I Got My Life… and brought 58 of You With Me!

As my team launched my new course, ReThink Strategy, I developed this REALLY BIG plan of consulting 3000 businesses in the next calendar year. Will it be tough? Of course. Do I know how I’ll do it? Nope, but will I do it? DEFINITELY! 

As Les Brown says, the how is not your business, you just put your dreams and goals out there and go to WORK! 
So that’s what I did. My goal for the month of April, was to meet with 50 of you awesome women ceo’s and give you an intro consultation to acclimate you to what consulting can do for your business and show you how much clarity having your own ride or die business consultant can add to your business. 
For a few of you, I saw the light come into your eyes in the matter of minutes, and for that, I am truly grateful to have played a part. As I met with many of you this past month, I picked up a couple of themes and some of them bothered me enough for me to want to discuss them with all of you. The common themes I found in doing some uber focused sessions this past month are:
  • A resistance to determining a specific niche and a trend toward being more of a generalist as opposed to a specialists
  • Determining what exactly what you want to be known for
  • A need to get approval from someone outside of yourself to move forward on your dreams
  • Not focusing on marketing, only using social media to market yourself, or using your marketing tools inconsistently 
  • Having all of the knowledge needed, but not executing on it
I gave MANY different suggestions to these 58 women of the course of the month, but A LOT of the consultation initially focused on me asking them some very directed questions that once answered, provided all of the clarity that you needed. 
I want to make the lesson BIGGER. So I’m doing a LIVE Google Hangout on Saturday Morning (May 3rd) at 10am-11am Central TZ, where I will tackle those common themes and obstacles and how to get around them. 
The live session maybe a good idea for those of you who are really struggling in your business right now and who need an ounce of clarity to make MASSIVE changes. To get in on the live hangout on Saturday morning


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