I am willing to listen to almost any woman…for about 4 minutes. Then it’s possible that I may not be able to hold my “that’s bullsh*t” comment. But if you know me any all, you know that comment is not without love.

We are walking around shuffling the raggediest stories and feeding ourselves and anyone within a listening ear of how and why we can’t move forward.

What I do know is that, it is truly apart of our mindset. It’s truly in what we chose to do, to focus on, prepare our minds for and what we put in the freakin “no matter what” category.

I’ve seen mountains move because something wasn’t an option… someone HAD to be buried, a child HAD to go to college, someone HAD to have a needed surgery.

Some of you may feel, Kristi, how in the world can you compare these life changing events to business?

Question: Do you not expect your business to be life changing?

I can compare them because they are situations where you ultimately feel- no matter what, you will get it done, and the alternate option ISN’T an option. Hell, to be honest, I’ve been in one of those situations myself, where I could and possibly would have made a bullsh*t excuse, but the severity of the problem totally removed it to a point where there was absolutely only one option on the table for me….

To move forward. To give away my last dime.

To open up my hand so completely… you’d think I’d be broke, but some kind of way, with my hand wide open, I was able to receive the beginning of one of my best years so far in life.

On to the story.

We are causing our own stress.

We are our own obstacles.

We are acting lazy as hell. Like we expect that ALL of the success of those we read about, to happen with NONE of the work. 

We are letting other women, other entrepreneurs, other more hungry and less fortunate people totally beat us off pure hustle. Not knowledge.


We are more comfortable with a familiar lie that we tell ourselves.

Bullsh*t We Feed Our Minds:

We are broke.

We don’t have enough money to start.

We don’t have the skills.

We need more resources… Which ones? I don’t know, but more…

We don’t have the right connections.

We don’t have the time.

We don’t know who will buy from us.

We don’t know what to sell.

And I’m just spitting what was repeated to me in the last week.


As I spoke to a millionaire, who I attain to not be, but to surpass, he told me, Kristi, there is almost NO problem in starting a business that has to do with money. Not in 2013.

He’s right.

We are systematically sabotaging our own success and working with the same tired stories because we think it sounds better than saying:

Story 1:

I didn’t use the resources available to me because they didn’t tell me exactly what to do. Instead I could have taken them, mixed in some thought, brainstormed, and come up with a best solution that fit me and my situation.

Story 2:

I keep asking for help, because I’d rather someone point out the EXACT information me, or better yet, do it for me and if they don’t, I can simply say, “ I didn’t know what to do and no one would help me.

Story 3:

I don’t have the money to put into my business. Yet I find the money for what I deem to be absolute emergencies and things I feel that MUST happen. 

Well, this is an emergency. You say you really want it. Your life, your quality of life depends on it right? What you can offer your children and your family depends on you. You’ve been saying it MUST happen for years right? But how strong are you on the MUST?

It is absolutely supernatural how much POWER we can manifest when we feel something MUST happen.

What side of the fence are you on?

The sh*t shovelers or the sh*t shakers?

Remember, you are not competing with me. You are not competing with your friends on Facebook. You are competing with the woman in China, who absolutely has nothing and no other way other than up.

You are competing with a lady in Ghana who knows she can’t live another year in a home with 12 other people and must create a way out.

You are competing with the woman in New York who was born in the dirt and will light a match under even a hint of opportunity.

They aren’t playing with you. They don’t have the room, energy or desire to trot out the “don’t have” stories, because they know what they DO have, and what they plan to do with it to get what they want and what they need.

We got too damn much. I can say this. I have to remind myself of this occasionally when I start to try and trot out my own tired, overused, full of untested nothingness stories

These stories we feed ourselves serve to keep us is the same spot, in the same no money positions that can’t make decisions, that can’t buy buildings, that can’t take ourselves seriously, then wonder why others don’t either.

Your stories can either save you or poison your own thoughts. It’s your choice. But she, she who was born without a chance to develop her “don’t have” story….

She has less than you, but she’s hungrier than you. She squeezes absolutely every single drop from any resources that she can get her hands on. She doesn’t take no as never, only as a pause. She has nothing to lose. She’s already completed her Bullsh*t diet.

So, it’s time to get on yours….. You with me? Let’s lose it together….

BOB ( business over bullsh*t) 

 business Over bullshit

closer than yesterday

I have a new coach in my life. I say new, but I met and have been following her for over 3 years. I’ve called her one of my inspirations and advisors and she had unknowingly become my mentor. And now she’s mine. My person to call on, to help with a particular part of my business that I have currently exhausted my own skills in and that I need help to expand. I knew that it was the right time. And even though I had been trying to reach her for this or for that consistently, every 3 months it was scheduled on my calendar,then, after 2 years, I have a yes. And funny enough, the timing is nothing short of serendipitous.

Our first session was nothing like I planned. I came prepared with my 3, 6 and 12 month goals, my numbers, my projections………. Yeah, she wasn’t having none of that. That wasn’t her first session plan.

Her plan was to get to the root of my calling. To deeply understand my passions. To see clearly what my why is and to talk to me about the anchor, the weight that was holding me down spiritually.

In the first 5 minutes, I think we were both crying and sharing and connecting and not one time, was the word “business” used. I’ve had coaches before in real estate, and one shortly after founding Women CEO Project, but I learned quickly, that this coach, this interaction that we will have over the next 3 months, this teacher, this woman would not let me spend our sessions focusing on my massive goals, or the numbers, or the database. Her sessions could only be effective after I was bare, vulnerable, open, sharing, honest, and “coachable”.

Then I said it. I strung together that group of words that we should not say because it almost never quite applies. I said, but “ I don’t feel like I’m moving fast enough”……

You would have thought the earth had shifted just a bit and the phone was dead silent. The next words my coach said….. “ How dare you? How dare you question God and his timing. How dare you not be grateful for the space that you are in? All of the things that you have done, have lead up to this moment. Each and every moment is precious. Every phase in your business, in your life, is planned by a higher calling. Each phase and lesson makes you stronger, more educated, less fearful, and more POWERFUL”…..

She then proceeded to read, out loud, each and every thing that I had accomplished since the formation of Women CEO Project. I must admit, in the middle of her reading, I felt so embarrassed, each minute that passed, and she continued to read, the more, and more I realized that I had be so ungrateful. It didn’t even occur to me how many lives have been affected or changed even in just the last 2 months with the Women of Power Virtual Summit, the Creator’s Mastermind, the Creator’s Blueprint, now, the new Podcast. I’ve been working like a mad woman, but never pausing to give myself even a small pat on the back. I’m always checking the to do list like…….sh*t, this thing is not moving.

I’ve been getting your emails, your feedback, and your testimonials. I did not take a pause or a breath and just be thankful that some of you, many of you, are experiencing new highs, more options, a bigger voice, less fear, and more courage. I focused more on the length of the list in front of me, instead of the mountains I’ve moved behind me. In just a few minutes, she helped me to recognize that Women CEO Project is moving right on time, we are where we need to be, and all of you are with us.

I share this session, my lesson with you, because I’ve heard many of you say that you feel like you aren’t moving or things aren’t working. It doesn’t feel like you’re progressing. You take one step forward and two steps back……

We can ALL be so quick to kick our own butts that we don’t give ourselves a chance to breathe, create and innovate without feeling ass whipped all the time.

Our biggest problem, is measuring ourselves with the same stick used to measure our competition. We don’t know, nor will we ever, the total inner workings of another company or the businesses we strive to become like. We have no idea of their beginnings, their struggles, personal or otherwise, or at any point if their hard work was graced with a bit of luck.

We don’t know. We are judging them and ourselves by comparison, as they are now. This is not right. We only hinder ourselves when we do this and somehow our own mini milestones become invisible to us. 

We must run our own race. Discover and strengthen our own strong points. We have so much of our own uniqueness to share with the world but we get so caught up trying to keep up, copy, recreate someone else’s thoughts when we should be creating our own.

All of the opportunities at our fingertips and all of the things we have already accomplished gives us, all of us, many things to be grateful for. I’m sure I’ll be sharing my lessons with you over the next few months, some through the blog, some through our private consulting sessions.  But for today, the lesson that I can leave you with, is to pause, to reflect, not to focus on how much further you have to go, how much road is left, or what you don’t have, but to always be present in the now, enjoy each day, celebrate all accomplishments, even the small ones. Simply put, lesson one is to be …..grateful.

Got a lesson for me, share it below in the comments so we can all learn together. 

And if you’re looking for a consultant to help you focus on strategy, innovation and creation, we can chat, get the juices flowing and see if your goals are a match for my skills. I have 3 consulting options available for you here.