10 Reasons Your Goals Lack Power { and How to Get It }



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There comes a time in ALL of our lives where we must stop and ask ourselves if we are the reason our goals and dreams aren’t coming to life.
We have witnessed first hand our ability to make it from obstacle to obstacle still standing, but find ourselves continuously holding on to our true desires, tucking them away for later, procrastinating on dreams, or sometimes, even giving up.
We’ve perfected moving items from one to do list to the other. Our calendar this time last year looks the same as our calendar this year.
Because we’re waiting on some inspiration to change our own lives. We are awaiting some motivation from an unknown source. We want someone or something to drop in, place the answers in our lap, pep talk us to get up and work when we’re tired, and help us live an ABUNDANT life without us having to sacrifice anything to get it.
You’ve been waiting on someone or something, but it’s you.
You’ve been holding you back. 
But you can change. We can be our BIGGEST source of motivation. We can start to understand that motivation usually shows up when we’re working, doing, and taking action.
We are ready to be the CATALYST that changes our own life.
In the next few weeks, we will have a fresh new start.
A new set of months to play BIG.
An opportunity to revoke our consent to playing small ball and the determination to experience some of the abundance we’ve gotten accustomed to not living.
It’s time. It’s your time.
It’s your time to leverage ALL that is at your fingertips.
I can attest to the POWER our mindset and the ” organization ” of our goals can have on our lives.
The life that is before me today, is NOT the life I was told I would live, or should expect to live, or even hope to see.
It is full of blessings but not without a MASSIVE overhaul in my attitude, my mindset, who I thought should make the changes, and waiting on permission to launch.
Change had to start with me. 
I noticed change when I started to have BOLD thoughts, followed by BOLD actions, coupled with BOLD connections, a stiff chin and a true feeling that I deserved it.
I’ve spent the better part of a month creating some pretty intense products for entrepreneurs for 2016.
And last week, I decided to give away one BIG paid product…. for free.
This product was cultivated out of an MAJOR desire for YOU to feel like you deserve it and for you to make a move.
So, now, LIVE TODAY, there is a
FREE ONLINE 10 Lesson Course + 9 Worksheets
waiting for you.
It is my ultimate prayer, that not only is 2016 one of your BEST years, but that you who are ready, can take this Course and use it to get enough confidence to launch the BIGGEST goal you’ve had residing in your mind and burning in your belly.
Let’s Birth this Dream Today…



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