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How awesome has the last 2 weeks been? Well, the Strategy Series is coming to an end. We only have 2 things left! I have gotten a MASSIVE amount of feedback with your questions, what you’ve learned and what you’re doing with the lessons from this series. We have 2 things coming and I give ALL the details in the short recording.

Do know this CEOs, your goals, your hurts, your fears, your setbacks, your obstacles…. I hear them all and

I Believe in You Anyway…. Do you? No sales. No strategy. No profits. No business. Just You. 

Listen to the recording below and let me know.

With Great Expectations,


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Today’s lesson will be personal for most of us. But it’s a small exercise that MUST be done to finally release all those pesky mindset traumas that consistently hold us back. 

Check out the recording here, then drop me a note below and tell me what it’s going to take for you….

lesson 8.jpg
What we can do as entrepreneurs, is to provide the best value that we can and deliver it in a way that reaches our client, that is immediately useful in their lives, and that is unique to our talent and passions. But are you missing a few steps? CEOs, here are 4 reasons your audience isn’t buying from you and what you can do about it today!
  • You aren’t providing value to your audience. When you reach out on social media or though a newsletter, is it to provide value or to ask for a sale or invite your audience to an event? If the only time you call is to ask for something, you become someone to avoid. If you take the last 10 times you reached out to your audience, if more than 2 or 3 of those times you were simply asking them to buy something, I want you to consider the opportunity you’re missing to offer your audience more value. A new entrepreneur hangs their business shingle out seems like every 2 minutes, so it can be hard to keep up with who’s the current expert on branding, marketing, the best fashion consultant or who to go to purchase your first home. The only way to get through the sea of temporary entrepreneurs, part time hustlers, and unprofessional side giggers, is to make your information different. Make it useful. Make it effective. Provide the absolute best value that you can to your audience through your content, videos, blog posts, courses, teleseminars and events. Think, what was the last thing you gave them? 


  • You don’t have a sales and information cycle. Most of your sales cycles are the equivalent to, ” Hello, how are you? I’m Jane. What’s your name? Hello, I’m John. Want to have sex?”  Sounds funny eh? But for some of you, your sales cycle doesn’t take into consideration that folks have to warm up to you. There is a saying by Michael Port, ” Your ask isn’t in proportion to the amount of equity you’ve built up.” Basically, you are asking for too much right now. How can you bring your audience through a cycle of them seeing your value? Once they meet you, what are the steps that you bring them through before there is a request for a sale? Before you ask for the sale, have they had a chance to fully understand how their life or business will change from your information? I’ve found, that the more I share and provide, the less folks ask me to negotiate my price. The less ” kicking the tire” calls I get. By the time you’ve experienced me or Women CEO Project for a few weeks, or taken ANY of our courses or events,  you’ve DEFINITELY gotten value. Can your audience say that about you?


  • You aren’t consistent. This is a biggie. Today your brand means this, tomorrow, something else. You have like 12 jobs. You market your business on Facebook consistently for 2 months, then no one hears from you for 3 months. You send out newsletters sporadically. See the trend? It’s hard enough to grab a client working day in and day out delivering quality, now add in seeing a person who’s actions show that they are not 100% behind their brand or what they are doing. You make people feel like your brand and your business is not stable when you aren’t consistent. What projects did you quit on? Where are you slacking? Haven’t spoken to your audience since the last time you marketed your event or sale? Be honest, then make a plan to do better. Take a look at what you want to do, then be realistic with yourself and narrow that list down to the things you can do consistently. Then once you have that narrowed down list- DO IT! 


  • You don’t match your brand. Are you spitting luxury but looking like a discount? Are you talking upscale, upscale, then hosting your events in the hood. Are you promoting the BEST xxx conference in the world but marketing materials made on Microsoft Word? Don’t laugh, I am pulling direct examples. People aren’t crazy. It’s hard enough to make a sale if EVERYTHING is on point, but if you aren’t quite living your brand….this causes more problems. If you are preaching a holistic lifestyle, don’t post massive pictures with you partying, eating burgers and drinking wine at 9am. Sounds funny, but again, I am using real examples. Stop right now and look at your brand. Then take a look at what you’ve been putting out there. Do you and your brand match? If not, no worries. It can be fixed. Take a look at what you want to offer. Then determine what’s the BEST way you can offer it, even if small, so that it matches what the quality and brand that you are trying to present. 


With that said, understand this CEOs, some people will absolutely never see your value enough to buy from you. Think about people who’s information you loved. They helped you, they tireless gave you the best quality advice, tips and tools they could, and you used them, leveraged them to make yourself and your life better. If you ever bought anything from them at all, it took a LONG time. They had to build up enormous value in your mind for you to consider buying even an ebook from them. 
Now take that scenario and compare it to your frustrations. It will take a while for you to start seeing your ideal client come in and while your audience is slowly going through your sales funnel and deciding whether they will go further with your or not, there will be some who will love the samples but never buy. 
Don’t let that discourage you and know that they ones who value you WILL show up. Keep pushing!
10 speaking engage
So you want to expand the speaking area of your business eh? Besides doing a simple Google search for organizations, have you looked at these potential opportunities?
  • College Enrichment Programs. Many colleges offer enrichment programs in several different areas or niches. Have you checked out your local university to find out the ones they offer? Don’t get discouraged if the colleges in your area do not currently offer them. This is your chance to pitch a well thought out 1 pager on an enrichment program that you’d love to co-create with them.
  • Hiring a speaker’s agent. Offering to pay someone a percentage of your speaker’s fee is a GREAT option and offers you the space to leverage yourself. You are running a business and may not have the time to sit at the computer to search and submit, search and submit. Last year, my goal was 50 speaking engagements and I booked 41. During a good portion of the year, I paid a speaking agent ( who was formally a PR professional) to search and submit my package for a few hours a day. I got my fee’s, she got her commission. We were both happy and I could be working on other things. 
  • Local and National Associations. Whatever the interest is, there is an association for it AND if you speak on the local level, this greatly increases your chances to be hired to speak on the national and possibly international level. I recently picked up an engagement like this, where the local association is not paying me ( but the audience is perfect for me) AND they submitted me to speak for the national association’s conference, which has hired AND is paying me! This is where a good Google search will come in. If you type in ” Houston Associations” tons and tons of organizations pop up and usually there is an email address or an event chair listed. Start there, be persistent and follow through.
  • I have found speaking engagements by looking at speakers on Youtube, then checking out the organization that they spoke for. Kind of like backwards research. Why the heck not? These are organizations who obviously work with speakers. By searching on Youtube, I can get a few details about the audience, then I simply look up the organization and send them my pitch. 
  • Local Meetup groups. As organizer dues for rises, many meetups now charge their member’s fees to attend events AND they are paying the speaker who comes in to teach. As the creator of 3 different meetup groups, I was always looking for speakers to fill all of our events. This is your opportunity to speak in an intimate setting and meet your audience. Reach out to the organizers with your speaker’s kit. 
  • Meeting Planners International . You should be on the same website, reading the same info and finding out about events with other meeting planners. Many entrepreneurs don’t think about this resource but it’s a great place to find out what conferences are happening early on and who the top meeting planners are. We give you an entire strategy for building your relationships with meeting planners in the ReThink Strategy Course, but for now, know what they’re doing and the conferences that are coming up on the calendar.  
I know that these tools will help many of you. Speaking is a strategy that just shouldn’t be ignored. Be persistent, start your search on Google and keep an open mind. 
I’m sure you have some unique techniques you are using to gain speaking engagements or maybe you’re just starting out. But to help everyone who’s reading this today, drop your tip, tool or resource in the comments below CEOs! 
receipt screenshot


  • Become clear on what you want to be known for. Build your brand around it. Then SLANG it!! Why wait? Why sit by the phone? Once you pick a pill, determine a lane, or get on a road, do it with 100% energy and momentum. Start creating with your focused brand in mind and share it on as many platforms as possible. Start writing. Start doing videos. Start sharing info on the social media channels where your client hangs out. Start looking, feeling, and acting the part of your brand. Once you create your own momentum, you’d be amazed at the channels that open up, the calls for interviews, the invitations to speak and the opportunities to partner. Find your lane, then get into the business of branding YOU!
  • Automate EVERYWHERE that you can. Why work hard for every single dollar that comes into your business? Where can you create passive income? At least 1 hour this week, look at that products and services that your business currently has, and determine ways in which you can automate every channel to facilitate that sale from point A to point B. Can you write your blog post with a powerful call to action that sends your reader to subscribe to your blog? Then once they subscribe, they are automatically sent emails on a regular basis with useful information that they can use in their lives immediately. Can your blog post have a call to action that sends your reader to a survey? Or to a link to register for your next teleseminar or bootcamp? Can you create a Google Hangout that sends folks to subscribe to your blog- which is already set up to start sending them emails? How can you shorten the amount of time that you physically have to touch your business on a daily basis?
  • Pick the BEST 1 focus that you can implement into your business now, that will effect, grow, and add to all of your business channels. For example, speaking is a powerful focus. It brands you as an expert. It’s a profit channel if you got paid. It helps to fill your database. You can sell your books, DVDs, CDs, and workshops from the stage. It puts you in a powerful position to be hired as a consultant by the audience. That’s several channels or funnels in your business that can be filled by focusing on 1 key activity – speaking. Find that key activity for your business and then GO FOR IT!
  • Start creating. This is my personal claim to fame, and it’s room for anyone who dares to unleash their talent. You CAN build your own platforms. Your own, never seen before conferences or a worldwide speaking tour. It’s totally up to your decision to believe in yourself and your focus on making it happen. Creation expands your business like NO OTHER tip or strategy that I can offer you and it’s the prime reason I spent an enormous amount of time last year building a course AND a free video series to help you do it. It’s POWERFUL. Stop telling yourself no. Start creating. Then watch your world open up!
  • Offer quality. Quick question? Do you feel it’s better to post a bunch of short, diluted, copied blog posts OR spend the time to develop a highly effective, probably gonna go viral, extremely useful blog post that truly helps your readers? It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. One of our MOST visited blog posts took me a week to research, read every article and create but it pays our website consistent dividends in visitors and subscribers. If you only focus on quantity and skimp on the quality, you make it easier for someone with a little hustle to replace you. Spend the time, research your niche, add your own flavor and offer massive value. Yes, your potential clients can tell the difference. Quality is a tremendous filter. 
  • Be known for something. By all means, be unique. 98% of the entrepreneurs I see are basically regurgitating everyone’s stuff, changing the colors, copying text, formatting, and styles of the folks they admire. But why do that? It’s easier, lasting and more effective for the growth of your business, to create your own unique products and incorporate your own flavor. You have a distinctive talent, special way of presenting, and a powerful why that is all your own. Don’t copy other folks. It isn’t a lasting business plan to always be marketing someone’s old idea. Put in the work, brand you and be known for something powerful.
  • Clean your sandbox and change up your playmates. For some of you, your business would have a 100% turnaround in growth and profitability if you’d simply remove the people who don’t add to your life , and insert the folks who are going where you want to go. Cleaning up your sandbox allows you to see new possibilities and understand the mindset of people who are successful. It clears the clutter so you can be more aware of your options and positions you in the prime place to say yes to right opportunities. The effect that new, positive, progressive, and successful circles can have on your business is residual and life changing. Let’s upgrade. 

CEOs, tell me. Out of all the Strategy Lessons so far, which one is your favorite and how will you use it? 






lesson 5 pitching
One strategy that we TOTALLY dive into in the ReThink Strategy ebook and course is pitching and strategically pitching specific persons, through specific channels. But today, for lesson 5, I want to drop you 5 of the MAJOR mistakes people commonly make and musts your proposal or pitch should have before you hit send!
An Objective Clearly Stated
What is the purpose of this potential partnership, collaboration, event or to have you speak? What is the clear reason that you are pitching this potential company? It is important to do your research before pitching a particular company and learn what kinds of events they’ve done before and what types of companies they have and want to work with. After learning these things, you want to create a few options of how you can work together. Yes, you need to come up with a couple of really good ideas BEFORE you reach out to them ( a couple of options or one strong idea) of how you could work together or what you could offer. You’d be amazed at how many pitches are missing the key first step-telling the contact, ” why they should read this“. Keep in mind, that this is your most important step, as many of the people you will pitch are reading many proposals per week and yours must stand out AND have a well researched purpose and angle to get their attention. Make sure yours is clear to give your proposal a fighting chance. 
An Understanding of the Contact’s Goals/Mission
This brings us to the contact’s goals or mission. Sometimes simple research can tell you EXACTLY what the contact is hoping to do for the upcoming year. I’ve done research before pitching a company before and found a press release with the founder speaking on how he wanted to invest more in the ” women in business, lean in movement”…. What does this tell me? I have an awesome chance of at least getting his attention. Do your research to see what your contact or organization is saying in the news, what projects they are working on, and what they may need more of- it just might be working with more companies like yours! If their mission is saving the earth, using green products and services, and that is exactly what your company represents, this of course increases your chances. But if this is not what your company represents, this lets you know that it may be that much harder to pitch them. 
Benefits to the Contact
Ninety nine percent of the pitches I get are ALL about them. What they would benefit, what they need, why collaboration would work out for them…. Sounds funny right? But haven’t you done that? This will get your pitch thrown away. The way to engage someone, whether it be in person or on paper is to make it all about them. Why would this collaboration work for them? What would be all of the benefits to them, bulleted, step by step in a clear way that leans more to the benefit of the contact. The whole time you’re writing, proposing, or meeting, think like this, ” What’s in it for them and is it clear?”
Real Numbers & Marketing Plan
The worst thing you can send someone is a set of numbers on an event that you’ve never had. How do you know it will bring in xxx amount of people? How do you know I will get exposure? So you’re simply guessing and shoveling me some crap right? Don’t do this. If you haven’t done a particular project yet, simply state what you will do to make this one a success. List what you have been successful in and how you will transfer those skills to this current project. AS SOON AS I get a proposal with numbers and projections on a project that they’ve NEVER done, it quickly goes in the trash. Being a newbie is not a curse, I’d rather someone be honest and tell me they will bust their azz as opposed to blowing smoke up mine. Speak on what you know, tell them you’ll do your best. Show a well thought out marketing plan, and KEEP YOUR WORD!
Second part, this is where you need to do the work. Exactly how will you make this pitch worth their while? How will you market it? What is your marketing plan? is it simply Facebook posts? Scratch that, and start your plan again. You need to create a multi-level, multi-channel marketing plan to get the attention of big name companies and high level connections to collaborate or hire you. 
The marketing plan that I put together for that Fortune 500 company AFTER they hired me….. felt like I was creating a proposal to save my life. It involved a MASSIVE amount of research into different marketing practices, tested models and innovative ideas. When you’re pitching, you have to be ready to put in the work!
Simple Next Steps
Don’t make it hard for someone to give you a yes. This is a huge mistake as well. Don’t make folks find your phone number, or email address, or how to pay you. Make it easy to give you a yes or no. Have your email address readily available. Make it no more than 2 clicks to transfer money to you. Clearly state your purpose, your plan and the benefits, then ask for ONE call to action. Either to call to further discuss. Tell them that you will be calling in a couple of days to discuss, or a click to pay. These folks are busy and searching for a reason to say no… don’t give them one. 
So CEOs, who are you going to pitch first? 
lesson 3


How are you holding up CEOs?

Are you using the Strategy Lessons Immediately?

Ok, let’s jump right into Lesson 3, which is a short video where I show you how to implement 5 FREE tools in your business immediately for MASSIVE impact, needed time savings, to make you money, and create a more professional and strategic business.

Click the pic above to start the video and Enjoy!

And drop me a comment on the blog on how you will use the tools!

JanFeb Business Report

This is the start of something new CEOs. I get many inquiries of where I’m going, who I’m working with, where I’m jetting off to, and what’s in store for Women CEO Project.

I can tell you that it’s a never ending journey- some days being pretty freaking awesome and some really, immensely tough.  I have a lot of ups and downs and pick up many lessons along the way. But to keep you informed, I will be crafting a regular monthly business report to give our subscribers the inner workings of the head Woman CEO and what I’m cooking up for you!

So, because it’s new, this one will be a little longer- I am combining January and February.


Disclaimer. All the details won’t be sexy! Running a biz has its fun parts ( traveling) and not so fun parts ( paying for the travel) I want to make sure that I say CEOs, this is after 3.5 years of CONSISTENT work on Women CEO Project and we have a TOOOOOON of a way to go. But I want to make sure to give details for those who REALLY ask those questions like:

  • Q: Kristi, how do you pay for it all  A: It’s not easy. Some months it’s low, some months it’s high. When it’s high, I save, and I always invest in educating and enriching myself in the area that I want to grow because that is the only way I’ll get better and better at business and be able to charge what I’m worth. I also build products around my talent and am starting to build a strong platform that serves as passive income. I talk all about the ups and downs of cash flow here.
  • Q: How do you get folks to fly you all over the world to work on their projects? A: I consistently try to put myself in the right situations or freaking create a situation. And big one here….. I tell them that is what’s required to work with me. Also, I teach the how’s, the logistics, the proposal components etc. to entrepreneurs who want to learn them, in my private strategy sessions. Get one here. 
  • If you have any specific questions you’d like to ask, shoot them here. 

Okay. Let’s dive in CEOs! 


Important Happenings January & February 2014:


mastermind hangout p

Launch of our 4th Global Mastermind Circles Team (January)  This virtual mastermind team is so very dear and near to my heart. Me, the experts and the members get so intimately involved with each other’s businesses, our fears, our mind block, obstacles, and what is truly at the core of us not growing our businesses.

Also, this is the time for the members to get feedback on their current projects, what’s working, what’s not and make changes from the advice of me, the invited expert and their team mates. Each member also has a dedicated accountability partner which they chat with a few times a week to keep each other on track. I host a weekly connect call every Monday morning to give them a quick lesson or “aha” and get them PUMPED for the week ahead, and we meet virtual and visually ( awesome what technology allows us to do eh?) once per month, where the invited expert and I dole out advice to the members and breakdown their business goals step-by-step, one-by-one, block by block…the results are amazing. The power of having folks to be accountable to, is underrated!

I’ve gotten plenty of questions about when’s the next one… and we won’t open the doors to our next team until July 2014 to start in August. Stay tuned and get details here.

Strategy Ad 4 Final

Launch of the Strategy Clinics. (Jan & Feb) In January and also February, I hosted 2 private clinics focused specifically on business strategy. I hosted the Jan session live in my home and the Feb session virtually. Both sessions were FULL! This was a proof of concept project for me. I knew I had been getting a lot of questions that basically resulted in being more strategic- an area that I’m strongest in, but I wanted to make sure that entrepreneurs were truly interested in getting and investing in guided lessons on the subject before I launched our new course, ReThink Strategy. These clinics focused on 5 major areas of adding or implementing strategy into your business, which helps to save and leverage your time, make you more money, help you develop those key business relationships that truly add to the bottom line, recognize and unleash your power to create your own opportunities, and the how’s and angles on pitching bigger clients, projects and deals.

I found, that many folks wanted to know how I picked up some snazzy Fortune 500 and 100 clients in 2013 and 2014 and I basically broke that down in module 5 of the clinic also. I’ve gotten enough feedback, some pretty awesome testimonials, and am happily planning away at the launch of the new course and ebook total package for March! Those clinics are done, but you can get your own private session by clicking here.


Bobby Business Breakfast

Women CEO Project hosted 2 Business Breakfast’s ( Jan & Feb ) This isn’t new territory for us, as of now, through my real estate biz and Women CEO, I’ve now hosted over 300 different events, networking, classes, trainings etc. etc. But what is different, for what used to be simple networking-meeting, connecting, exchanging info, we now have a specific themed panel discussion from a seasoned, local entrepreneur. The result? Pretty freaking inspiring! See photo to the left! 

Goals & Money Focus ( Jan & Feb ) These first months of the year we’ve uber focused on getting a handle on not just making goals, but the specificity of the goal. For February, our focus is money. How to get rid of those money blocks, how to finally get un-intimidated by the competitors in your field and complete your own goals, and how to prepare yourself for success. Get all the recent juiciness here.



Work + Play trip to Barcelona Spain ( February) Always wonderful to hop the ocean to get a change in environment-even for a short amount of time. I went to Barcelona, #1 because Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. Number #2, I’m planning a juicy speaking/teaching tour and was checking out locations… YEP I want the tour to be global shah! Lastly, or #3, I wanted to get away from the states for a few days and have some inspiration for my writing… That book, solid, in hand copy book ( not an ebook) it’s happening CEOs. I’ve claimed it. So it shall be! All in all, Barcelona was a blast, I relaxed a bit, got my objectives hashed out and made it back home in one piece.


Strategy Hangout

I hosted a FREStrategy Hangout ( February) …. More proof of concept work for me and a chance to connect. Secondly, this was a wonderful opportunity to give you a taste of what will be involved in the ReThink Strategy Course and ebook launching in March. I also got a chance to answer some user submitted questions, live and on camera. We were limited to 50 seats and sold out! If you were there… know we had an awesome time!

I jetted off to Louisiana ( February)  to work with a new consulting client for a one day 8 hour blitz. WOW. I actually love these. Afterwards the client and I can do nothing but sleep, but they are so very energized to tackle ALL of the plans we plot. I do a couple of these a month for my high-levels, ready to go, serious “bout this life” entrepreneurs. Let me know if you’re ready for one such session 🙂 here


Making the final changes to the ReThink Strategy eBook & Course Package. CEOs, can you tell, this is my biggest ebook to date? I’m really putting in the time on this one, and won’t do another ebook ( that is the plan) until my next book-the hardcopy book, is out and done. But this strategy package is my baby. I am putting in so much detail, specific lessons, case studies and actual worksheets I’ve created in the package. November, December, January and February, I worked on my project DAILY-whether that be through writing, having conference calls with my team developing designs for the project, delegating, and working on research for individual consulting clients and case studies. You CEOs know how I give a TON of info. This course and ebook will be no different. It is PACKED!


Lastly, I interviewed 2 literary agents for said book I’m writing ( February). Yep, this was a new experience, one that is getting me some no’s mixed with some maybe’s mixed with some “ do you know what you’re doing” questions from me….. Stay tuned on this subject…

BABY JESUS! Been a busy 2 months eh, and I maintain 4 individual small business, one woman shop clients each month. I’m trying to stay juiced up, exercise a little each day ( I’m working on this) and making moves on projects even while discouraged, learning new techniques along the way, getting some yeses and kicking a little ass 🙂 

Lessons Learned this Month:

Build up your own momentum and don’t let no’s make you stop. I made a post in January about having my ass handed to me in a “hell no” Kristi meeting, and CEOs, it was quite painful. But guess what? I had planned a meeting right after that one, and it was mandatory that I kept my momentum up for meeting 2 no matter the outcome of meeting 1.

I was able to get it together after that rough no, and meeting 2 was a success. Once I went home, I was still burned by meeting 1- I had been pitching the company for 3 months and I was MAD! But in the end, in my type of mind, I believe, in a year, they will be begging to work with me ( hey, do what you have to do to pep yourself up)


What’s Coming up for March:

March will be BUSY shah!

Launch of the ReThink Strategy eBook & Course !! Want to get on the VIP list to find out about it first? Click here and we’ll add you!


Full Launch of ReThink Strategy’s Marketing Plan. The schedule should be pretty full of interviews through video, online, Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, etc. I will be speaking often about the book and new course, doing giveaways, and having FUN. If you’d like me to speak on your radio, podcast show or Twitter chat, shoot me an email here.

Announcement of the Speakers for the unique 1 day Mastermind I’m launching 🙂 YASSSSSSS. EXCITEMENT!  It will be totally online, so no worries, you’ll be able to attend from anywhere! This will be a short ( 2 hour) and sweet POWER-PACKED Mastermind workshop for you CEOs involving some pretty awesome women, including yours truly 🙂

Announcement of the cities lined up for the my speaking/teaching tour! Time to birth this baby. As many things that I’ve been blessed enough to accomplish, this will be a BIG one and I don’t have all the answers. But guess what? I’m still making that move CEOs. I don’t just tell you to jump and not jump myself.  Wish me luck and I hope to see some of you in the cities we drop in 😉


I will also be getting ALL of your feedback on the ReThink Strategy course and book, as with our previous courses, The Creator’s Mastermind & The Creator’s Blueprint, I make changes, updates, and additions to them ALL the time and I do listen to your feedback!

Lastly, during March, I will hope to continue to inspire and work with a few of you awesome CEOs in private consulting sessions as we plot and plan and chart our OWN courses in the entrepreneurial life. 

The next month’s business reports will be MUCH, MUCH shorter- I promise. 

Have a wonderful end of February and start of March. Ohh and CEOs, don’t forget to QUIT focusing on your shortcomings, don’t let your setbacks stall you, focus on what you do have, what you CAN do today and totally KICK AZZ!


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