December Biz Series: Planning & Preparing Your Business for 2017

Since Dec. 4, 2015, OVER 14,000 Entrepreneurs all over the world have taken this FREE Goal Setting Pro Course!
It’s Dec 2nd, we have just a few days left before the New Year, I’ve made some changes to the Course and made it even better!
BUT, this year, I am going to join you in taking the course for our December Biz Series!
For the month of December, we will go through the goal setting course together, you will get a fresh email from me daily with details on how to work through the lessons plus added info & videos, we will meet online for a LIVE Q & A on Tuesday ( Dec 6th) AND on Sunday (Dec 11th)
Our December Biz Series Agenda :
Dec 2-11th We work through the Goal Setting Course Together
Dec 6th We have a LIVE Call so YOU can ask questions
Dec 11th We finish the course and have our last LIVE Q & A
Dec 13th-15th Master Strategy Planning Series, How to Apply the Planner to Your Biz for 2017
Dec 18th Technology Cleanup Webinar, Getting Your Tech & Systems Ready for 2017
2017 Mastermind Team Jan 2-16th
2017 Global Power Tour ( Louisiana, London, Ghana, SA) Jan
We have a lot going eh? We are committed to getting you and your business ready for 2017 and we will ONLY send out the lesson extras for the Goal Setting Pro Course if you opt in. To join me as I walk you through one of the MOST Effective Goal Setting Courses, {click here and you’ll be on the list }
To get details on everything else on our schedule, you can email us at AND stay glued to your email.
I LOVE this time of the year. It’s time to not only dream and plan but to put in place all key elements to start 2017 successfully.
Have a wonderful weekend CEOs.


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