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Right now, I have 2 of my private clients on a Full out Speaker’s Challenge…… They have to do’s, a deadline, intermittent goals, tips and tools. I’ve also included a 70 Point Speaker Workbook, ALL of the speaker resources, contacts, and templates in my upcoming 2 Week Online Mastermind….

While gathering this together- it occurred to me that MANY of you might want a little help in the speaking area- that you understand how powerful it can be to your business, AND you are willing to put in the work to get your name, your portfolio and your message out there. 

So here are a few tips and should you use them- you will DEFINITELY be a few steps ahead in this competitive speaking game!

Tips for Your Speaker Challenge

  1. The less topics, the better. If a speaker has 8 topics- would you feel that they are at the expert level in ALL 8? Narrow down your speaking to a FOCUSED 1-2 core messages, tangibles and perfect these 2 topics. 
  2. Yes, you will speak for free initially to build up your portfolio ( aim for at least 5 speaking engagements on your portfolio) 
  3. ONLY speak in front of your ideal audience ( your ideal client is sitting there). If it’s not in front of your ideal audience- what’s the point?
  4. Get organized with your speaking opportunities. We’ve created a  Pitch Template for the 2 Week Mastermind members, but for now, the most important thing- is to keep up with who you pitched, when, what they said, and when to follow up. The key is in the follow up. 
  5. Get a presentation template made for your 1-2 core speaking engagements- meaning, have your slides designed and ready. So if you are called at ANY time ( even last minute) , you can say YES, dust off your ready made presentation and practice your talk. 
  6. Tailor your speaking message to tangible, bulleted ways that can HELP/BENEFIT your audience. There is nothing worse than someone getting on stage- and basically doing a longer version of their sales pitch. 
  7. Create a #hashtag for your presentation. Add it to your presentation slides, and also tell the audience. This will help your speaking pictures, some video and some of your quotes travel through social media. You can also tell the audience that they can take as many pictures as they want and share it to their social media channels using the hashtag. 
  8. Ninja Tip: Think Multi-Channel, Multi-Industry and Strategically…If you speak on say ” Sales using New Media Strategies ” Don’t just focus on one industry because MANY industries need sales help. So, make a list of ALL of the organizations or associations who need “sales help”. This could lead you to bring your message to attorneys, realtors, insurance agents, travel agents, etc. etc. This tip could TRULY open up your speaking options and engagements. 
  9. Use the POWER of Linkedin. Get familiar with the meeting planners and the folks who make decisions on speakers by finding them on Linkedin advanced search and/or groups. Focusing on this social media channel can GREATLY increase your speaking opportunities. 
  10. Sometimes- it’s not about how many speaking engagements you get- but how you can get the MOST out of the speaking engagements you do get. I call the strategy ” One to Many”. I go DEEPLY, DEEPLY into this strategy in this on-demand course here. Find out 1-2 ways to get the most traction out of each speaking engagement that you secure. 

We are halfway throughout the year and these tips will get you started AND We are ONLY 12 days away from the 2 Week Online Mastermind-where we will take these speaking tips 10 levels deeper. To get details on the mastermind click here.

If you have a tip that has worked for you- drop it for us on Instagram ( @womenceoproject ) using hashtag #Speakerchallenge or in the comments below. 

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