The Other Side of Fear


This was not an easy task.

Over the last month, many of you have been with me on a journey to first, get past the fears that we have been holding on to for so very long- way too long. We talked in depth on what exactly was holding us back from being where we wanted to be or even taking a step towards the life that we feel is for us.

This is crummy. Nothing truly feels like looking at a life that you think is for you, yet looking through someone else’s lens because we haven’t quite taken the leap to get there.

I’ve seen the life I want, yet I’ve seen someone else living it. I sat back and wondered, what was special about them, what did they do that I couldn’t do? Did they have some sort of pass, hookup, got lucky?

At some point, I finally gave into my fears and totally released them. They still pop up here and there, but they cannot attach themselves to me. They come and go, and are now only passing.

I TRULY understand that nothing good will happen in life, if I am afraid, don’t make a move, wait on others, wait for little plastic awards to be given to me, wait for my name to be mentioned, wait to be nominated.

Yep CEOs, that bullshit and totally for the birds.

We have ideas dripping from our fingertips and all that is required is that we RELEASE. Simply release. Release that fear. Stop asking questions. Stop asking what you can or cannot do, and just freakin DO.

Be the first.

Be the only.

Be the example.


Yes you.

We know a few of you will sit and wait, and ponder, and wait and research, and wait while the years pass you by. That’s harsh, but if you sit in your quiet place and think on this- you know I’m not lying. Some of us will just never get to the point that we don’t wait for the instruction manual.

But I still want you in the community. If nothing else, my words and our free products will give you encouragement and make you feel empowered whether you decide to do something with that empowerment or not.

Some of you can’t wait for the gun to go off. If I got the G you got the O! I love those few who hop CLEAN on new lessons and start implementing.

Actually, I love you all, because you are with us, and you think enough of me to listen to what I have to say. So we have something for both groups.

For those who need more encouragement, a little more time, need to form a create committee first 🙂 Here’s the FREE 3 Week Video Series for you.

For those who are like, ummmm Kristi, you don’t have to tell me twice, I’m ready to change and I don’t need a catalyst to do it, for this group…… Here is the special creation for you.  

I don’t hope. I don’t wish. I am expecting greatness from you and from myself. See you on the other side of fear.


2 Winners of the eCourse Creator’s Blueprint ( Melissa Ambers and Francisca Ampratwam, please email me at for your link)

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