year in review

This has been the best year so far for me as a business owner and for personal growth. I’m not sharing this post with you to brag, but to be as transparent as possible, tell you what’s been happening and answer some of your questions. Although it’s been an awesome year, for me, awesome is also learning what not to do, who not to work with, how not to waste time, and how not to lose money. The obstacles may hurt while they’re happening, but later, after my tantrum, I find a way to see the lessons and at least, not make that same mistake again.

I don’t do the New Year’s Resolution thing. Once I catch hold to something that is beneficial, I truly try to apply it right then and make the change now. Some of the best changes and pivots we make in life, don’t need any sort of announcement, no committee meeting, no calling and letting folks know what’s not going to happen again, usually the biggest changes in our life happen quietly and peacefully, when we’ve simply had enough of doing things one way and want to try something new.

I tried some new stuff this year… Some things, I’ll admit- I had the knowledge all along, but just pulled the trigger in 2013. Some of the biggest changes or lessons, simply required me to give time to ideas, not to rush them along or try to fit them in between my Facebook time, or phone calls, but to sit still, write it out, think about the pros and cons, then figure out the best way to implement them.

You see CEOs, all the writing I do year round in our magazine, on our blog, on Social Media, all that fear stuff, procrastinating stuff, that letting bullsh*t hold you back, that’s not all for you. Some of it, is a reminder to myself. We all suffer with holding back, not sharing our talents, and letting fear keep us stagnant.

I wanted to break down for you what did work in 2013 in hopes that it helps you in some way and answers some of the many questions I get on creating and growing the Women CEO Project biz as best as I can.

Here goes, my 2013 in review…..


11 Lessons


What I did:

  • Lesson 1: I started focusing on consulting. I’ve been a “consultant” in some capacity for a while, but had not taken the time to really work the consulting side of my business professionally, like putting a price and benefits package together until 2 years ago. Do you know how many people would pay to have you teach them the lessons that ONLY you know, and share your talent with them? Plenty will, trust me. BUT, BUT, BUT, you MUST package it well and professionally. My DIY consulting document got little play. Then I cleaned up the package, reduced it from 8 offerings to 3 and started booking out the months.

    1. Package up your awesome professionally,

    2. give benefits and tangibles (side note: this, “ we help women find their purpose crap” ain’t tangible, and will never get you clients) ,

    3. share success stories or previous clients and if you don’t have any, do 4 or 5 for free to get your portfolio going

    4. read this post and this one, they will help you

By focusing on consulting and offering it regularly, by August this year, I had killed my consulting goal for the entire year. If you’re thinking about beefing up that side of your business, read those posts above and get your package created.

  • Lesson 2: I created a “pitch” for an idea and reached out to some Fortune 500 companies that I had absolutely no chance of working with…. or so that’s the crap we tell ourselves. It got me on their radar, got my business portfolio into the hands of the CMO of a LARGE company and got me a meeting with him in New York. That meeting led to them wanting to partner or rather hire me to create a program for women entrepreneurs for them. The initial meeting was a blessing, I was really more than surprised that they even knew my name, but it got me to remembering that I should not be pitching small business and should instead always be going after the whale.

  • Lesson 3: Started going after the whales and applied some lessons from real estate. I’ve written before in detail here about how I totally changed up my real estate career several years ago, by focusing on a particular type of client, but why shouldn’t that be applied to all business? Like an old manager told me,” Kristi, it’s just as easy to marry a rich man as it is to marry a poor man. Surround yourself with rich men, and increase your chances……she was right.  Ok, back to the lesson here 😉 It’s just as hard to get small deals as it is to get big deals, so surround yourself with BIG deals. ( the big deals are usually easier because they know what they want and can afford) You will not get every whale, of course not, but if you are focusing on pitching substantial business or BIG clients, you only need a few of these a year or sometimes, one BIG yes to totally change your income. A few years back, when I started focusing on real estate clients that could afford 500k and up, and starting hanging where they hang, and writing posts that spoke their language, then I started to get and work with those clients. I haven’t sold more than 10 houses in the last 4 years….. but made more money. Learn the ropes in your niche, but apply this lesson to your business as soon as you thoroughly know what you are doing.

  • Lesson 4: I made a goal of reading and finishing a minimum of 2 books a month, even if I could only read about 10 minutes at a time sometimes. I kept my book with me in my purse and if my dog was getting washed, I was waiting at the airport, waiting at the doctor’s office- whatever, I was reading. Many times, we don’t start projects/books/goals  because we don’t have large chunks of time to do them, when actually, we could get them done by just using the little chunks of time that we have efficiently. Here, I discuss in detail how to break down your goal into mini bites AND below are a few of the BEST books I read this year:

    1. Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck

    2. 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

    3. Mastery by Robert Greene ( all of his books are a MUST read)

    4. APE by Guy Kawasaki

    5. The Little Big Things by Tom Peters

    6. The Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill

    7. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill ( this is the best book I’ve read in LIFE, slightly edging out the 48 Laws of Power)

  • Lesson 5: I set a speaking goal. At the beginning of the year, I said that I was speaking at least 50 times this year. Guess what? The universe heard me, and my phone started ringing. No, I didn’t make it to 50, but I made it to 41. That’s more than I did last year, and had I not put that goal out there, who knows if I’d even gotten close. Put a number out there shah! LOUD, PROUD, then watch the law of attraction fight to give it to you. This is in addition to you putting in focused work.

  • Lesson 6: I hired out for ALL design and layout work. I submitted some pretty big proposals this year and 2 big ones last year, but the difference is…. last year, I created my own proposal layout and design which took me about a week. No joke, silly girl, I took a week and laid out the text, added a few photos, took forever to get boxes lined up, took a week of my assistant’s time to help me, and then submitted it. Dumbest thing I could have done, but not this year. This year, I had ALL design work done by someone I hired off Elance and the work was 100 times better. The proposal I submitted Nov 2nd…. baby Jesus, I promise it looked stellar, probably had the folks wondering if I was a one woman show or a corporation 😉 Lesson is, as I always tell you, let  folks do what they do best, and you work on what you do best. Get a checklist here to help you work with designers. That last proposal cost me about $75 and took the girl 2 hours. Why should I spend my time doing $10 jobs an hour when I’m worth $1000 an hour….I want you to start thinking like that…

  • Lesson 7: Took the time to truly figure out what I was good in and work on mastering it ( this is a long-term goal) Where do I shine? I was the startup girl. That was the space I was falling into, but that wasn’t my love or passion. I know how to get you started up in business, but if that was my only platform, I wasn’t sharing my talents correctly. I took a step back and made my Love, Talent, Money list that I make all my consulting clients create and I uncovered that I’m in love with the Opportunity & Product Creation, Strategy, and Digital Leverage side of business. That’s where I shine. It’s important to find out where you naturally shine. When you’re shining, and you’re the BEST at it, JEEZZZZ, there is no stopping you. TRUST me. Where do you naturally shine?

  • Lesson 8: Started pitching to the people who could give me a yes. Many people can tell you no. The secretary, the assistant, your naysayer never accomplished nothing friends….but usually, only one person can tell you yes. I find ( and have learned the hard way) that it’s much more effective and worthy of your time to go as high up as you can before you start pitching and if you can, only pitch to the folks who can say yes. A simple, “ Are you the person who would sign off on this type of transaction?”, is a good question to get closer to the person who is in charge.

  • Lesson 9: Created my own products and built a system to show you how to. This is one of my BIGGEST lessons this year. Why did I wait to do this???? Creating eguides, and our FIRST online course The Creator’s Blueprint and our Video Series, The Creator’s Mastermind…. man o man, these were POWERFUL. Creation has so many benefits to your business and I’ve been sharing them with you ALL year long. CEOs, creating is one of the most powerful things you can do to be seen as an expert, own a space, get business, create passive income, and get consulting clients. If you want to start the course where I’ve broken down EXACTLY how to start creating, click here and get something produced and making you money for the beginning of the year!

  • Lesson 10: Joined a mastermind team ( 2 actually) and upgraded our own mastermind team to offer our CEOs more. I was a part of 2 mastermind teams this year. One was live with VERY accomplished women here in Houston, Texas. We’d meet once per month. I learned a lot with this group, especially since the women had been in business, some of them longer than I had been on this earth. They had a ton of wisdom to share AND some of the connections that they gave me, seriously would have taken me years to try and get them on my own. The second mastermind group is virtual and it’s on going. It’s a pretty powerful group of entrepreneurs all over the country and we meet once per week over the phone. This group really feels like home to me. I can discuss everything, and I really respect the people in this group. This was an invite only mastermind. Then our own Global Mastermind Circles hosted by Women CEO Project, I made sure to upgrade those. We’ve had some pretty awesome successes from the three previous teams, but I wanted to change it up. So me, and the experts REALLY put our best into this one. If you think a mastermind group may be for you, click here, get ALL the details and join while the doors are still open.

  • Lesson 11:  Incorporated these 2 questions that really CEOs, totally changed some parts of my life.

    1. What is the goal of this?

    2. Is this the BEST way I can do this?

Seems simple eh? But just those 2 questions changed a good portion of my year and how I tackled projects if at all. I mean, many times, we don’t reach where we want to go, because we didn’t have a goal for where we wanted to be. It happens to the best of us. Everyone’s on Facebook, so let me get my azz on there. Everyone’s tweeting, so let me tweet. “They” ( the anonymous they) say I should be blogging, so let me throw up this tired, poorly done blog posts ( that have nothing to do with my niche by the way).  STOP. STOP. STOP. What is the purpose? Do you want your blog to bring in business? Then let’s be strategic about why we’re writing. Then there needs to be keywords involved, then it needs to be within my niche or what I want to be known for. Not some random blog posts about what’s happening with celebrities or what’s trending…. you are confusing people if you’re doing this. If you’re on social media, know what you want it to do for you. Do you want it to bring traffic to your products? Bring people to your blog? Get you speaking engagements? Yeah? Then learn how to use it for those things. Time out for us wasting our energy and giving it away to purposeless activities.

Next….. is this the best that I can do? That question rocked my world too. Kristi, is this your best? No, then let’s scrap it and start over. Sometimes I still put out my 95%, I won’t lie to you, but you have no idea how much I scrapped this year because it wasn’t my best, or the best way that I could have launched it. Let’s stop half doing, or at least, understand that if we continue to half do, we get a totally different type of client knocking on our door if any at all.


Let that last lesson sit……

What I learned

  • I got to be Kristi. I let go of trying to hide my sometimes southern drawl, and spoke/wrote to you EXACTLY how I sound in person, and gave my absolute TRUE opinion to how I feel on certain subjects. There’s a special kind of flavor to Kristi as there is to you, and everybody is not going to like it. Guess what? It’s better to have people around who love you, want to work with you, want to get emails from you and who want to buy from you. The quicker you can remove the ones who don’t, the happier everyone will be. It matters not if you have 10k people on your email list or a “fan” on Facebook if they scowl everytime they see an email from you in their inbox. You want the happy to hear from you, she’s the best thing in the world and she truly solves my problem, crew in your corner? Learn the love the ones who stay and the ones who go. Remember these words, “ they can join your tribe or wave as you walk by…”

  • You must get your mind around change. Fear of not being perfect will keep us stagnant and unpaid. Like I said last month, you WILL change that website many times, so just get one out there as best as you can afford to produce TODAY. That ebook, yep, you will find errors that will make you cringe 2 hours after you launch it. Don’t worry, you will do an even better job the next time. You will change your speaking style, you will change your audience, your prices, sometimes even the business you are in. Just do, and understand that you will make many changes, pivots, and refine some things along the way.

  • Let go of non producers, assistants, lazy designers, etc. as fast as possible. Barbara Corcoran can be heard saying this ALL the time. Fire fast. As women, we statistically fire slower than men, we consider people’s livelihood and situations, which is detrimental to our business health. I stopped doing this. I made sure I was clear when hiring, and hired folks on a probationary period. This isn’t for fun. This isn’t a party and we ain’t friends. This is my life, my life savings, and as serious as a heart attack. Non producers GOTS TO  Go!

  • I got my feelings all in a knot when folks I had helped out A LOT, who always claimed that they were broke, didn’t do business with me when they could spend money. Understand, that, as much as people love you, retweet you, share your statuses, and speak your praises, that they actually show you love with their money. I truly learned this year, that there is a position for everyone. Some people’s position is to praise you and be cheerleaders, some people’s position is to support you and your business. It saves you time, energy, and heartache if you can quickly learn the difference between the two. I also learned that if people keep showing you that when they do spend a dollar that it isn’t with you, that you shouldn’t worry, because this probably isn’t your client. You should spend your time determining and creating for your ideal client, and let them find you.  Love everyone, but keep a clean house and understand everyone’s role in your business….

With all that said, this list is pretty personal. It’s usually reserved for my journal, but hey, why not share and maybe one lesson can help one of you not make a mistake or help you make more money in 2014. What I can tell you, is that, I am definitely a work in progress. I’m good at  A LOT of things ( modest eh 🙂 but nothing is perfect…. some months I feel like Warren Buffet, some months, I feel like I should be in the soup line.

But the things that’s been keeping me out of the soup line, more than I’m in it, are the lessons that I mentioned above. Creating, focusing, consulting and going after the whale…I could kick my own behind that it took me so long to do a few of those, but hey, as my grandmother would say, “ when you know better, you do better.” So here’s to all of us not making it, not simply on our hustle game, not just doing not better but prospering for once, having money left over after we pay our bills, leaving a consulting job and feeling like you were paid your worth.  Let’s start taking ourselves and our businesses seriously and doing it MAJOR in 2014!

Any questions?



Let’s quickly dispel a little myth here. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. As I come off a quick conversation this morning full of why me’s, I thought it good to drop in and break up all the confusion about this marketing and creation path that many of us are currently on.


If we build it, they will come. Because I am, fill in the blank _________:

  • Kristi

  • Special

  • The Bestest

  • Smart

  • Popular

  • Talented

And the list could go on and on. Truthfully, it takes a lot to get folks attention in this media grabbing free for all. People are inundated with TONS of stuff constantly pulling at them during the day, that just building it, will definitely NOT bring in the eyes, the dollars or the attention, unless you are Beyonce, a Kardashian, or Apple. And by the way, Beyonce’s marketing team is a BEAST, but that’s another story…

So, if you see some of the TOP, the VERY Best entrepreneurs out here doing a multitude of things to share their talents, skills, knowledge, products and services with us, why in the world do we feel, we can just launch a new website, event, product or blog post, casually mention that it’s live and sit back with our tea waiting for the line of paying buyers to form up?

This is totally unrealistic and a waste of your time. Each product, program, event, etc. must be built along with its OWN marketing plan. There aren’t many stand alone items for sale, really in the world that can be released without a certain amount of marketing. And for today’s savvy buyer, some creatively innovative and attention catching marketing must be implemented.

Here’s what I suggest or better yet, here’s what I do to try to keep my eyes and nose just above drowning in the sea of options, strategies and tools available. And before I jump in, let me say this, I’ve had YEARS, years shah, of mistakes, screw ups and hard lessons. And seems it’s not a stage, it’s called life as an entrepreneur. Those lessons come fewer and far in between, yet, they still pop up. So moral here, you will ALWAYS BE LEARNING ( ABL)

  • I am CONSTANTLY reading marketing stuff. Like, my Google page is so intuitive it seems, it knows that I just doing my regular marketing searches and suggest stuff…. jk But me and Google are total pals in helping me create plans and strategies and finding out what combinations of strategies will work for me, my business, and Women CEO Project launches.

  • I am ALWAYS reading marketing books. I search for them at B & N, then go to amazon and buy them. I have marketing books for days. I find that the most relevant info is probably on Google and Twitter ( currently happening news but I am reading regularly to see what’s in the book too.

  • I combined my Masters of Business ( focused in Strategic Marketing & International business) 10 years of experience in creating highly successful marketing plans in real estate, and in the 3 years of owning Women CEO Project ALL into the Creator’s Blueprint Course here. I totally took out all the stops and put my “blueprint” into this course that can be used to launch a program, event or product. And since the course is online, I am constantly adding new info that I learn to it. So check it out.

  • I watch what the big boys do. I mean, they are big boys for a reason. When they launch something, you can tell that there is a machine behind it. And if you are a good study, you’ll pick up some of it from just watching. What I do know is that, you CANNOT share something a few times and think people will just show up. You have to have something of value, that is needed, that your clients want, that is accessible, and share the news often. If no one is biting what you’re sharing OVER and OVER, stop sharing that same post, or content and change something about it. Add to it, take away something, change the title or totally scrap it.

  • Always be learning. Did I mention this? ALWAYS be learning more and more about your niche, and how to share within that niche. You really don’t need a book, you could learn a lot on Google. Truthfully, by spending 20 minutes a day researching your marketing and how to get your info out there AND by implementing and testing what you find, you will be scores ahead of the people simply throwing their stuff out there, hoping for a ton of bites.

  • Learn how to create systems in your company. I’m new to systems. Like 2 years new. I just started in about 2011 with my first assistant, to create documents, plans, and paths that could be followed and passed down when someone new comes in , but also to free up my time. Included in the Creator’s Blueprint Course, I’ve dropped in action plans that are completely downloadable and that can be used immediately in your business to start having some your systems in the creation and strategy side of your business. You can get ALL of the documents, action plans and guides from the course here.

So hopefully, this note, that was supposed to be quick 🙂 has gotten the one and done, build and they will come myth completely out of your head and has you marching the strategy, planning, and researching path to marketing success. Oh, and as another mega comprehensive, you will need nothing else, this covers it all BONUS to you, here’s another deep pocket of marketing info that will change your life.

wind blowing

The momentum in your business, your product and your life starts with you. Are you hoping for the Beyonce stage fan to appear and totally make you shine? The sh*t is for the birds and a total waste of time. We have the internets. We have social media. We have video. We got the goods and are totally responsible for our own wind.

We can create campaigns from thin air around our products and services and start TV shows using our own mobile devices.

We have absolutely no reason in 2013, to be sitting, waiting, watching hawking and simply gazing upon those who are truly doing in.

I’ve been there before. Fiddling my thumbs in the sitting room where you wait your turn…

I was watching and scoping and hungry (but not yet starving) and waiting for someone to show up with that trophy, with permission, with my damn fan.

But why? What makes me special? There are people waking everyday with that thang on their mind and willing to do absolutely anything that is takes to get there them. And we waiting. Waiting on our stage fan to blow our hair. We need to blow our own damn hair.

I’ve stopped waiting and simutaneously stopped caring about the naysayers. I’m focused on building.

I’ve seen them looking and eyebrows raised and lips pressed together when I say what I’ve done and that I’m planning some new ish…

Seriously CEOs, you can’t pay attention to the lip pursers. They are always available. Always got time, and always on time. Always ready to tell you that you think you’re upper crust and all.

But let’s focus.

Who are you scouting? Who has your audience? Who do you want? What one single kung fu ninja move would bring you from point A to point B? Do you know that move? Is it a call? Is it an event? Is it a sponsor? Is it a connection? Is it a piece of money?

Getting specific on finding what’s your move and what gets you results. Building up the momentum around you, your product or service isn’t easy. But here’s what you need,

Creating Momentum requires:

  • specific goals

  • deadlines for said goals

  • a definite direction

  • an ability to pull the trigger

To Create Momentum you Need to:

1. Increase your company’s audience or offerings ( products/services)

2. Increase the speed to which you launch

3. Improve and Specify Your Direction


1. Increase your company’s audience or offerings ( products/services)

There is no getting around it. You must start to grow your audience, but listen here, I don’t mean just paying someone on Fivver to add followers to your Facebook page or Twitter account. This does you no good. Neither does going on Facebook as begging people to like your page. What you need are people who WANT to be there and who really like you and your company. It is much better to grow your audience brick by brick with people who would possibly buy from you and who want advice, blog posts and information from you.

2. Increase the speed to which you launch

Due diligence is a must. It’s a necessary component of any product, service or business. But most of you stay in the “getting ready” to start position for too long. I mean, there is absolutely no way to see all of the pitfalls, all of the obstacles while still sitting on the sidelines.

3. Improve and Specify Your Direction

How can you get your fan blowing if you don’t know what direction to point it? You must know where you want to go or the goals you want to reach specifically. How much money do you want to make? How many people do you need in your database? How many clients do you want this month? You’ll be amazed at how many people are always busy, always working, and always hustling with absolutely no hustle plan.

You think you should sit and wait for all the speaking engagements you want under your belt? To be featured in all the articles that you dream of? For some publisher to call you and ask you to write? Naw, that’s the movies. You have to get busy. Get on the phones. Use what you have. Be creative. Get social. Use social. 

Get a focused hustle plan. Measure something. Get a scale, then get on the scale. Find out what you need. Find out who you need. Create a gamechanger move in your life and business. THEN, market the HELL out of it.   

It’s easy to wait. It’s hard to create.

But you can do it.

Get people talking. Get noticed. Get visible. Get popular for being you. Whatever you do, don’t wait, don’t watch. Don’t ask for applause. Don’t beg for awards. Don’t wait for recognition. Build your momentum and bring your own damn fan.

hello from (1)

Creating your own products, services, programs and events, is one of the Most POWERFUL things you can do for your business and an area that I specialize in teaching entrepreneurs to do. We’ve built an entire Video Series that’s FREE to get you started and a Content Packed 6 module ecourse for those who are ready to start building. For those of you who think you have absolutely nothing to create, take a look at this HUGE, comprehensive list of things that you can start building NOW! 

  1. Create a checklist of the most important to do’s in your industry. For example, the 10 ways to do xxx, what 10 things to do before xxx, the top 10 best tools for xxx. Get this checklist designed on and post it on all of your social media channels.

  2. Create an ebook that you give away to new subscribers to your blog. This ebook can follow the same top things, best practices, etc. etc just as your checklist. This gives your audience a taste of you and the quality of work that you provide.

  3. Create content filled blog posts on a regular basis. I suggest at least once per week. Make sure these posts are optimized by using the best keywords in your industry. 

  4. Take the same blog post and submit it to these TOP 50 article submission directories.

  5. Determine the 3 best subjects or topics that would totally help someone who was looking for information in your industry or niche. Then create a blog series around those topics. Release each blog post once per week.

  6. Take said blog post and make a teaser video for each topic and share it on YouTube and Vimeo. Add text to the description of each video totally describing exactly what is in the video and a link to the post on your blog. Make sure not the leave the text section of your video blank. 

  7. Take said blog posts and create an audio file around the topic. You can share this audio file on all of your social media platforms. I’d use a service like Audioboo to record and share these files for free. You’d be amazed at how many people prefer to get their information through audio rather than text or video. 

  8. While you are running this series, end it with a virtual chat discussing these topics even further and also allowing your current and potential audience to ask you questions about the subject. You can run your virtual chat for free using one of these 6 resources:

    1. UberConference






  9. Create a podcast. This is one of the BEST ways to promote yourself, your knowledge, your skills and your services to a global audience. Here is an awesome example of a podcast.

  10. Create your own quotes. Take photos for free from here or get an entire list of tools here. Then add your own quotes, business info or website somewhere on the photo using Picmonkey. GREAT branding. Totally free.

  11. Create a white paper on your industry or subject that goes deeper into a particular topic. White papers are EXCELLENT tools to get consulting clients or share your knowledge in an industry where a high degree of know how is needed. Here is a content-filled eguide on where to get tools to help you create that white paper, then how to leverage it to make money.

  12. Create a really good reference piece, something that people would expect to pay for and give it away for free. Really detailed reference pieces get kept and if they are really good-shared. This is a good way to make your one checklist, or blog post be more viral.

  13. Create a common mistakes in your industry checklist, post or guide. Remember, avoiding mistakes is just as important as need to do’s.

  14. Create posts around your conference takeaways. If the conference was great, had an impact on you-share with your audience why, what they missed and what you learned. This could be your conference or someone else’s conference. But make sure to include a few “Conference Roundup” posts.

  15. While you are creating all of this awesome content, make sure you have a very interesting title to go along with it. Use this site to come up with the BEST titles for your blog posts and products.

  16. Speak. Then take those slides from your speaking engagement and turn each slide into an independent article. Or consider making the entire presentation another “series” and go deeper into each slide as a post.

  17. Create a Google Hangout. Record it. Then share it in your resource section of your blog. This does a couple of things. Gives you more content, and allows you to share your knowledge or your invited guest’s knowledge live during the Google Hangout. Don’t know how to incorporate hangouts? Check here.

  18. Pick 5 powerful people in your industry and do a Google Hangout “forum” monthly where you discuss a specific topic. This again, does a few things for you. It shows you as a knowledgeable person, an industry specialist, and gives you content. You can also record these sessions and add them to your blog. This is TRULY a powerful thing to do if you start it and keep it up. (keep it up)

  19. Create a private VIP session monthly also on Google Hangouts for your TOP 10 followers or clients each month. During this session, give exclusive information, share special guests with them or giveaways. This will help you grow a loyal fanbase.

  20. Create a course that you teach also on Google Hangouts. You can charge for this course, you can host it for free. Students can ask you questions live and you can add this content to your blog or keep it as exclusive material that you sell.

  21. Create a monthly Twitter chat that you invite guests in your industry to. Then save this Twitter transcripts and share them on your blog or just to the participants of the chat. Try this site to get the Twitter transcripts for free.

  22. Create a multi-level, multi-platform strategic marketing plan. So you can reach your potential client where they are with the information that they need. No worries, all of the information you need to build this is here.

  23. Create content around EXACTLY the type of information your audience is looking for and needs. How to find out what they want? ASK THEM! Use sites like Polldaddy or Survey Monkey to create free, digital surveys to find out what your audience wants.

  24. You can also create a survey from your Twitter followers. Use a site like this one to do a quick polling of your audience and get an even faster response.

  25. Create your own press releases and share them on your blog or using a one of these 20 Press Release Sites.

  26. Make sure that if you write a press release that you are creating something special to write about. Sooo get to creating an a product or event-digital or live that is unique and worth sharing. Don’t know what to create or how to get the process started? Begin here.

  27. Create your own forum on your blog or website. This is one of the richest sources of insider information on your industry or niche. Create the forum, get the topics started, market the forum using your marketing strategy plan you’ve created and just monitor and keep your eyes on the valuable information that comes through. Use sites like this one to create and integrate a free forum into your blog.

  28. Create a very detailed, colorful and useful infographic. These get passed around like crazy on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. And always link the infographic back to your website. Use sites like this one to create an infographic for free.

  29. Consider curating content around a topic or niche. Meaning, gather 10-15 people’s opinion, advice or stories around a specific topic, and use it to create an ebook, a blog post series, a white paper or video series.

  30. Curated content can also be an event, again live or virtual. This can give you either a well rounded event on different subjects, or a high-level, content-filled event around one subject. Either way, you won’t have to do all of the work but can be the owner of the content. One of our most successful events for Women CEO Project is a curated or as I like to call it “ crowdsourced” event. Check it out here.

  31. You can also curate other’s content like, the TOP Youtube videos in your industry. The top blog posts in accounting. The top conferences for someone who wants to be in PR. The top books to read for someone who wants to get into fashion design. Curate content that is already created and add your opinion and expertise on them.

  32. Create a consulting package around services that you are well-versed in. Don’t make it confusing. Don’t offer too much. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. I suggest making 3 packages, make it easy for people to pay you and share this consulting package on your website. Here’s an example of a simple but highly EFFECTIVE consulting package and here’s a post on how to use it.

  33. After you’ve created that consulting package, set up consulting hours, and create a complete profile on sites like these:

    1. Live Ninja

    2. Noomii

  34. To help with the content creation part of your business, get familiar with sites like

    1. Copyblogger

    2. CMO

    3. Content Marketing Institute

  35. Don’t recreate the wheel. Join a course that is built to take you by the hand, walk you step-by-step and get those awesome projects and ideas out of your head, onto paper, attach a deadline, and LAUNCHED! Try a course like this one.

  36. Create products, services and content around the questions that your audience already asks you on a regular basis. Check your emails for the last 6 months. What are you regularly asked about? This is a host subject for your audience and content they are dying to have.

  37. Is your crap boring? Try creating unique content. I mean, anyone who spends at least 15 minutes on Google a day will have seen the basics in your industry and if you are just spitting the same stuff as everyone else, no one is going to click or read further on your blog, buy your products or call to hire you. What would set you apart from the noise that’s already out there? Now before you copy someone else, listen to this, and make sure to keep a running note in your phone of potential topics, posts, and titles to refer back to.

  38. Get visual. For someone like me with the attention span of a gnat-text will just bore me. As much time as I spend on the net, I’m definite on what draws me in and it’s unique visuals. Statistically, folks are drawn to pictures over text and video over text, so start getting more visual. I mean, Instagram is growing like weeds for a reason. Keep this in mind as far as attention getters and in this order:

    1. video

    2. picture

    3. audio

    4. text

  39. While you’re getting more visual, try livestreaming a process instead of just explaining one in text. Don’t drop a recipe, record or livestream yourself cooking. Don’t explain how to organize a closet, livestream or record yourself organizing one. This is MUCH more powerful than text and will draw eyes.

  40. Part the damn sea. This biennial, cardboard, groupthink, what he said opinion is absolutely useless. Why are you repeating what everyone else said? I’m not saying to be contrary just for contrary sake. But don’t you have an original opinion? One of my articles that got the most eyes, views…. started with this “ Why Facebook Sucks” and then I explained why.  If you are studying and searching and reading and basically inhaling your niche’s content daily, haven’t you formed your own theory on how things should work or best practices? Yes, ok, then pick a side. Red or green pill. Part the damn sea.

  41. Create content filled with interviews. Truly, sometimes, we don’t know what to say or our idea generator is temporarily broken. That is the perfect time to find someone with fresh ideas they are ready to infuse into our blog our podcast, our video and our audience.

  42. Create a study. Is there a particular subject that you want to be considered an expert in? Then create a study around it then use that strategic marketing plan that you made and market the hell out of it. Make sure to use Google’s keyword tool to make sure your study is optimized for the words you want it to be found for and this is the place to go deep, to give details, to give your perspective, then to ask for the business ( consulting or to buy a package/book). A study is very similar to a white paper and I truly think you can do one or the other.

  43. Create a series of reviews on products, books or topics in your industry or niche. I would create these reviews either through blog posts or through video. I love video reviews and I can’t lie. Really compelling reviews really do get my attention and make the producer of the video a semi authority in my mind.

  44. Create a post around your biggest failure and what you learned from it. This can also be the basis of a product. In our signature 6 module ecourse, The Creator’s Blueprint, we give you the pros and the cons, the pitfalls and the workarounds ALL from mistakes that I’ve personally made and learned from. This can create a basis of trust with your audience and also let them know that you do really know the other side of the coin.

  45. Create a blog post, or series, or video series totally around your why. Sometimes, for some people, this resonates with them so strongly, that they become an evangelists for your business and for you. Sometimes, when people truly understand your why, and feel that you are not only out to score a buck but to reach some optimal goal in life while also doing good, they become more attached. And what’s better than an attached fan. Nothing shah. Nothing is better. Click here to read my why, but gather your tissues first…..

  46. Create some damn momentum. Who do you expect to do it for you? People get excited with excited people. Be the most optimistic, happy, passionate person you’ve met and make sure you exude this passion when you meet folks. When I meet entrepreneurs and they don’t sound excited about their business. I’m like, why the hell should I want to talk to you. I don’t need permission to brag. But hell, I’ve done some thangs and got some more thangs to do, I’m making waves, moving to my own rythym and creating my dreams. You want to join or wave? There is a difference between meeting someone who is truly passionate about their calling and someone who just showed up. I’m creating my own wind and so should you.

  47. Google Trends Shah! Create content around what’s already hot. I mean, you think it’s harder to create a wave or easier to ride a wave? If something is already hot AND you know a lot along with having an opinion about it- then ride that wave and click here to find out the Google Trends to get started.

  48. While you’re searching for hot content, go to and find out what’s hot, what’s trending, and what people are talking about. You will be able to add hot hashtags to your posts if it relates or create posts that relate-again, if you have some relevant info that ADDS to the conversation. The search function on Twitter is supposedly so strong, that it is giving Google a run for it’s money in the search area. Remember, Twitter is happening RIGHT NOW!

  49. Read. ALL THE TIME. I have found that reading, often, I mean like a few hours a day, has been the BIGGEST source of content for me. You CEOs know, I post A LOT of content, and it’s usually long and PACKED with info, resources and tools. This is because I am always with a book and an ipad in my purse and am so absolutely interested in progression in life. Read. Study up. Ain’t nothing worse than an expert who ain’t up to date.

  50. Create content around your client pain points. Speak their language. Talk to their hurts. Talk to their pains. Some of the best ways to find out their pains is to

    1. survey them using those digital survey sites mentioned above

    2. keep a close eye on those forums, ones you join and those that you start. People reveal A LOT of information in forums and ask for advice from members

  51. Create a weekly or daily list of news or roundup in your industry or niche. You will began to be known for this information and be seen as a source. Barbara Corcoran started the “ Corcoran Report” when you had only sold a few homes so far in New York City. To read more on Barbara Corcoran, go here.

  52. Create a daily tip from your industry that you share via your social media platforms and especially Facebook and Twitter. And if you really want them to spread, get this tip designed by a designer on Fiverr. Most times, they will design a few quotes per $5.


create 2


WHEW! Long list eh? The point here is to get the ideas flowing and for you to understand that they are endless ways and combinations for creation and creating is one of the most powerful things you can do to promote, catapult and brand yourself and your business. So let’s get busy!




This was not an easy task.

Over the last month, many of you have been with me on a journey to first, get past the fears that we have been holding on to for so very long- way too long. We talked in depth on what exactly was holding us back from being where we wanted to be or even taking a step towards the life that we feel is for us.

This is crummy. Nothing truly feels like looking at a life that you think is for you, yet looking through someone else’s lens because we haven’t quite taken the leap to get there.

I’ve seen the life I want, yet I’ve seen someone else living it. I sat back and wondered, what was special about them, what did they do that I couldn’t do? Did they have some sort of pass, hookup, got lucky?

At some point, I finally gave into my fears and totally released them. They still pop up here and there, but they cannot attach themselves to me. They come and go, and are now only passing.

I TRULY understand that nothing good will happen in life, if I am afraid, don’t make a move, wait on others, wait for little plastic awards to be given to me, wait for my name to be mentioned, wait to be nominated.

Yep CEOs, that bullshit and totally for the birds.

We have ideas dripping from our fingertips and all that is required is that we RELEASE. Simply release. Release that fear. Stop asking questions. Stop asking what you can or cannot do, and just freakin DO.

Be the first.

Be the only.

Be the example.


Yes you.

We know a few of you will sit and wait, and ponder, and wait and research, and wait while the years pass you by. That’s harsh, but if you sit in your quiet place and think on this- you know I’m not lying. Some of us will just never get to the point that we don’t wait for the instruction manual.

But I still want you in the community. If nothing else, my words and our free products will give you encouragement and make you feel empowered whether you decide to do something with that empowerment or not.

Some of you can’t wait for the gun to go off. If I got the G you got the O! I love those few who hop CLEAN on new lessons and start implementing.

Actually, I love you all, because you are with us, and you think enough of me to listen to what I have to say. So we have something for both groups.

For those who need more encouragement, a little more time, need to form a create committee first 🙂 Here’s the FREE 3 Week Video Series for you.

For those who are like, ummmm Kristi, you don’t have to tell me twice, I’m ready to change and I don’t need a catalyst to do it, for this group…… Here is the special creation for you.  

I don’t hope. I don’t wish. I am expecting greatness from you and from myself. See you on the other side of fear.


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