Don’t You Dare Give Up on 2015

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I can’t handle it?

What if I lose all of my money?

What if people don’t get me or don’t like me?

What if I lose?

What if I can’t turn back?

What if, what if this turns out to be the absolute BEST ride that I’ve ever been on and I WIN…..

What if CEOs?

I just left London, and many of your know that I did a LiveStream on all things Business Strategy, but what you don’t know, is that I also used that time to have meetings with women business owners, wannabe business owners, and even a few people who feel they have very limited options.

It’s a sad feeling to talk to a couple people, let alone one who doesn’t have the luxury of choice. However, I learned that there is power in not having a choice to quit or not launch, or launch tomorrow, not learn, not hustle, not try one more time.

There is power in knowing that quitting is totally off the table and the only way out –  is to WIN.

I started Women CEO Project August 31, 2010 on a whim, a growing idea of what I wanted and needed and what I felt other women needed to be better business owners. It was exciting, growing and moving very fast, but it was on the side for me.

Then, in 2012, The White House called, brought me to DC and recognized me for my work to help women entrepreneurs…… as I walked away from an overwhelming, all day POW WOW with 39 other folks who were doing GREAT works ALL over the world…..

I had to make a decision. 

It was no longer optional for me to have this business ” on the side “.

I was in a place to make a decision about leaving what I knew- for possibilities of what I could build.

The simple act of “deciding” can totally change the course of your life CEOs.

In the next few years, Women CEO Project will experience growth and we will offer many different types of programs, events, classes, courses on and offline, and I don’t know at what point or what program you will decide to jump on the boat with me.

But what I can tell you is, I want to work with you. 

And I’ve built a new program to do it.

Yes, for 2 weeks, I want to work with you and totally MAX out what is possible for your business.

I’ve created a PRETTY detailed curriculum and have included some profitable foundations to grow not only your business, but your mindset.

This is currently my ONLY group hand in hand program and because I get SUPER engaged with each and every one of my mastermind members- I’ve limited the group to 50.

Some of the awesome entrepreneurs who were on the London LiveStream with me last week got a bonus and have already joined, so we have 50 spaces TOTAL. 

Today, for some of you who I KNOW really need it- I hope you jump with me and decide that tonight, at this moment, success is no longer optional.

The link to the Mastermind is LIVE. ALL of the details and the Agenda are HERE } and I can’t wait to see who and what’s possible on the other side.

With Great Expectations,


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