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So I’m a week back home from my visit to Google headquarters in Mountainview California for a 2 day “Think Tank” and needless to say, I’m overwhelmed. The campus and business is everything we think it is and more. The campus was absolutely beautiful with unique designs and sentimental artifacts and statues in the main building and throughout campus. I hope I didn’t leave anything out, but here’s what I learned. 

Interesting Google Campus finds:

  • Our tour guide informed us that no matter where you were on campus, you were never more than 150 feet away from food. Don’t know if this was a joke or not, but I can tell you that there was food everywhere. No, I don’t mean like a vending machine. I mean fresh fruit and yogurt stations, cafes, and restaurants. 

  • The campus has more than 23 cafes, restaurants and places to eat.

  • Employees can bring their dogs to work as long as they are calm and don’t bite. ( I took a photo of one guy’s dog)

  • They have a TEDx room for TED talks and the room is complete with microphones built into the ceiling, so no matter if you’re in the audience or wherever you are in the room, you can hear ( I included a pic of the room, it’s black with white chairs)

  • Some of the restaurants are named after the first dogs who used to come to the office with founders.

  • There is a true to size replica of a dinosaur ( I included this pic)

  • There is an employee grown garden. Some of the employees tend to this- this is their relaxation and super cool to me.

How they love their employees:

  • One “Googler” joked that their dress code was “ Come wearing clothes”.  How cool is that?  No one was focusing on what you were wearing, more on what you could produce and your thought processes. I noticed that most Googlers wore Google t-shirts and jeans to work.

  • They FEED their employees. They never have to worry about food. Remember the 150 foot rule and employees eat free in all of the campus restaurants, cafes, and shops. I immediately thought, if I were working there, I’d be fat. But amazing, most employees were absolutely not overweight. They were used to it and that brings me to the next thing…

  • They totally have everything at the employee’s fingertips to keep them sane and healthy. There was a lovely gym on campus where Googlers could take classes like kickboxing and Pilate’s, and they had I think 3 pools for a quick dip/workout. Also, the campus is so big, they offer their employees Google bikes that they can ride around the campus or you could just call “G-Ride” to come pick you up wherever you are and drop you off at another building.

  • If you need your oil changed or your hair cut, there is somewhere on campus to do it, so you can focus on work. When we asked our tour guide what she had to pay for, she thought long and hard about it and said, my dry cleaning I guess… that’s the only thing I can think of. Most days, I don’t even bring my wallet to work.

  • Googlers don’t have to work from their desks. Actually, collaboration is encouraged with MANY spots throughout campus where teams can meet up, have a snack and hash out their work in comfy couches or cafes.

  • Errr ufffff of course, the internet was SUPER duper fast ( I was able to participate and still stream our live conference from anywhere on campus) So again, wherever the Googler’s were, inside or out, they could get their work done.

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Amazingly, with all of this access to distractions, the employees we saw were uber focused. It was absolutely inspiring that they worked as hard as they do with so many other things that they could be doing. But I guess there are some pretty intelligent people of there at Google that understand, giving the employee absolutely nothing else to worry about except the project that they are working on at their job, is pretty dang smart. This makes for a pretty engaged, focused and productive worker. They don’t have to jet off to do “life” activities like the rest of us, because most of them can be taken care of while they work. I mean, if we didn’t have to run off and run errands, get our oil changed, go to the gym, etc. wouldn’t we get more done?

The program that I was participating in was strictly for engineers/entrepreneurs/developers. I know, most of you didn’t know I got my bachelors in Computer Engineering, minor business. Then once I learned that I wanted to really jump into this entrepreneurial life, I got a Masters in Business ( MBA) focused on Marketing and International Biz. But this programs was actually wonderful. It was organized and was an encouraging environment to learn more about Google Tools, Android, and new developments. The team was also open to questions. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got a fresh boost to my business. I can’t lie, it’s very hard to look at Google today, and imagine that they were a small startup in the past. Because now, they just look like a HUGE cool azz company to work for and be affiliated with.

Each night after we learned more and more info, networked and toured, Google treated us to a catered reception that was nothing short of fabulous. I mean, like WOW, they really know how to make you feel welcomed and special. Those lamb chops you see in the photos, yep, little waiters with fresh white shirts and shined black shoes, delivered us catered food, chops and scallops, with wine and imported beer. The next day we ate with all of the other Googlers…… hymmm, can you imagine, I my whole breakfast was organic and I finished my pancakes with lavender butter ( can’t make that up) that some lovely company makes fresh in Cali. Hymmmm, did I mention that they fed us well?

I have included pics of the campus, the gardens that the employees grew themselves, our catered receptions, and some of our swag. I don’t know how to share the knowledge, I will figure it out over time. For now, check out this post on the AWESOME Google for Biz Apps that I so love and how to implement them into your business now.

I am trying to be more affiliated with Google and will let you know of any developments, but for now, just know, the company is everything we think it is and they treat their employees and visitors like royalty.


You ready?

After #wpower13 We have 4 AWESOME things coming up! 

1. A 3 week Create Mastermind Group- soooo many of you were interested in this, so we’ve upped our group # just a bit. But we’re testing something- so it WILL be very limited to the serious minded, ready to ACT few  

2. That 3 week Create Mastermind Group will lead to a launch of a NEW Product YAYAYAY!!!

3. Our Podcast and some CONTENT Packed interviews will be released on iTunes and Stitcher! 

4.. THEN we should be seeing some of you ALL of the US and hopefully Abroad……….

The next 4 months we will be touching you as much as possible. 

If you want in on the 3 Week Create Mastermind, drop your email below in the comments. We will be sending a short questionnaire to ALL of the interested parties so that we can nail down our Ambitious few!

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by: Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living LLC 

Believing in your dreams and having faith in yourself is imperative to being successful at your career. That much we can agree on. But when it comes to pursuing your dream career and starting your own business, you need more than a leap of faith and a strong determination. You need a smart exit plan that makes your move successful and prepares you for everything that lies ahead.

In our upcoming Women of Power Summit, I am honored to be talking to you at length on this topic: Lessons in Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur: Mistakes to Avoid and Secrets to Starting Your Own Business. And if you haven’t yet registered for this powerful summit, be sure to do that here (link here to the summit) In this post, I want to give you a short preview to get you pumped for our session!
If you have been fumbling around in your corporate job for a while (read 2 to 5 years) looking for a place to belong, to thrive or to simply feel fulfilled, and you still can’t find it, you might just be ready to strike out on your own. 
Fun fact: You can start your own company or business without a background in accounting, without a fancy MBA and in fact, without any prior experience running a business (Besides, if you had prior experience running your own business, would you be back working for someone else and thus be in this pickle in the first place? Chances are slim to none!)
So yes, you can start and run a successful business regardless of what you majored in college or if you even went to college and regardless of what you did at your corporate job and also, most importantly, regardless of how old you are or how many careers you’ve had. These are not barriers, honey!
This doesn’t mean you can run a company on hopes and wishful thinking. It means that you can learn and implement whatever you need in this brave new economy because you have all the tools and resources at your disposal like never before. The advent of technology has made our dream careers more accessible than ever and you can use your wits and your brains to figure it all out.
But first, you need to make the transition from your corporate job to self-employment with a smart and well-thought-out exit plan. I am so passionate about this topic that I teach a class, Smart Exit Blueprint, to show corporate professionals exactly how to do this. I took a sneak peek into my class material and want to give you my top 8 strategies to get you started on creating your smart exit plan:
1. Get in the right mindset: The corporate world is not conducive to the mindset you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. You are probably wallowing in self-limiting beliefs and the opinions of naysayers. It’s time to turn it around. So first, pull yourself out of the mindset that has held you back. Start with studying the mindset of some of your successful role models and really nurture the right mindset until it takes hold. For more, see 8 Success Mindsets for Employment vs. Entrepreneurship
2. Stop screwing around in your day job: This is no longer your long-term career so don’t treat it as such. Your minutes and hours count now so use them well. I use this motto for my clients who are on the cusp of leaving their jobs: Get the work done and be done! Know when to stop working. Be ethical about what you need to get done but there is no reason to go “above and beyond” whatsoever. You are only there to grow your savings and fund your future business. Create boundaries and learn to say no. For more on when and how to say no, click here .
3. Put your financial house in order: You need less money to survive than you think and you have more than you believe. Your mindset shift will teach you that self-employment is about creating wealth whereas a corporate job is about making money. Then focus on where your money is going and if that is the lifestyle you want to support as you move into self-employment. Examine your spending habits, your lifestyle and adjust your whole life – not just your career – to becoming self-employed.
4. Prepare for becoming your own boss: The biggest adjustment in self-employment is holding yourself accountable and responsible. The rewards are very different and you are on your own for better or for worse. You are your own boss, your own master, and the decisions happen with you. You take the blame for the fall and you take the credit for the rise. And it’s exhilarating but it takes adjustment. You need to mentally, emotionally and even physically prepare for this and hold yourself accountable to your dreams and promises as well as be kind to yourself. More on becoming your own boss here….
5. Check in with your support group: Making the transition on your own is totally possible but it’s much easier, more fun and successful when you have the support of (select) family and friends as well as the right communities and preferably a mentor or a coach. As far as family and friends go, focus on your life partner the ultimate pillar of support. Get them onboard early on and stop there. With your friends, observe who is not supportive of your move and create a healthy distance rather than convincing them or getting hurt. Then find the right communities to join and most of all, invest in a coach or mentor. You don’t have to do this alone. You can have the help and support to get you going. Don’t be a hero. Ask for support but do it in the right places and from the right people.
6. Start your side-hustle ASAP: As you are getting poised for exit, create your side-hustle which will eventually become your fully fledged business. It is never too early to start your business idea. Consistency is your best friend. You are never going to have 100% of your time to dedicate to your business even if you didn’t have a job. So start your side-hustle today if you haven’t already and build on it slowly every single day. My super top secret advice is this: you must do something – anything – that moves your side-hustle forward everyday.
7. Establish a non-negotiable routine to build your business: Routines are your ally when you are balancing your job and your fledgling business so create blocks of time and energy that you are devoting only to your business. Treat these as sacred. Settle firmly into this routine and make it a part of your daily ritual. Re-shuffle your priorities if need be and set new boundaries for your day job to accommodate yourself. Build your side-hustle slowly during those new blocks of time.
8. Give yourself permission to do this, to dream it, to build it, even to fail at itListen, you need to get this out of your system and you need to see it through. Stop asking for permission. Stop asking for validation. This is your dream. And the time to go after it is now. Let go of any guilt or peer pressure that you are carrying because if you bring those emotions into your business, it will make life very difficult. Embrace your decision to pursue your own business then go do it. 
I can’t wait to share more strategies and meet you and answer your questions on the Women of Power Summit later this month. Until then, feel free to contact me with any questions:
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CEOs, I’m telling you, you could start and grow your #biz and basically run the world just off the tools that Google gives you for FREE. 

Google, “Google Trends”. Then, Type in your keywords. See if real time how many people are searching for YOUR industry specific information daily and where they are getting this information from.

Then make your content plan so you know 

  • what to write about
  • What to make videos about
  • what people need

etc. etc. 

I did a live screenshot above, just to show you what it looks like. 

Use it NOW!




by Kristi L. Jackson 

What is good content?  I know that content rules, and it’s the thing that brings people back to your digital home, gets you found on search engines, etc. etc. But what is good content? To me the term, although very hot right now, it’s pretty darn relative to who’s asking and who’s answering. 

I am basically devouring podcasts and blogs right now and some of my favorite resources are Think Traffic and Smart Passive Income, and I can see the trend on what they consider to be good content. Basically, when you read one of their posts, you need a nap first, then your thinking cap, a notebook, your computer, and you will leave with a plan of action. These guys really give you uber blog posts with tons of links  ( or loops as I like to call them, and talk about them in here) to other great posts, and food for thought in addition to many tips and tools. So yeah, that is what I would call good content. 

But because the term is so dang relative, I think it’s confusing to many people. And you know what happens when we get confused, we quit or don’t start at all. Everyone is looking for the magic pill on how to get people to stay on their blog for longer than a few minutes and trust me, that’s a goal of everyone. In my opinion, considering these things constitutes good content: 

  1. An opinion. Yep. To me, this is first. There are no new ideas, we’re all kind of tossing about the same info BUTTTTT, what’s unique is your take on that information. We don’t all have the same perspective, nor the same experiences with the information, so starting with your opinion, is number 1.
  2. A platform that reaches your audience. It matters not if I’m talking about the best, most useful stuff in the world, if I’m sharing it on Instagram and the audience on this platform is more interested in looking at the newest video vixens or clothes to buy. Find the platform that covers 2 basic rules:
    1. Do you like it enough to be active on this platform consistently?
    2. Is your audience hanging out and getting some of their information there? If yes, then proceed.
  3. What are the keywords you want to be found for? As I worked with Google and Hubspot in a training program earlier this year, they really drilled this into my head. Hey, Kristi, if I didn’t know your business name, what would I type in to find you on Google? Total blank. You hear me! Total. But since then, I developed a way to make sure I am building a trail of information that can be found on Google without having to type in Women CEO Project. Here’s what I suggest:
    1. Make a list of the 8-10 words you’d like to be found for, known as an expert in, be an industry leader in, etc. 
    2. After you make this list, put them into Google Keywords tool and find out how those words are ranking. Are people actively searching for those words monthly? Yes! Ok great. 
    3. Next, come up with say 20-25 potential blog posts or articles that include these keywords. Don’t worry if you can’t make a list of all 25 now. I come up with the BEST blog topics, titles and notes when I’m not trying, when I’m jogging or listening to music. Just jot them down in a notebook or your phone and when you are searching for a topic to write on, you will have a running list of ideas. 
  4. While you are writing this article or blog post, keep this in mind…. people are smarter than we think. They have the internets 🙂 and can smell bull miles away. We can no longer get away with light on the info, piece of crap articles. Aim for useful. In Louisiana, when someone cooks something really, really, good, we say, ” Wow, mom. You really put your foot in that…” yep country, but you get the point. Make sure you put your foot into every post, research some additional resources to add, some data to throw in, something special. The two paragraph, halfway salesy, buy my crap, pay attention to me articles are getting lost in the shuffle and the really packed with content articles are rising to the top. Think like this, you want your post to be so good, so useful that people want to save it to their iPad or print it a keep it with them to refer back to. What’s the last article that you read that was so good, you HAD to keep it? What did they do? What made it special? Start right there. 
    1. What would be useful information to know for your potential client? 
    2. What do they need to know before working with a professional ( you)?
    3. What tips or tools would help them?
    4. What FAQ ( frequently asked questions) can you write about?
    5. What SAQs ( should ask questions) can you write about?  
  5. Consider resource lists. What types of list could you make in your industry that would basically put a lot of resources in one place and if found by your reader, would totally make their day and forever make your blog useful in their minds……… Here’s an example of such a list.
  6. Run through your emails for the last 6 months. What types of questions are you getting asked constantly? Could these questions be the basis of an awesome post, so that when totally and completely answered, you could send people to it and again, be seen as a useful and resourceful industry expert? Think about what you are already known for.
  7. Don’t make it an extended sales page about you. Honestly, people don’t really want to know about you. It isn’t until people find you really useful, helpful, knowledgeable, and your advice benefits them, that they may take a glance at who you are. Your goal is to be THE source for your client. Your writing, your thoughts, your advice will do just that. You will be bringing in people on the strength of your knowledge and that can lead to your reader becoming an evangelist of your brand, a customer, and a referral source. You chance losing out of all of that by bringing them to your page only to talk about yourself.

When creating your content all of these things combined make for an interesting and useful read that would brand a person in my mind as expert, thought leader, or someone I would send my money to, to further learn what they know about their subject. Don’t worry, you can never give too much information. You don’t need to hold anything back when creating your content plan. When you share, you give, and you do your best, you will draw out an audience dying to give you money to solve their problem.  





me and mommy

From Issue 4 ” The Marketing, Social Media & PR Holy Grail” 

by: Kristi L. Jackson 


I used to think my limitations could only be unlocked when I became worthy. That there was some status, some position that I’d one day attain, when I had developed enough skills, the right contacts, the proper look, confidence, and had gotten permission. 


I put many of my ideas, my thoughts, my dreams on hold, but articulated them nicely in a journal of things I wrote but never thought I’d actually attempt and tucked them neatly in my drawer. I made sure to never add dates or names, and wrote in cryptic code because even in my private moments, my most intimate thoughts, in my being, I didn’t want to be exposed as a failure or reminded of what I didn’t achieve. 

 I didn’t cry for years, like 10. I thought this made me strong. I hid behind a proper, perfect mask. I hid everything I actually wanted.  

Coloring well within the lines, I keep my dreams, my goals quiet, attainable, non-ambitious, comfortable to my friends, my family, to myself. I never expanded, walked on the edge or even looked at the edge. 


 My world changed in April 2008. It’s almost an anniversary. I can’t say what, but I can say how, my life, my desire, my ambition changed metaphorically. 


My family has always been the center of my world, and at a moment, I was faced with the reality of possibly losing my most loved, most trusted, consistent, cherished, confident, friend, my deepest love. 


My “Right now”, my future was staring me directly in the face. Life was as fragile as a feather and could be blown away in seconds. Why exactly had I been holding back? Why wasn’t I living my future now? Who exactly was I awaiting permission from? Whose approval did I need? 


I had all of the tools, the resources, the knowledge needed. What I was waiting on was “a go”. I thought I needed someone to say it was ok. What I really needed was to be presented with the lack of time to realize that it was imperative to make important use of my valuable present. 

I didn’t need to be given an opportunity, a committee, applause, permission or to be given a platform. 

I needed to create my own platform. My opportunities rested in the palm of my hand. All that was required was giving myself permission to say yes to the passions and the purpose that had been burning and residing deep within my belly. 

I needed to make my family, my mother proud of me now, not later. 

My 2008 was difficult. I have never experienced such a tragedy and a blessing within the same lesson. I am so appreciative of the clearance of trees, the sense of clarity, the recognition of urgency, and finding the why to my purpose. 

I have to remind myself as I write this, that it’s ok to cry. It’s ok to admit that in the past, you gave more credit to your excuses than credence to your opportunities. It’s ok to recognize your lack of effort especially if it’s a precursor to your abundance of tenacity, your feelings of limitless possibilities and your uncontainable happiness and appreciation of life, of family and in discovery and acceptance of your talents. 

For the last 3 years, I have been living my journal, entry by entry, not without fear, but with an absence of excuses. With my mother looking on, hoping that she understands my deepest desire is to make her proud of me, but knowing that even if she is not, hoping that she respects and somehow admires that even though I’m not using my degrees, not doing the job she expected or giving her beautiful grandchildren, that I’ve finally found my passion and want to help, educate, and encourage women in the world, for the rest of my life. 

My only hope is that in opening up to you ladies, that in sharing one of my deepest most intimate lessons, my urgency, my “why”, that I encourage and inspire you to pause, to unlock your own chains, to deeply reflect and start living your passions now. 

Ladies, if you were waiting for the right time, waiting for a sign, if you needed someone to tell you this……I finally found my “go” , now I give it to you. 


With Great Expectations, 








Women CEO Project is consistently sharing information, and one of our favorite platforms is using an eGuide. ALL of them are PACKED with information , tools, tips, steps, and action items. 

Some of the eGuides are Free and some are paid AND we currently have a #100BizBundle that is specially priced NOW!  Here are all of the guides we currently offer- you can click each title to download immediately!


  1. Present, Promote and Sell Yourself as an Expert: Using Digital Leverage
  2. StartUP Manifesto: 48 Key to Do’s to Get Started NOW!
  3. Think BIG. StartUP Small: The #1 Webtools List for Startups
  4. Power Connect: 46 Power Moves to Connect You to Key Influencers
  5. Bootstrap Your Biz to Startup
  6. Pre-Sale on ” Creating Your Own Digital Publications” here 

We’d love your feedback on how you used the eguides and THANKS so much for stopping by!





StartUP Manifesto: Act on Your Dreams or Stop Talking About Them

At some point, the sugar definitely left my coating and now I’m resolved to give you the truth as I know it and as I learned myself in this entrepreneurial journey. Biggest lesson CEOs- Nothing is going to move until you do. 

It is so easy to find reasons for our reasons on why we can’t do things. Money is usually the biggest villain. But, if you really think about it, in private, when it really comes down to it, is money the real problem? 

Have you specified what you need money for exactly? When I ask Women CEO members or clients this question, it is AMAZING that about 98% of them have no idea what they actually need the money for. They just knew that they couldn’t move forward because of the lack of funds. 

Is that you too? Don’t be ashamed. Many of us get so comfortable with our excuses, they become our friends. When someone offers us a way to remove them, we feel lonely, unsure, and get scared of open space opportunity. 

Technology have given us an edge. The small businesses, the new entrepreneur, the scrappy startup- we all have an edge. We can build some amazing things that take no money, but plenty of hustle, and risk taking. Basically, us getting off our ass and using all of tools and taking advantage of the opportunities available to us. 

I spent an entire month of study just to see if there was information easily found to start and build a business, and I did find it. No, it wasn’t quick. Yes, it took several hours of reading and some hours writing it. Not only did I find information, I compiled it in a nice and neat package for you in these eGuides:

1. Bootstrap Your Biz to Startup

2. Power Connect: 46 Power Moves to Connect you with Key Influencers

3. Think BIG. Startup Small: The #1 Digital Webtools List for Startups

4. The StartUP Manifesto: 48 Key To Do’s for Startups 

Now you have a ton of information, wrapped neatly for you. Most of the tools given are free. Now what is needed is for you to ACT. The world is not waiting on us to decide. The world is moving right along without us. And those who are willing, who are passionate, who are hungry to share their gifts with the world, to change other people’s lives, and to totally live the dreams they envision for themselves, those are who will lead us. 

You have a community. You have support. You have the tools. Now what’s needed is for you to decide how bad you really want it. 

If you don’t step up to the plate, if you don’t move, you will always be a purchaser, a follower, and dreamer singing the same song, giving those tired excuses, telling the same dang stories years from now about how you couldn’t do it, why you purchase, watch, hate on but secretly admire, those of us who step up to the challenge and ” DO”. Be a doer. Act on your dreams or immediately stop talking about them. 

 What’s holding you back? 




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DO NOT want you to go another month sitting on your Startup. I don’t want you getting into bad partnerships, not being able to get a loan from the bank because you don’t have financials, or sitting on Facebook just waiting for the magic to happen.

Women CEO Project wants you better, screw that! We want you to be GREAT.

We hustled to put together an Impressive Team of Experts and created one of the best customized programs designed for ambitious, no excuses, new or growing entrepreneurs, ready to focus, see change, gain knowledge and increase their income. 

This training Includes 4 Interactive Profit Focused, Action Oriented Power Sessions as the Experts help you maneuver step by step through the startup & growth process.

 Each session was tailored to help you avoid obstacles, save you legal woes, keep money in your pocket all while distributing your brand knowledge publicity and bring in revenue. 

I mean, if you’re not being Quoted, Noted or Paid what you’re worth, Are you really in Business?

 Let’s change that!

 StartUP Marathon 13 Experts! 


Kristi HeadshotChris.McCarty.Headshot.000Thais.Saeed_9862_pp.high.resIMG_7386

What Will You Learn @ StartUP Marathon 13? 
 4 Jam-Packed, Profit Focused, Interactive Power Sessions:
  • The Legal Side of Your Startup
    • How to BEST Structure Your Company to Save you Money & Cover You Azz eg. LLC, SCorp, CCorp
    • What to do BEFORE You Land in Partnership Hell
    • How to Protect Yourself Against Bad Contractors
    • When and How to use Non-Disclosures & Non-Compete Agreements
  • The Money
    • How to Create a Bulletproof Budget so You Can Plan Long-term & Keep Your Biz Afloat
    • How to Know if You’re Making or Losing Money and How to Stop It NOW!
    • How to Recognize Your Worth & Charge Accordingly
    • How to Generate Consistent Cash Flow for Your Biz
  • Action Focused Marketing Planning
    • How to Leverage Social Media Platforms to Gain Visitors to your Store, Blog or Show up @ Your Events
    • What to do with a Facebook Page After You Create it to Bring in Warm Leads & Sell Products
    • How to Build a Successful Customer Flow Stream through Internet Marketing
  • Digital Leverage Creation
    • How to Connect with Key Players Using FREE Tools
    • How to Present, Promote and Brand Yourself as an Expert in YOUR Industry
    • How to create social proof Quickly and Uniquely using hot digital tools
    • How to Set up Systems, Hire Help & Automate for Ultimate Leverage 

Bonuses Items Included FREE

  • Get the Ultimate Idea Jogger and Reference Package ( Value $399)
  • Get Think BIG. Startup Small eGuide ( Value $299)
  • Get Present, Promote and Sell Yourself As an Expert eGuide ( Value $299)
  • Giving away 2 scholarships to StartUP Marathon from our TOP retweeters of hashtag #startup13
  • Startup Marathon Includes a “Ask the Experts Virtual Panel Lunch” with Surprise Local and Global Entrepreneurs for LIVE Q & A and increased networking


  • 8:30 am Arrive, Continental Breakfast & Live and Virtual Networking

  • 9am Power Session 1: The Legal Side of Your Startup with Saeed & Thais

    • 10:15-10:45 Interactive Q & A

    • 10:50-11am Break & Virtual Networking

  • 11am Power Session 2: The Money with Jamie Fountain

    • 12:10- 12:25 Interactive Q & A

    • 12:25-12:30 Setup for Lunch

  • 12:30- 1:30 “ Ask the Experts Virtual Panel Lunch” with Local & Global Surprise Guest Dropins, for a live Q & A, lessons from , interactive panel

  • 1:35pm Power Session 3: Profit Focused Marketing Planning with  Chris McCarthy

    • 2:30- 2:45 Interactive Q & A

  • 2:45 Power Session 4: Master Leverage Creation through Digital Tools with Kristi L. Jackson

    • 3:30- 4pm  Interactive Q & A

    • Closing words and sad Goodbyes

No EXCUSES. Attend from ANYWHERE in the World! 

AND the StartUP Marathon Includes a “Ask the Experts Virtual Panel Lunch” with Surprise Local and Global Entrepreneurs for LIVE Q & A and increased networking.

We don’t just want you to feel good in StartUP Marathon. We want you to leave empowered and equipped with the tools needed TODAY to Get Started Up Quickly, Avoid Common Mistakes, Advance Your Brand and Create Income NOW!

GRAB YOUR SEAT NOW!!! Startup Marathon April 20, 2013 8:30-4pm Central




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Yep, for the next 19 days, we are CREATING ladies. We need people to hold us accountable, we need deadlines, and now we have both. Deadline is April 19th, and we will hold each other accountable. 

Those books, ebooks, classes, events, EVERYTHING you’ve been holding off on finishing- WE are finishing them together this month. Some ideas:

  • ebooks
  • White papers
  • Events
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Proposals
  • You tell us what you will create!

Wealthy people create, poor people buy. We want to have a community of “creators” who:

  • Make passive income while they sleep
  • Have products to sell when they go to speak
  • Are teaching what they know and are making a profit from it
  • Are tired of sitting on their half done projects

In StartUP Marathon 13 on April 20th, Power Session 4 ” Digital Leverage Creation” will focus on just this particular thing. But I don’t want you to wait until then. 

As a community of forward thinking, progressive, highly intelligent, ambitious, no excuses business women, we can start NOW!!!

ANDDDDDD we are giving our biggest risk taker, our biggest creator, chosen randomly from our comments below, a PRIZE  including:

  • FREEEEEEEEE Admission to StartUP Marathon 13 with 4 POWER Sessions on April 20th ( Live or Virtual) 
  • 2 Books ” The Ultra Light Startup” and “CRUSH It!” 
  • ANDDDD a 1 Hour Consultation from ME! Kristi L. Jackson 

Tell us What You will Create & When You will Finish it! Everyday, every little accomplishment you make, I want you to drop it in the comments below. Nothing is too small for applause. We will be doing this TOGETHER, holding each other accountable, giving encouragement, and become a Community of CREATORS!!!!!


With Great Expectations,