The Answer To: How Do I Build & Expand My Business Now?

It was a SUPER ambitious goal of mine for 2015 to work with MORE entrepreneurs on their business strategy, planning and marketing.

To do this, I’ve been offering LIVE Implementation bootcamps to work hand in hand with business owners as a group and NOW, I’m offering this Intensive Bootcamp ONLINE

Sept 12th

9am to 2pm

(will be recorded) 

You can attend this upcoming bootcamp online from anywhere in the world, ask questions, download ALL of your materials, and registrants will receive the recording to replay the session as much as you need.

Most Importantly….. Take a look at what you will learn below…..

I’m introducing 2 NEW Documents created JUST for my clients:

– a Marketing Funnel Map

– a Strategic Marketing Template

Also, You will Leave Sept 12th –> Knowing These Key Strategies

  • What you want your brand to “say” so you deliver a Consistent message

  • Who your client is , so that you can ZERO in on the right person

  • Where Your Ideal Client is located

  • What your ideal client NEEDs from you

  • Niching down your Offerings so that you can deliver your ” BEST ” work

  • What marketing, social media and other digital Channels to deliver it to them

  • What are your BEST financial buckets

  • How to create funnels to fill your financial buckets ( funnel mapping)

  • What’s the BEST audience for you to speak to

  • What your 2 KEY speaking topics should be

  • How to make the MOST Profit when you show up to speak

  • The Major Components of your speaking contracts, emails, and pitching templates

  • What KEY sections should be in your NEXT Proposal

  • How to write a proposal that increases your chances of a YES

  • What organizations you should pitch your business to

PLUS I’m giving These —–>>>> BONUSES 

Digital Marketing & Social Media Tips, Tools & Strategies

Marketing Plan Review

 Money Saving Budgeting & Planning Template

 Spend vs Save Analyzer

I’ve put A LOT of information into these sessions​ so that you leave with the STRONGEST foundation possible to build or expand your business as strategically and with as much profit as possible.

The Online Strategy Bootcamp is Now OPEN

Click the link below, scroll down the site to get ALL the details, FAQs and a Few Video Testimonials…..

register now


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