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I spent the majority of my first 5 years of business alone.

Other than the calls from my well-intentioned parents- there really wasn’t anyone calling to making sure I didn’t quit, hold me accountable, and remind me of what I’m capable of.

And, there was absolutely no one there who understood

why I was pushing so hard
why I chose this life when I had so many other options
what it felt like to struggle with money
why I was deciding to go after my passion instead of what was stable


No one that could give advice that I could use…. Not just, you’ll be alright baby, you always seem to land on your feet, etc. etc.

Many of you are new to Women CEO Project, and no doubt, you’ve subscribed because you were looking for that “push”. Whether it be through blog posts, classes, events, or simply inspiration… you were looking for some level of support.

Today, I wanted to let you know, that the doors have opened for our most anticipated program, our 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7th Mastermind Team, that was created precisely, to give you that push.

I’ve seen some amazing things happen when entrepreneurs, who have a unique mindset, link up with other entrepreneurs who understand them, can relate to their day, and who can offer support, encouragement, and tools that work.

I created the group in 2012, this is my 7th team, and I lead the mastermind for 2 weeks teaching a strong curriculum of business lessons that I’ve learned over my 13.5 year business career. Each year, with each team, the lessons get deeper, more streamlined and efficient. I am honored each year, to lead entrepreneurs to

write books,
secure high level meetings & sponsorships
create business academies,
build national business tours,
build successful coaching practices
and paid speaking careers…

Technology has made it possible for me to reach you with support, your own private and online community , and the tools that you need to enhance, grow, and expand your business goals.

This Mastermind is FULL of Global Business, Strategic Marketing, Proposal Writing, Self-Publishing, Financial Planning, Business Development, Sales Funnels in ADDITION to a strong community of support and accountability partners.

Some of these decisions you are making… go into business, do it on the side, quit my job, write a book, how to pay the bills while I follow my passion, what are all of these other full-time business people doing, what am I not doing, how do I help people but not starve, where do I need to be, how do I find the time, why do I feel like I’m doing this all alone…..

Because, you are. But there’s no need to be.

I’ve opened the doors….Today, added new topics, new templates, a payment plan AND the first Mastermind Lesson FREE on next Thursday, July 7th.

To Register for the FREE Lesson, get ALL the details and see if my team is what you’ve been looking for click

{ 2WeekMastermind.com }

I read an article about Oprah a few years ago on how she had 4 coaches for different areas of her life and that even though SOOOOOO many consultants would offer her their services for FREE, daily, that she instead paid in full for her 4 coaches. 
Because she said that she wanted to “Own that time”.  
Meaning, she wanted the time that they worked with her to be hers and for their focus to be totally on her needs…….
As I flip through my notes and many of your emails, I get the question of either asking me to work for free ( I get very few of these now) or asking how to get people to stop asking you to work for free. 
Now, hear this, I do think that you need to get some strong client examples, testimonials and work in your portfolio- I DO think you should do that strategically, but this blog post is specifically for AFTER you’ve filled your portfolio with credible and good work. 
If you haven’t gotten any work under your belt yet, that should be your #1 priority.
Before you say that quick yes to working for free, or even get pressured or guilted into doing a free project- I want to help you understand why doing this is HIGHLY detrimental to your business. 
Reasons Working for Free is Killing Your Business
You can’t give the BEST service. We’ve all been in a situation where we absolutely knew we weren’t getting the best from someone else- be it a waiter, our stylist, etc. Then think about- if we’ve asked this person to give us the skills that they have to make a living…..for FREE.
When someone asks you to work for them for free- your mind, heart and your BEST work usually isn’t into to the project because some parts of you is 1. Resentful 2. Busy trying to find other work to make up for the work you are giving away for free. When Oprah said that she ” owns that time” that means that this professional has her appointment as a priority on her calendar, she has prepared for it, and she will deliver her best during their allotted time together.
Putting yourself in a position to not get your value, give you more work of finding a paying client to cover this one, and diluting your services to accommodate the few who aren’t truly ready to work with you ( financially) you do your business the BIGGEST disservice. 
You can’t hire help. At some point in your business, it can’t be just you working. You will hit a wall, you will stop growing and your limitations will be tested. This is usually the time that you need to rely on the skills and the help of someone else’s knowledge, expertise, or sometimes- just someone else’s day to run errands for you, help you clean etc. I see and meet many business owners who could make MASSIVE growth improvements if they could just be working on their business instead of cleaning their house 6 hours a week.
Let’s do the math…You are worth $250 an hour working, or $1000 per speaking engagement, or unlimited $$$ if you had the time to meet with a key check writer for BIGGER biz. But you’re at home cleaning the house- doing a $25 an hour job and losing roughly $225 every hour that you clean….. Let that sit with you. With my condo and now my house- it is an AWFUL use of my time to spend it cleaning, and at the end of the day- I would have a clean house and ZERO dollars….
When you let projects or your time go for free- THIS will be your life. Having to do everything, not being able to pay someone to clean your house, get your groceries, pay your coach or consultant, pay someone to run a few errands for you, or pay a virtual assistant to type up your contracts or presentations while you’re at meetings. CEOs, when you don’t charge- you can’t grow. Because you simply can’t afford to pay the people or create the team to help you grow. 
You can’t expand your business. Some of you are a coaching session, a conference or a business course away from experiencing success. So in addition to hiring help to do home or administrative tasks, you also can’t hire a coach to take your profits higher, or a producer to make your videos POP, or a makeup artists to make you look your best at your next engagement. Basically- you can’t invest to take yourself a step HIGHER.  In the beginning it is acceptable, admirable even to be a scrappy DIYer. Do everything yourself.
Then there’s that wall again. How do you get past it and make yourself stand out? How do you go a step higher? Is this the BEST that you can produce? How much does it cost to do your BEST? Finding out that is usually cost money to step it up- helps you to see now, what that one thing is that has been holding you back. It’s your invoice honey. You haven’t been using it enough 🙂 
You can’t help others. I like to say, that how can I help you if I’m broke? Doesn’t this make sense? If you truly want to help the world, give to organizations or causes you believe in or even to the people you love- YOU need to be ok. Your bills need to be paid. Your staff needs to be paid. Your business needs to be able to keep running.
I’m a SUPER give and I used to give to the point that I didn’t have the money to “re-up” or to keep my business going. Now who does this help? I might be able to help someone one time, but I couldn’t even help them in the future because I gave too much. Here is my rule, be it giving money, free speaking engagements, your time etc.
At the beginning of each year- decide how much you have to give….. Money ( put a dollar amount on it) Speaking ( quantify it- 3 free engagements? 4? ) or Time ( 2 hours a month? A quarter? You decide) Then when that allotment is done…. it’s DONE. And you should feel not one single shred of guilt about it. 
You devalue, disrespect and dilute your power. It happens sometimes by accident. But to purposely put yourself in a weaker position….. why do it? When you devalue or let someone else devalue your services…..they don’t respect it. I mean- they have nothing to lose and the only skin in the game is yours. 
A Little Help:
  • Understand your number #1 goal for pursuing this business.  Understand your financial goal and your milestone goal. Knowing, understanding and keeping these goals in front of you will help you to say a needed  “no” when you are asked to do something that goes again them. 
  • Be VERY clear on what you bring to the table AND be able to articulate it. Yep. It’s your job to tell the world not only what you do, but HOW you can help them. HUGE pitfall…..watching entrepreneurs throw out their shingle then wait for business to come. It simply won’t happen. You MUST learn how to consistently and strategically put yourself out there. A little help—> { See this video on how to put together your package }
  • Understand that you are sitting in a sea of other “professional” folks who do what you say you do. Find 2-3 ways to STANDOUT from your competition and put them in place. A little help–> { watch this webinar here for help }
  • Know that you MUST develop an ABOVE Average knowledge of marketing. Nope, you can’t avoid this area of your business. It is mandatory to understand how to get your message out there, on what platform, how to package it for that platform, how often to market, and how to measure and adjust the results. We are covering all of this starting July 6th { here 
With ALL of this said, I know that it can take a minute to get on your feet mentally and business wise, before you starting grabbing those clients that you want and you stop getting the urge to do it for free, or before you stop caving in to the ” exposure ” trap in lieu of payment….
I know this is a difficult place to be in and I can help you. I’ve been jotting down the top needs for months now and adding them in my planner. Now, I’ve taken those lessons and created a 2 week mastermind. The goal for me was to get the BIGGEST impact, in a short amount of time, with the MOST profitable results- so that you can get back to work! 
So Let’s….
Give you the room to do your BEST work by making sure you get paid  you your worth.
Put together a multi-channel marketing plan so that people know what you offer and why it matters.
Make you more money so that you can pay to get the help to grow your business-professionally.
Clearly understand what types of projects, calls and meetings deserve your time and get them on your agenda.
Let guilt and guilt trips roll off your back when you have to say no to a free project that doesn’t allow you to do your best work.
Let’s do all of this together, starting July 6th, from wherever you are in the world. Kicking off { HERE
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Money. Growth. Community.Connections. Mentorship


We all want it. But how to get it?


Do you know that absolutely no business, no matter how strong or intelligent its founder, can go about this entrepreneurial path alone?

Behind some of the strongest and most powerful businesses in the world, are teams of committed, like-minded professionals ready to give that needed introduction, who love to share resources and advice, who will support and promote other businesses along the way, and who truly understand that we can ALL be prosperous working together.

Finding or creating a team like that doesn’t just happen. It requires patience, focused effort, and a few bumps along the road.

We’ve taken that job away from you.

I’ve stayed up very late and worked for almost a year to take that task right off your plate.

We understand that sometimes it takes other’s input, energy, support and accountability to keep us focused on our goals. We are so very proud that our small group of mastermind members, me and our experts, seem to create a community of excellence amongst ourselves and drive growth, change, focus and the business development that our members needed.

I’ve combed the globe for some of the top experts and entrepreneurs in their field, choosing only those who above all else, are:

  • self-made and
  • have grossed at least a million in their business.

I mean, who better to lead and advise you than people who’ve built everything from scratch and who have proven business success?

I wanted experts there who built businesses against all odds, who worried about money, who had negativity and naysayers in their corner, who wondered when was the perfect time to leave their job and who beat the pavement to make the right connections.

 There is power in connecting with people in the trenches working on their businesses and growing. The Global Mastermind Circles provides this community for you.

 For this season, we’ve upgraded. As I always tell you, when you learn better, you do better. I’ve been studying, getting feedback and taking notes from our previous 3 teams- and they’ve done AWESOME things and made notable improvements in their businesses.

Now I want our 2014 teams to CRUSH their goals for the new year. I truly, do not want you shuffling around the same goals from this year into next year.

 We’ve gotten many questions about the Global Mastermind Circles, so I wanted to take a moment and breakdown the benefits of the team AND open the doors to ANY questions you have.

 Benefits at a Glance:

  • The mentoring you’ve been searching for
  • You own accountability partner assigned to you (NEW Benefit)
  • A weekly connect call to keep you on track (NEW Benefit)
  • A monthly “Skills Session” to get you up to date on the technology you need (NEW Benefit)
  • 6 Monthly, laser focused, private, virtual sessions with your team, the invited expert, and Kristi
  • And these Digital Member Tools ( ALL New Bonuses!)
    • Collaboration & Strategy eGuide
    • Ideal Client Profile Template
    • Strategic Marketing Action Guide
    • Productivity & Focus Action Guide
    • Group Reading List


Everyone on the team gets focused attention paid to their businesses and obstacles, as such, we have a limit to the teams so that ALL members get the time that they need.

The doors to the Global Mastermind Teams closes on January 6, but if our teams fill up before then, we will close the doors to insure the quality of our members. So, if you’re on the fence, now is the time to make that decision. A few more important notes: 

  • This is a Virtual Team, so you can join from anywhere in the world
  • You can pay in 2 payments
  • You will be signing a non-compete and so will your team members, so everyone’s business and ideas are protected

To learn more details, meet you 2014 Mastermind Experts, get started and secure your space, click the “Join Now” button below, or email mastermind@womenceoproject.com with any questions.



We look forward to working with your business in 2014!


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Ready for 2014 ?


Starting or growing a business, breeds feelings of overwhelm… Which idea to follow first? What technology to use? Where to spend my limited funds? Where can I find an experienced mentor?

Although your family and friends love you, if they’ve never started or tried to grow a business, they can’t quite understand what you’re going through or offer useful advice. 

That’s where your team comes in. 

Technology has made it possible and more cost effective to gather some of the best minds in the world in one place for the goal of group success. 

We’ve leveraged technology in that way to create a POWERFUL team of Ambitious Entrepreneurs mixed with seasoned Experts in a private virtual community to gather a TON of advice and skills and build strategic collaborations. 

We meet, hash it out, get you the tools you need and build you up.

Today, we open the doors to our 4th group of Global Mastermind Circle Team Members. 

Our previous formula seemed to work- our guidance through the mastermind teams has produced some POWERFUL successes including:

    • Publishing Book(s)  
    • Gaining Corporate Sponsorships
    • Development of a Body Products Line
    • Creation of a NEW Business, where there was none
    • The Launching of a Training Academy
    • and The Creation of an Ecommerce site for Entrepreneurs all over the World

And if you can believe it, those are just a few examples from our first team.

But now, we’ve upgraded. 

For the 2014 Teams, we’ve introduced these NEW Things: 

  • New Expert Entrepreneurs that in addition to giving you advice about your current obstacle, they will each teach a ” Skills Lesson “  at each Mastermind Session
  • We’ve added Accountability Partners. Yep, each an every member gets an assigned partner. You not only get the support of the entire team, but you now have a person you’re partnered with to make sure each of you reaches your goals. Feeling antsy or want to quit….call your accountability partner. 
  • We’ve included 5 Additional Home Study Documents in the areas of Collaboration, Strategy and Business Development On & Offline , to keep you Fresh, Innovative and up on the latest Technology and Strategy Techniques.
  • We’ve introduced a new payment plan to help you.
  • Lastly, each session is focused on a different segment of your business including 
  • Innovative Business Creation
  • Business Strategy & Development
  • Productivity & Laser Focus
  • Sales Mastery
  • High-Level Money Negotiations
  • Branding & Marketing in a Digital World

 We upgraded eh? 

Our previous members stated that joining the Global Mastermind Circles was the key factor in helping them achieve business success.  You can read a few testimonials here.  

We added more, got feedback, and filled our upcoming mastermind agendas to create the most perfect environment and opportunity to help you reach your goals in 2014. We’re ready, are you?


Get focused. Get accountability. Don’t start 2015 with 2014 Goals. 

Get them done NOW!