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I’m Answering Questions LIVE from Miami June 30th @12pm Central! 


MANY of you had questions about my upcoming 2 Week ONLINE Mastermind,

– what to expect in terms of privacy, community and support,

– what it required in terms of time, tools needed or mindset,


– what you will learn about your business, profits, marketing, proposal writing and growth,


– what workbooks,toolkits, checklists and templates you will get,


and I’m answering ALL of it LIVE from my the beach!

This Live Webinar Jam will be ONLY 1 Hour and I will get in as MANY questions as possible.


Here’s how to join:


1. Register for the Q & A  { HERE }



2. Email your question(s) about the 2 Week Online Mastermind to 

See you in Miami CEOs!!



What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I can’t handle it?

What if I lose all of my money?

What if people don’t get me or don’t like me?

What if I lose?

What if I can’t turn back?

What if, what if this turns out to be the absolute BEST ride that I’ve ever been on and I WIN…..

What if CEOs?

I just left London, and many of your know that I did a LiveStream on all things Business Strategy, but what you don’t know, is that I also used that time to have meetings with women business owners, wannabe business owners, and even a few people who feel they have very limited options.

It’s a sad feeling to talk to a couple people, let alone one who doesn’t have the luxury of choice. However, I learned that there is power in not having a choice to quit or not launch, or launch tomorrow, not learn, not hustle, not try one more time.

There is power in knowing that quitting is totally off the table and the only way out –  is to WIN.

I started Women CEO Project August 31, 2010 on a whim, a growing idea of what I wanted and needed and what I felt other women needed to be better business owners. It was exciting, growing and moving very fast, but it was on the side for me.

Then, in 2012, The White House called, brought me to DC and recognized me for my work to help women entrepreneurs…… as I walked away from an overwhelming, all day POW WOW with 39 other folks who were doing GREAT works ALL over the world…..

I had to make a decision. 

It was no longer optional for me to have this business ” on the side “.

I was in a place to make a decision about leaving what I knew- for possibilities of what I could build.

The simple act of “deciding” can totally change the course of your life CEOs.

In the next few years, Women CEO Project will experience growth and we will offer many different types of programs, events, classes, courses on and offline, and I don’t know at what point or what program you will decide to jump on the boat with me.

But what I can tell you is, I want to work with you. 

And I’ve built a new program to do it.

Yes, for 2 weeks, I want to work with you and totally MAX out what is possible for your business.

I’ve created a PRETTY detailed curriculum and have included some profitable foundations to grow not only your business, but your mindset.

This is currently my ONLY group hand in hand program and because I get SUPER engaged with each and every one of my mastermind members- I’ve limited the group to 50.

Some of the awesome entrepreneurs who were on the London LiveStream with me last week got a bonus and have already joined, so we have 50 spaces TOTAL. 

Today, for some of you who I KNOW really need it- I hope you jump with me and decide that tonight, at this moment, success is no longer optional.

The link to the Mastermind is LIVE. ALL of the details and the Agenda are HERE } and I can’t wait to see who and what’s possible on the other side.

With Great Expectations,


photo 1

So I’m a week back home from my visit to Google headquarters in Mountainview California for a 2 day “Think Tank” and needless to say, I’m overwhelmed. The campus and business is everything we think it is and more. The campus was absolutely beautiful with unique designs and sentimental artifacts and statues in the main building and throughout campus. I hope I didn’t leave anything out, but here’s what I learned. 

Interesting Google Campus finds:

  • Our tour guide informed us that no matter where you were on campus, you were never more than 150 feet away from food. Don’t know if this was a joke or not, but I can tell you that there was food everywhere. No, I don’t mean like a vending machine. I mean fresh fruit and yogurt stations, cafes, and restaurants. 

  • The campus has more than 23 cafes, restaurants and places to eat.

  • Employees can bring their dogs to work as long as they are calm and don’t bite. ( I took a photo of one guy’s dog)

  • They have a TEDx room for TED talks and the room is complete with microphones built into the ceiling, so no matter if you’re in the audience or wherever you are in the room, you can hear ( I included a pic of the room, it’s black with white chairs)

  • Some of the restaurants are named after the first dogs who used to come to the office with founders.

  • There is a true to size replica of a dinosaur ( I included this pic)

  • There is an employee grown garden. Some of the employees tend to this- this is their relaxation and super cool to me.

How they love their employees:

  • One “Googler” joked that their dress code was “ Come wearing clothes”.  How cool is that?  No one was focusing on what you were wearing, more on what you could produce and your thought processes. I noticed that most Googlers wore Google t-shirts and jeans to work.

  • They FEED their employees. They never have to worry about food. Remember the 150 foot rule and employees eat free in all of the campus restaurants, cafes, and shops. I immediately thought, if I were working there, I’d be fat. But amazing, most employees were absolutely not overweight. They were used to it and that brings me to the next thing…

  • They totally have everything at the employee’s fingertips to keep them sane and healthy. There was a lovely gym on campus where Googlers could take classes like kickboxing and Pilate’s, and they had I think 3 pools for a quick dip/workout. Also, the campus is so big, they offer their employees Google bikes that they can ride around the campus or you could just call “G-Ride” to come pick you up wherever you are and drop you off at another building.

  • If you need your oil changed or your hair cut, there is somewhere on campus to do it, so you can focus on work. When we asked our tour guide what she had to pay for, she thought long and hard about it and said, my dry cleaning I guess… that’s the only thing I can think of. Most days, I don’t even bring my wallet to work.

  • Googlers don’t have to work from their desks. Actually, collaboration is encouraged with MANY spots throughout campus where teams can meet up, have a snack and hash out their work in comfy couches or cafes.

  • Errr ufffff of course, the internet was SUPER duper fast ( I was able to participate and still stream our live conference from anywhere on campus) So again, wherever the Googler’s were, inside or out, they could get their work done.

Random Statue Heads photo 3


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Amazingly, with all of this access to distractions, the employees we saw were uber focused. It was absolutely inspiring that they worked as hard as they do with so many other things that they could be doing. But I guess there are some pretty intelligent people of there at Google that understand, giving the employee absolutely nothing else to worry about except the project that they are working on at their job, is pretty dang smart. This makes for a pretty engaged, focused and productive worker. They don’t have to jet off to do “life” activities like the rest of us, because most of them can be taken care of while they work. I mean, if we didn’t have to run off and run errands, get our oil changed, go to the gym, etc. wouldn’t we get more done?

The program that I was participating in was strictly for engineers/entrepreneurs/developers. I know, most of you didn’t know I got my bachelors in Computer Engineering, minor business. Then once I learned that I wanted to really jump into this entrepreneurial life, I got a Masters in Business ( MBA) focused on Marketing and International Biz. But this programs was actually wonderful. It was organized and was an encouraging environment to learn more about Google Tools, Android, and new developments. The team was also open to questions. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got a fresh boost to my business. I can’t lie, it’s very hard to look at Google today, and imagine that they were a small startup in the past. Because now, they just look like a HUGE cool azz company to work for and be affiliated with.

Each night after we learned more and more info, networked and toured, Google treated us to a catered reception that was nothing short of fabulous. I mean, like WOW, they really know how to make you feel welcomed and special. Those lamb chops you see in the photos, yep, little waiters with fresh white shirts and shined black shoes, delivered us catered food, chops and scallops, with wine and imported beer. The next day we ate with all of the other Googlers…… hymmm, can you imagine, I my whole breakfast was organic and I finished my pancakes with lavender butter ( can’t make that up) that some lovely company makes fresh in Cali. Hymmmm, did I mention that they fed us well?

I have included pics of the campus, the gardens that the employees grew themselves, our catered receptions, and some of our swag. I don’t know how to share the knowledge, I will figure it out over time. For now, check out this post on the AWESOME Google for Biz Apps that I so love and how to implement them into your business now.

I am trying to be more affiliated with Google and will let you know of any developments, but for now, just know, the company is everything we think it is and they treat their employees and visitors like royalty.



I just caught myself making this bullcrap list of goals without any specificity. I know better than that. Having been in sales all of my working like, I’ve always ecelled at reaching goals when given a target number, deadline and especially some healthy competition.

I just threw away that list. It was bullcrap, so now I want to help you throw away your own crappy lists. 

Goals need to be specific. Uber freaking specific. Let’s take a look at a common goal:

Wanting to increase your sales. This not a goal. 

Wanting to increase your sales by 20% this year, is a goal. 

See the difference. 

Let’s get even more specific. 

Wanting to increase your sales by 20%, yet not spending another dime in marketing than the year before, instead opting to leverage social media, blogging, video, networking, writing, etc….. Now, we’re getting really specific. 

Your goals need to be broken down into baby bites so that you can digest, make plans for it, and create a system of having small wins per day, which motivate you and your team. 

Now that the goal of increasing your sales is broken down, you then need to break down the strategy to reach it. You are going to increase your consistency in other channels, but what channels? How often? Do you need help? What do you need them to do? 

Blogging: Need 2 blog posts per week which means you write on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s. Set this time in your calendar and stick to it. 

Videos: Want to increase your videos to 4 a month. This can be done all on one day. Plan out your videos, tie them to your other programs, create loops explained here ), optimize them, get them edited at once, then you’re done for the month in one day. 

Find a Mentor: Make a list of potential mentors. Why do you want to connect with them? What do you think they will add to your life or your business? What can you add to their life? Where will they be this year? How can you connect with them?Create a long-term strategy on connecting, then building a relationship with them because of course you will not ask them for help on your first connection or meeting. 

See how I broke these 3 goals downs into baby steps?

Also remember these 3 things when tackling your goals, 

1. Give yourself a set deadline

2. Have someone hold you accountable

3. Measure your results to see where you can improve or what you can change

So now, in writhing this post for you, I have fixed my list. Not only was my goal crappy and not specific enough, it also wasn’t big enough, so good thing I started over. Now I have a nice, neat big ass audacious goal, with a deadline and mini goals to keep me busy for the entire month of May. 

Good luck on yours!