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As I sit and prepare for my clients this week, I want to drop a truth on you that no one really talks about.


It’s hard, hard to dip in and out of cash flow as a full-time entrepreneur.


Everyone always talks about the freedom of entrepreneurship. And while that’s great, incomparable and totally exhilarating, it comes with a heavy price.

I have never experienced any other career that makes you feel quite bipolar ( happy one day= new client, and sad the very next day = someone gives you bad feedback)

It takes freaking nerves of steel, the ability to stop yourself from grinding your teeth with money anxiety, and the patience to wait out the nausea from wonder of how you will pay your bills and keep the business going.

You must stay in business long enough to learn how to create, how to build systems and what kind of team you need to build

But the secret is…. most times, we are the cause of our problem. 

We. Us. Our insecurities. Our friends we allow to speak into our lives. Our secret limitations on how much money we think we’re supposed to make, and our self-inflicted assaults on our talents…. all of that.

Taking a hard, nakedly vulnerable and honestly reflective look on your current situation and the part we played in it, is not only exceptionality painful and even privately embarrassing, it makes you question yourself to your core. Question your abilities, your path, and even your purpose. But,

 Ask yourself these questions: 

How many books are on my shelf that I spent money on but haven’t read?

How many courses did I buy last year that I didn’t take?

How many calls did I say I was going to make to develop a partnership but backed out?

Why am I still on chapter 4 of the book I was supposed to be done with?

How many times have I said I was going to hire that consultant, only to let another year roll around?

What products did I say I was going to create for my business that I’ve procrastinated on?


We’re self sabotaging. We’re our own liability. We’re holding our business and all that it could be…back, and it makes us even more scared about money and taking chances. It’s an unfortunate loop we’re in.

But more importantly, it keeps us behind, our business broke, always talking about “next year”. 


Another truth CEOs…

The last time I dipped really hard in my business,  ( no rent, depleted savings, business was my 100% full-time job and livelihood), I built my way out. I seriously had no freaking choice and I couldn’t sleep.

I vowed never to get in that place again.

I got an enormous amount of clarity, and I built.


This is what I built. 

I built products.

I built programs.

I created proposals. 

I built my confidence. 


This is what I lost along the process.

My “one way” to get it plan.

My insecurities about folks asking me ” who was I ” to put such a high price on my talent.

My need to please anyone who wasn’t in charge of my livelihood, running my business or paying my bills.

My fear of putting my knowledge out there prime, plump and ready for anyone to criticize.

My thoughts that I would never make more than 30k a year in my life.

Most importantly, I lost my need to compare myself to others whose path, stones, and roadblocks were different than my own.

I lost a lot of crap along the way.

And I plan to never pick it up again. 

And I even have the nerve to start teaching exactly how others, who are ready, who want to drop off some baggage, and want to pick up a better business, and create their way out-can do the exact same thing.

How they can build things. Build products. Build relationships that add. Build programs that showcase your knowledge. Build your confidence around your “worth”. Pick up a spare 85K simply because you “went for it”.


Yes, I’m teaching ALL of it in 3 Two hour webinars. 


Create Your Product ( May 31st 7-9pm CT ) 

Create a Database for Your Product ( June 1st 7-9pm CT) 

Create a Marketing Plan & Automated System for Your Product  ( June 4th 7-9pm CT) 

The last thing that I’ve lost along the process, is the thought that I, alone, with the talent that I possess today, and not needing anyone to award me that expert status, can use what I have, to create products and a business that pays me daily.

And, I’ll share the information with you…

Piece by piece.    Lesson by lesson.    Block by block. 


Let’s build.

If you’re ready, I’m ready.

Let’s commit to change our own lives in 2017.


Register for the May 31st Webinar Here

Get ALL three Webinars ( Bundle Price ) by Registering Here 


See you next week!


Hi there CEOs!!

It’s Fall, October 1st and the last quarter of 2016 Just. That. Fast!!

And, just like all good businesses, we are making a few changes to better serve you.

Most of you signed up to receive business and event news from Women CEO Project or you visited one of our online or live events.

Many of you know that we recently launched a world tour visiting more than 30 cities that starts Oct. 29th in Houston, focusing on business strategy, business branding and your business funds, we also have a rollout of 9 products/planning tools coming in this last quarter. We also have some pretty engaging live events coming up in Houston, multiple cities in the US and abroad.

In an effort to make sure we offer the best service possible-we are updating and making some changes to our Women CEO Project Offerings. Can you please help us out by telling me all that you’d like to learn about from us.

Here’s the survey-it only has 1 Question AND I’m giving you a lil something for taking the time.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this short 1 question survey for me. And just to make it a little sweeter- I’m giving a discount code to ALL who take the survey- so make sure to add your email address at the end. Thanks again CEOs and Happy Fall !!






30 Cities Already Booked. More to come.

18 Months on the Road.

A Multi-City, Multi-Country, Hands-on and Engaging Summit for Women Entrepreneurs focusing on building her business brand, strategy and money.

For our 6th Anniversary, I’m traveling the world. Answering the call, the questions…Kristi, if I knew how to make my own money, If I knew how to start, how to brand myself, how to strategize, how to search for funds…Do you know what I would do with my life?

I’ve touched so many corners of the world and worked with business women and men on their strategy, on gaining more clients, on pulling in a bigger client, on how to leverage themselves and their business systems in order to win.

My and my little team are about to change the world. I know that you and I will NEVER be the same.

One city, one entrepreneur at a time. With my biggest business investment to date, I’m coming to you, with the sole purpose of changing lives, changing bank accounts, and changing up your idea of surviving, to one of thriving.

Today, on the 6th Anniversary of Women CEO Project, I am launching the Gobal Power Tour…….

First Stop, Houston, Texas October 29th, then


Accra, Ghana,

Johannesburg, and

Capetown, then forward, 30 cities plus on a 18 Month World Tour.

First Stop October 29th Houston, Texas. VIP & Regular Tickets Available.

I will bring 2 Local & Global Speakers along with me to each city to focus on your

Business Brand,

Your Business Strategy, and

Your Business Money…..

Only 80 seats Per City…….


***Sponsorship Opportunities Available……

Top Coaches 1

Hi guys!

We wanted to take advantage of the wealth of talent we have here in Houston by highlighting some of our top 10 favorites in their respective fields. We’ll be rolling out different lists from various industries over the next few days. Next up, Top 10 Business Coaches, Houston!

1.     Rhonda Townsend, MBA

          –       Business Coach/Strategist. Consultant. Speaker.



2.    Chris Westfall

   US National Elevator Pitch Champion | Business Coach Keynote Speaker


3.    Terra Bohlmann, PMP

–  Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


4.    Kachelle Kelly

–   Speaker. Business Coach & Mentor. Author of “Boss Women & Men Pray”



5.    Kristi L. Jackson, MBA

–   Entrepreneur, Biz Strategist & Founder of Women CEO Project


6.    Charles Alvarez

–       Cornerstone Advisory & Business Coaching


7.    Grace Rodriguez

–       TED ConferencesC2 CreateCulture Pilot


8.    Michele Price

–       Business Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneurial Startup Mentor, Product Launch Strategist


9.    Mattison Grey

–     Business and leadership coach, Greystone Guides


10. Karee Laing

–    Chief Brand Motivator and Principal at Studio Brand Collective


*The list is not in any particular order of importance, and each person was found based on searches through various social media platforms, like Linked In, Twitter and Instagram. Think we missed someone? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to let us know, and share below!

3 (1)

Are you ready to build your DREAM TEAM for 2016? Well, Women CEO Project wants to help you out starting with the wealth of talent we have here in Houston. We are highlighting our top 10 favorites in their respective fields. We’ll be rolling out different lists from various industries over the next few days and first up,

Top 10 Social Media Creatives

  1. Gabrielle Deculus

– Founder of Business Rules for Women, Development Director at Habitat for Humanity

Gabrielle Deculus Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Basya

-Artist. Creative thing. Chief harvester Pinkcilantro

Basya Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Madalyn Sklar

-Twitter Marketing Expert.

Madalyn Sklar Houston Behind the Grind



  1. Ashley Small

-Digital PR Strategist & President of Medley Incorporated

Ashley Small Houston Behind the Grind



  1. Kami Huyse

-Speaker. Founder and CEO of ZoeticaMedia

Kami Huyse


  1. Aimee Woodall

-President and Founder of The Black Sheep Agency

Aimee Woodall Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Portia Chandler

-Founder of Creative Marketing Agency Portia Chandler

Portia Chandler



  1. Fayza

-Writer. Speaker. Digital Strategist.

Fayza Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Deun Ivory

-Photographer. Art Teacher. Illustrator. Writer.

Deun Ivory Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Unique James

-Producer. Photographer. Founder of the full service production company, Compozition.

Unique James Houston Behind the Grind



*The list is not in any particular order of importance. Each person was found based on a search through various social media platforms. Think we missed someone? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to let us know. The more the merrier!

Masquerade Ball

Ok, so you have a number, a goal you want to make in the next year, but just ” How ” do you get to that number?

How do you reach it?

What channels, products, or events will bring your business to that goal?

On November 17th, we are filling your money buckets by month and discussing just what to do to reach your financial goals in 2016 and how to avoid the obstacles that hinder you.


Women & Money

an intimate ” Think Tank “on

Money buckets

Product Quality

Profit Channels

Monthly Planning

& Business Budgeting for 2016

Seating Limited to 30, Refreshments Served
$99 Total 
November 17, 2015 6:30-8:30pm
@Behind the Grind
701 Richmond Ave. Ste 145
Houston, Texas 77006
Bring notebook, ipad or laptop, list of your current products if any. 







Forty Percent of women in this country are primary breadwinners.

Women are getting married later and later or not at all, BUT are still responsible for paying their student loans, all of their bills, helping their parents…..

Fifty-six percent of women think discussing money is too personal.

Over Sixty percent of women would rather talk about health issues with their doctor than talk about money….

I could make this list all day….

When a man talks about money, he’s virile, strong, smart, progressive, innovative…..when a woman discusses money, and for that matter, getting her piece of it, she is seen as greedy, a gold digger, arrogant, over-confident, possibly even a bitch.

I’ve heard all of these words……and it’s always on a day that I woke up at 4 am, or a week that NONE of my proposals went through, or all I’m hearing is no’s and then there’s one woman or a few, who think you shouldn’t have one single day of success….

I digress….

About 6 years ago, before there was Women CEO Project, I was invited to a class, accidentally I believe, because I happen to be the only woman in the room. Not to be embarrassed, I stayed in the class, even though VERY uncomfortable, but pride happened to save me that day.

That day, I truly learned how men and women thought different about business, money, what controls their business actions and decisions.

These men discussed A/B testing ( split testing ) money, analytics, costs, profits, budgets, raising prices, millions, growth……

You get the drift.

It was a totally new experience for me and the impetus for developing my thoughts on how to focus on, look for and ask for the money I thought I deserved.

I started Women CEO Project about a year and a half later, and for many of you, you don’t know that in the OVER 80 classes we had in the first year…. I made sure each and every speaker I invited spoke about money. I don’t care if they were talking about social media, or marketing or whatever- the subject HAD to have a money angle.

I didn’t care about how good the talk made us feel, if we felt closer to each other, happier, sisterly… I wanted us to feel and be rich. 

That talk isn’t for everyone. I’ve learned that over the years. That there are some folks who really, for whatever reason, needed to feel comfortable with a group of women, but they didn’t necessarily want to thrive.

That is where the sea divided for me.

I learned there are differences in our goals, but I wanted to make it clear which side of the fence Women CEO Project focused on.

I get flack for this sometimes. Women are looking to get friends and I’m talking about getting a check.

Not just Kristi’s words, but statistically, women DO NOT like to discuss money in business or corporate. And CEOs, this is EXACTLY why we statisitcally make MUCH less than men do.

You see, these men in the meeting didn’t care that the money conversation wasn’t comfortable for everyone, they knew that they had people to provide for and goals to reach, and even through discomfort- they had to enhance, correct, and perfect their own money conversations.

Yeah, this message is long, but needed.

It’s a horrible cycle and circle. 

But, because women don’t like to discuss, ask for, or insist on their own money, they not only get paid less – they pay less, they beg more, they try to negotiate other women down to the peach meat, because they not only aren’t getting paid their worth, they also find it hard to put worth into another woman’s business.

To see women de-value other women….. it’s painful to all of us…. it MUST change. This MUST stop with us.

We MUST understand, to fix the cycle, we have start with ourselves. 

Do This…

Learn what your product is. Make sure that it is of value- not just to you, but of value to offer someone else-meaning…. How does your product benefit your potential client?

Make sure you get a handle on this.

Then learn how to market yourself the BEST way possible, across multiple channels, and do it consistently.

Put in THE WORK. Don’t try to sell your audience info from 2010. They got it by now.

I learned it at this point. That’s why I’m ALWAYS giving away. The course you take me with- WILL be my latest, my newest, my BEST education. You must invest in learning your craft THEN marketing your knowledge to a level that folks KNOW that they are out of line asking you for free…. ( but they will still ask- expect it)

Don’t pick the coach or the product that is the cheapest. Think like this- if it’s the cheapest- are you happy with the smallest return? Pick the BEST product, course, coach or program that you can at the time and DO THE WORK.

Women will talk about their husbands, their sex lives, their childhood issues….. but won’t talk about money, won’t tell folks they are struggling, or they start feeling success and won’t tell others that it wasn’t always that way.

I’ve decided I will talk about money and business and profits until women start to get comfortable with the conversation.

Get comfortable with being clear and transparent. It’s no one’s business how much you make, but when you don’t want to even approach the conversation- it’s veiled in secretacy when it doesn’t need to be. Learn how to say:

  •  In my business, I must make a profit of xx and the price I charge allows me to do this.
  •  I understand you don’t put value in what I offer, but I do, and to work with me- we will have to see eye to eye on my price.
  • Start paying prices. I’m known for not negotiating with women hard. If I even contact you- you obviously have value- so I will either pay you your worth or walk away and tell the TRUTH about why I’m walking away… because I can’t afford you at this time. I won’t walk away and try to make it look like your service is bad…. Don’t do this ladies, it gives gas to a perpetually awful cycle, insecurities, and keeping us ALL DOWN. If you can’t afford something at the time, say that. There is no shame in that. Then come back when you can pay the value.

And, for the friends and family script, get comfortable with saying….I love you as a friend, but I cannot give you my assets, my retirement, my children’s funds, my business savings, my vacation, my parent’s stipend or that bit I have tucked away so that I can stop striving and start thriving. No, I can’t give you a discount or give you something for free and sellout on ALL my other goals.

Lastly CEOs, I know, this was long, it was needed and pressing. I am seeing too much ” I chop- you chop” mentality in our sisterhood. We are to uphold, respect and grow each other- but not to the detriment of ourselves or by giving away all that we have for FREE. Let’s get comfortable with the money discussion, with seeing other women prospering and instead of speaking negativity- take her course, ask her how, find out where she is speaking, hire her as your coach, buy her book, pick up the knowledge she is dropping, but by ALL means, don’t shun her, abuse her, use her, or de-value her… She’s probably doing her best to be the best and trust me, if she’s truthful, and if you ask her, she will probably tell you, that she was in the same shoes you’re standing in, in not too distant a past…

Let’s grow.

With the Highest Expectations,


PS. The 2 Week Online Mastermind and a deeper money discussion/lesson starts VERY Soon on June 18th You have about 1 week to join us  { HERE




Jan-fullresolution (1)XFGV-1

2013 Women of Power Sponsorship Package Here 


WOW! We are so excited about the 2013 Women of Power Virtual Summit June 25-27th.  Last year’s summit was a resounding SUCCESS! We had an enormous amount of information shared, businesses created, and obstacles killed! 

That was our ultimate goal and this year, we expect NOTHING LESS!  But the 2013 summit comes with some exclusive opportunities to Brand You, Your Biz, and/or Your Product or Service. 

You have a few options to market yourself including

  • Grabbing a Sponsorship Package that Ranges from Title Sponsor to the Startup Sponsor which includes SEVERAL marketing and media touches
  • You could advertise your product, service or business in the Leadership Manual which accompanies this AWESOME Summit

Take a look at the 2013 2013 Women of Power Sponsorship Package Here Pick your Package, Complete your Commitment! It’s EASY!

Limited Opportunities. Email info@womenofpowersummit.com for any questions. 


**If you’d like to register to attend the summit now, go to www.womenofpower2013.eventbrite.com**

biz tem
  1. Accountant. These people will get your numbers straight and also help you figure out what you can expense and what you cannot.
  2. Attorney. This person will save your butt often. They write your contracts, look over your office lease,  file your incorporation papers and will file lawsuit papers on your behalf if need be.
  3. Graphic Designer. By now, my graphic designer is my boyfriend. You will talk to this person so much and hopefully they will begin to learn your personal and business style and can make graphics that fit your company perfectly.
  4. Marketing Team. This is your money. Who cares if you have the best product in the world if it’s not selling? This team helps you get your widgets marketed and sold.
  5. PR Team. While the marketing team gets your widgets sold, your PR team makes your widgets news worthy. Work with them to get your message and business out there.
  6. Virtual Assistant. This person is invaluable. If you are working on anything that doesn’t directly make your business money, it’s an administrative task and your virtual assistant should be doing it for you.
  7. Social Media Interns. Go to Craigslist or your local university-they are there, waiting to get to work on some new projects ( note: interns aren’t free anymore)
  8. Mentor who’s done what you want to do and doesn’t mind offering advice a couple of times a year.
  9. Your tribe, love counsel, evangelists- people who love, support and encourage you.
  10. Mastermind Team. You MUST have a sounding board for your ideas and successful entrepreneurs to lead you along the way. Lucky for you- you can apply to the Global Mastermind Team 2013 here !
  11. An Influencer. This is that person in your circle who leads the crowd. You want to bend their ear with valuable, exciting, info about your biz a few times a year.
  12. A Connector. This is the person you know and have built a relationship with, who knows everyone. Take them to lunch, let them know your connection needs for the new year and be prepared to put in the work and act on the connections they give you.
  13. Devil’s Advocate. This is the person who finds the fault in everything. But your devil’s advocate needs to find fault and then give a solution. She also needs to do this with care, and a little tact.