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A Best Selling Planner Create Uniquely for Modern Entrepreneurs..

Master Strategy Planner

Hesitation is the enemy of hustle.
While you’re still analyzing, getting permission, a consensus from your friends or wishing to see the outcome before you take the first step, we out here making moves.
You could be too.

9 Chapters👉🏾16 Planners & Templates included
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A Day in the Life....

A Day in the Life of an International Speaker : the United Kingdom Edition

People usually see only the finished product- the polished video, your awards and accolades.
No one sees you walking in the rain, cold, taking trains, suffering the worst case of jet lag ( over 33 hours awake) or what it can take to get hired, and to try and get your message and your thoughts across to an audience.
Then, to do it globally.
My last trip to London on May 28th was my most special.
I put out into the atmosphere last year that wanted to speak at an Ivy League school not knowing where or when that affirmation would come.
It came this year.
I’m really honored to have spoken at Cambridge University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world.
This short clip is the day of speaking, getting up at 4am, having to take an hour and 1/2 train, and travel in the elements…I decided to take you along with me.
I didn’t record Ghana, or South Africa from this year, but I hope this gives you a small glimpse of that travel entrepreneur life you’ve been thinking of reaching for 🙂

To see all of my speaking reels, go to 






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Are you ready to build your DREAM TEAM for 2016? Well, Women CEO Project wants to help you out starting with the wealth of talent we have here in Houston. We are highlighting our top 10 favorites in their respective fields. We’ll be rolling out different lists from various industries over the next few days and first up,

Top 10 Social Media Creatives

  1. Gabrielle Deculus

– Founder of Business Rules for Women, Development Director at Habitat for Humanity

Gabrielle Deculus Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Basya

-Artist. Creative thing. Chief harvester Pinkcilantro

Basya Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Madalyn Sklar

-Twitter Marketing Expert.

Madalyn Sklar Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Ashley Small

-Digital PR Strategist & President of Medley Incorporated

Ashley Small Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Kami Huyse

-Speaker. Founder and CEO of ZoeticaMedia

Kami Huyse

  1. Aimee Woodall

-President and Founder of The Black Sheep Agency

Aimee Woodall Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Portia Chandler

-Founder of Creative Marketing Agency Portia Chandler

Portia Chandler


  1. Fayza

-Writer. Speaker. Digital Strategist.

Fayza Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Deun Ivory

-Photographer. Art Teacher. Illustrator. Writer.

Deun Ivory Houston Behind the Grind

  1. Unique James

-Producer. Photographer. Founder of the full service production company, Compozition.

Unique James Houston Behind the Grind


*The list is not in any particular order of importance. Each person was found based on a search through various social media platforms. Think we missed someone? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to let us know. The more the merrier!


slides pic- London LiveStream
Are you curious why soooooo many CEOs are walking around talking about #TANDEM ? Well, here is your chance to find out.
Many of you joined us from ALL over the world and we were able to TOTALLY break down 4 Major areas of your business that were giving a lot of you trouble and holding back your growth, your money, and that business idea that’s been on your to do list for years.
We also broke down your Money, Your Projects, the Types of Calls that should get your time too!
So below, is the Replay Link, the Slides, a Strategy Planner Spreadsheet AND a Digital Strategy Download for your purse!

{ Business Strategy Video Replay } 

thumbnail London Lifestream

{ Webinar Slides! }

slides pic- London LiveStream

{ Strategy Planner Spreadsheet } 

pic 14 day strategy planner

{ Strategy Planner Worksheets }

Day 1-7 Strategy PlannerDay 8-14 strategy planner


Good Morning CEOs! Last month, I was asked to give a talk on Vision, having a POWERFUL Vision and Seeing it Before you See it….

I gave 4 MAJOR Tips on what to do and a little background on what my life looked like before I could see it.

I hope you enjoy and it serves as some pretty POWERFUL inspiration for your Monday.

Kick AZZ this week CEOs!



Grand Opening Invitation

You are cordially invited to the VIP Grand Opening of the New Women CEO Project Headquarters, Business and Events Center.

This will be a night of pure celebration as we not only open the doors to our new space but as we turn the corner into a new company structure ready to grow the woman in business into a global brand.

There will be refreshments, giveaways, and discounts ONLY to those in attendance and your

RSVP is Mandatory by Oct 8th

to attend.

There will also be a separate VIP reception invitation ( Oct 11th 6-7pm Client Appreciation Reception before regular opening) sent to current Women CEO Project clients

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. We are MORE than excited to share this journey with you.






pick my brain

CEOs, I’m often asked if I’m free for lunch or coffee to answer a few questions, if I could shed light on a particular topic, or to “pick my brain” on a burning question.

As I grow Women CEO Project deeper into the United States and other corners of the world, me and my lil virtual team of help are pretty stretched to say the least.

So I wanted to point out the many ways in which you can actually “pick my brain” and probably get your question answered immediately.

Here are a few ways that you can have access to me, arranged from least expensive to the most and from immediate accessibility to scheduled.

  1. Check out and subscribe to my blog posts. These are some of the BEST content-filled posts that I create to offer our audience and I post tons of information, tools, tips and lessons on a regular basis. The BEST place I suggest you get started is by going to the resource page here.

  2. New to the Women CEO Project family of products is our HIGH energy and content filled podcast available to you on iTunes. Here I, and sometimes a guest, tackle the pros and cons of growing a business, the lessons learned and the new tips, tools and technology available to help you get past your fear, start thinking strategically, and start creating your own opportunities. To start listening to the Women CEO Project podcast, click here.

  3. Read past issues of Power Culture Mag. This magazine is PACKED with information from women entrepreneurs who delivered up close and personal business truth. No teaching from the podium, these interviews are real. They are some of the BEST business lessons I’ve personally learned and shared with our audience. I often refer back to a past article to answer a current question, so to see if one of your questions has a detailed and real world answer already written, go here.

  4. Grab one of my eGuides. I totally pour out every ounce of knowledge I have on a particular subject into these guides. They are easy to read, to follow, and offer MANY additional tips, tools, articles, and resources. To check out all of our current guides, go here.

  5. Come to one of our live or virtual events and trainings. You can always keep up with Women CEO Project events by subscribing here and by keeping an eye on our event page here.

  6. Become a student in my signature course, The Creator’s Blueprint, where I take you step-by-step through a 6 module online course and offer you 12 additional digital action guides, templates and checklists. This is the MOST comprehensive course to get those awesome ideas out of your head and start creating your own products, services and events. Get more info here.

  7. Become a member of our next Global Mastermind Circles team. We host 2 teams of entrepreneurs per year who are exposed to proven experts and facilitated by me personally. Members get access to experts advice and my own, get peer-to-peer mentoring, high-level brainstorming, and a personal accountability partner. To learn more about the Global Mastermind Circles and get on the waitlist for the next team, go here.

  8. Book me as a speaker. I’ve spoken for large audiences and small, including the Nigerian Women’s Empowerment Association, Microsoft, Dress for Success and Texas Women’s University. I am the speaker to call for a clear, concise, innovative, and honest business message delivered professionally. For my specific speaking topics and rates, click here.

  9. Let’s work together to build you a custom strategy plan, gain clarity in your business, or refine and channel your talents into tangible products through a private consultation with me. Some of my past clients include Chase Bank Corporate, IBM, Urban League, an International President AND ambitious, bad azz small businesses who are just starting out. To get more information about private business consulting with me, click here.

Plenty of options for you to pick my brain whether I’m flying coast to coast or sitting in front of my desk. Many options are accessed virtually which gives you immediate access!

If you have a question, a suggestion, or would like to bundle a few options, email me here.




Kristi Headshot2

It’s our nature to want to help everyone. It’s natural and as women, we’re more prone to be givers and nurturers. This tendency, however, great for our lives, can be totally detrimental and a liability for our businesses.

I had 2 sessions yesterday, one with my coach, one with my mentor and as we always measure and analyze, then set goals, then launch, then analyze again, we’ve come up with some trends.

And I must be honest, their pointing it out, wasn’t my first recognition of some inconsistencies…..

Women CEO Project is a business and is built on helping other business women who want to go.

Go where you ask?

Go towards a detailed goal, then blaze right past it.

I understand that women are the trend, we were the trend last year, we are the trend this year, we’re leaning in, and by all measurements, we will again be the trend next year. For many of us, just being a part of the women in business conversation is enough, it’s comforting. Yet, we are perfectly ready to stay in the same place and simply talk about the movement and be involved with the movement, but not if any of it means a change in lifestyle, or serious, focused time investment required, or holding ourselves to the fire to actually build something that makes a profit.

I understand. There have been times where I didn’t get serious, until I got broke. But alas, that was many, many moons ago, and not the foundations of this company.

As I tell you often, just because someone has a need, or ask certain things of you, doesn’t mean you should bend your vision to meet it. You should be kind, help, advise and consult if it is your purpose, but if not, be honest, tell them, and steer them in the best direction you can.

I post my frustrations not against you, but with you, because I see better for you. I have pulled many of you up because you needed it, but only to realize, you didn’t really want it for yourself. I felt it was my job- to help EVERYONE. But I do have bottom. The unlimited amount of energy I put into pulling some of us along does drain- not for those of you who are actively making changes and investing in yourself, but for those of you, who, whenever I post, you are just coming from a rut, you ALWAYS need someone else’s motivation or energy to be poured into you, and simply won’t make the sacrifice to actually cause serious changes in your own business.

Well, we’ve made some changes. Some pretty serious ones. Although it pains me to know, many of you will leave, I do understand. I understand I must be true to who I am, my goals for my business, for Women CEO Project, and to myself.  

The “sit still and talk about it” situation has truly ended. I love, like and care for many of you, but have finally figured out, that, all of you can’t go. And for some of you, you truly, deep down inside… don’t want to go.

But for those of you who want to, for the few of you who are truly ready to not just hack at this business thing, but to aim for being in Inc Magazine, to become a multi-millionaire, to be in circles where no one asks for the event price, because they immediately know the value, to be in environments where you are not constantly asked nor do you ask for a hookup, free advice, or an investment of someone else’s time, yet not your own….for those of you ready to experience something new with me…. let’s go!

I understand that everyone isn’t trying to roll at that level. They don’t want to be BIG, they don’t want to become a millionaire, they just want to be comfortable. I was not a quick learner to this, it took me a while, and I got it. But Women CEO Project is built and is growing in some directions to satisfy the woman who IS looking to go BIG.

Knowing that we are liked, knowing that we are loved, and that we move you- it moves us, but, because we are a business we have to move forward with what makes and keeps us profitable in addition to fulfilling our clients creation, innovation and strategic needs.

Again, I know Women CEO Project will reduce, reduce plenty. I have come to terms with that and understand that it is for our best. I want to be able to truly offer the few of you that remain, something that feeds not only the popular conversation, not just a “women’s empowerment slot”, not just the feeling of comfort, or the popular conversation, but to get fully, deeply, totally committed and entrenched in the actual movements of progression and for some of us, success.