pictures with you partying, eating burgers and drinking wine at 9am. Sounds funny, but again, I am using real examples. Stop right now and look at your brand. Then take a look at what you’ve been putting out there. Do you and your brand match? If not, no worries. It can be fixed. Take a look at what you want to offer. Then determine what’s the BEST way you can offer it, even if small, so that it matches what the quality and brand that you are trying to present. 


With that said, understand this CEOs, some people will absolutely never see your value enough to buy from you. Think about people who’s information you loved. They helped you, they tireless gave you the best quality advice, tips and tools they could, and you used them, leveraged them to make yourself and your life better. If you ever bought anything from them at all, it took a LONG time. They had to build up enormous value in your mind for you to consider buying even an ebook from them. 
Now take that scenario and compare it to your frustrations. It will take a while for you to start seeing your ideal client come in and while your audience is slowly going through your sales funnel and deciding whether they will go further with your or not, there will be some who will love the samples but never buy. 
Don’t let that discourage you and know that they ones who value you WILL show up. Keep pushing!
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