Sold my brain....

( the pictures are from 2 of my platforms that I use to collect payments-so add them ( Paypal & Selz Jan Paypal Sales Jan 1, 20181st ) Selz Jan 1st

Yes, I Sold My Brain for $9738.41 within 24 Hours…..Well, some of my brain that is. On Jan 1 through Jan 2nd for 24 hours, I hosted a sale on some of my top and most sought after content-based digital products and action plans.

There are some really powerful lessons to be learned from this sale-and I’ll break them down for you.

You’re in business or an aspiring business owner if you’re reading the Women CEO Project blog, but you just may be one of the many business owners ( specifically women ) who has trouble with a. Asking for the sale b. Asking for your worth C. Being seen as a salesperson or a person who needs and wants business.

All of these are problems and detrimental to your business. I mean, if you don’t want to be seen as a business owner who has products and services to sell, then why are we here?

Another big problem, is that you don’t have anything to sell or you’re not confident in what you have to offer. This is a BIG hindrance to being in business and it has a lot to do with you being fearful. I mean-How can you be in business if there  is nothing for sale, no way to pay you and you have no offers? How can you say you want to make xxx amount of dollars for the year and there isn’t much to buy on your site? How can you say you want to be successful if all you have to offer costs about $12 and you’re scared to even market that?

Ok, let’s fix it.

You need content. You need products. You need a way to service your clients without you having to always be present. Let me give you a few tips:

  1. Research your audience. Just because you want to create something does not mean that A. Your audience wants it. B. Your audience needs it. C. Your audience would be willing to pay for it. So, you must research. I know you are wondering “how” just how Kristi do I know what my audience wants? The very first thing that you need to do-and also IMG_0982 (1)one of the mo

    1. Ask a question and poll your audience on an Instagram Story. Instagram has gotten fancy. You can not only poll your audience, you can see EXACTLY who voted what. So, after you see who voted, can’t you connect with them further via DM?

    2. Ask a poll question on Facebook and/or Twitter. Each of these social media platforms allows you to ask a questions and get answers withIMG_0984out paying a dime. My favorite is Twitter. You can host a poll for up to 7 days, pin it to your profile and get feedback. The only thing is-you cannot see who voted what- but you can surely get a consensus from your audience and even passerbys.

    3. Send an email to your database. Simply ask them. What do they want, what do they need, what are they having the most trouble with, what product of yours do they like the most and what would they add to it?

  2. Package Up Your Knowledge. I know you’ve seen this before and you may still be holding back from putting your thoughts, experiences, and skills out there. There is some fear in this. Once you put yourself out there as a teacher, expert, etc. you open yourself to someone trying to counter your base of knowledge. Now, as a Master lever educated business consultant ( MBA ) you’d think I’d never get the counter opinions right? Wrong! What I can tell you, is that there will always be opinions on what you should be doing, teaching and charging for AND if you let this hold you back from creating and building products based off your knowledge-you will NEVER build a thing. Especially not a business.

    1. What do you want to teach your audience?

    2. What do you want them to learn?

Start with these 2 major questions and get to creating products that help take your clients from point A to point B.

  1. Understand Your Goal for Your Content. If you are creating just to create-this is an AWESOME exercise to help you waste time and possibly money in addition to making your frustrated. We’ve all done it-created products that no one wanted. Or, we’ve creating a product with absolutely no sales or marketing goal for the product. We were determined to create an ebook on xxx without putting in the research or finding out from our audience if they even wanted or could use xxx. So, it’s important to understand the reason you care creating this content AND what you want the content to do for your business.

Are you creating the content to give folks an entry into a subject, or to give them the pre-work to working with you? What do you want them to do with the content? Where are you trying to lead them once they finish with this content? Some of the Women CEO Project products are to lead into a deeper, more detailed product. It’s important to set some solid goals for creating your products. So, before you start typing or writing or hiring a designer, determine 3-4 goals for each product that you want to create for your audience. This will save you TONS of time and heartache and give you direction to your product.

So these 3 tips are a start to get you on the right path when you are creating your content. But there’s more and I’m working with about 50 of you via an Online Class ( Webinar ) on Jan 30th from 7-9pm.

During this webinar, I will walk you through the:

Creation process

Pricing Strategy

Marketing Action Steps

Systems & Hosting Platforms

To join us in this Online Class and learn more, Click HERE  and we will plan this out together!

Good Luck CEOs!

Everyday Women CEO makes money... here's how

Everyday, Women CEO Project makes money.

This wasn’t always the case.
When I was invited to Google Headquarters in 2013, I met a really successful entrepreneur, who told me 2 key lessons he’d learned:
1. Try to stay in business long enough to learn exactly “how” to do your business successfully.
2. The most successful businesses make money every single day.
I took those lessons to heart, but it still was a while before I knew exactly how to create that reality in Women CEO Project.
So, here’s what I can tell you…. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST CREATE.
You must create. If you were to go into Target and there were nothing on the shelves, it’d be pretty hard for them to make some sales or to even have a good day.
You, as a business owner, you must create.
Create products. Create services. Create programs. CREATE.
I started creating when I left Google in 2013. I had a few products that I was marketing horribly, but I was slow ( insecure ) with creating.
You want your business alive. You want it to grow. You want to be around long enough to learn how to build systems and what you want those systems to do in your business-and this takes time.
You’ve heard it before. You’ve heard me say it before-you can absolutely package up your knowledge and sell it.
You have MULTIPLE options when deciding what to create for your business and how to deliver this product.
Digital Products
I’m in love with digital products. They were my first creations AND they typically costs less to create. These can be your entry into creation. Some of our digital products are our BEST Sellers and they can be easily consumed by our clients quickly. They also have no location boundaries. So, these digital products are able to reach our clients who don’t reside in the United States and who don’t have easy access to bookstores.
Sitting down to write an ebook, a guide, a checklist- it can be done tonight and start to add to your bottom line within this week.
Here are some very important creation questions to ask yourself:
What subject matter do you want to be known for teaching?
What lessons do you want to make sure that you audience understands?
Do you need to do more research on these lessons to develop your content?
What do you want you audience to leave you knowing how to do?
What type of benefit will your product add to your customer’s bottom line or life?
What do you want them to do after experiencing your product ( what do you want their next step to be )
We launched our first book December 2015 and the second book in April of 2016. They were 2 of the best ideas of the year and WAY overdue. Writing a book isn’t as hard as you may think-it IS a process that I totally breakdown here. But, it can be done, and it can be a massive add to your business all while bringing in money daily. That is, if you market it well, right and within the right audiences. Again, you can get help with the marketing of your book ( the most important part of the book writing process ) here.
When you really have some time and want to get multiples lessons across-consider creating a course. When I am trying to teach something a bit heavier-I’ve put it into a course, and these courses were able to guide my clients through a pace that they were comfortable with. Also, I was able to deliver a lot of info at once without them having to buy more products. Courses can be staples in your business-like our top strategy online course. Then your job just becomes, making sure that you market it ( along with your other products) on a consistent basis.
These are just 3 products that you can create. In our ReThink Strategy Course ( online course ) we give some worksheets AND guidance on over 25 MORE products that you can create.
Remember this:
You don’t need permission to start creating. If you feel like you need permission, let me give it to you now. Start creating.
You don’t need to be an expert to create something and start helping people. You just need to have some knowledge that can help take people from point A to B and package it up in a deliverable way.
To get more help, join me for the next week and a half as I teach a 3 part Webinar Series on:
Creating Your Product ( May 31st 7-9pm CT ) 
Creating a Database ( June 1st 7-9pm CT ) 
Creating an Automated System for Your Product ( June 4th 7-9pm CT ) 
You can register for the May 31st webinar here or the Bundle of ALL 3 webinars here. 
first ebook

Gearing up to write that first ebook was pretty daunting for me. I was dealing with the fear of it being “wrong” and all the while, wondering who in the world would read and respect my ebook. It was my business consultant’s idea- she thought it a shame that I was producing so much content, yet I was not leveraging that content in a way that would:

  • market my business

  • position me as an expert

  • make some passive income

  • brand me as an thought leader

  • get me attention and possibly speaking engagements and clients

Yep, I had all of that sitting at my fingertips and she wasn’t shy about staying on my case about creating a book. Once I did create my first ebook and saw how many times it was downloaded- my lil DIY project… it opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating my own bodies of knowledge to do its digital work of grabbing me leads and clients. Now I absolutely love putting together an ebook for my audience and have created a simple system and an online product to help you do it.

I’ve stressed the utter importance of creating for your own business, but today, for you who may feel that it’s just too big of a task, I want to break down how to write your first ebook in this step-by-step guide.

  1. Brainstorm ideas about a topic.

    1. Think like this, “ What do I want to teach my audience ?” and “ What can I create that is highly useful?”

    2. Has your subject been done? No problem if it has, but brainstorm ways that you can make it better and make the ebook “your own”.

    3. Is your audience interested in the topic? Is it a topic that they ask you many questions on throughout the year?

    4. Is it a topic that can fit into the FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions) Yes, you can build an ebook around frequently asked questions in your industry or niche.

    5. Is it a topic that can fit into the SAQs ( Should Ask Questions) Yep, you bet, you can write an ebook around a topic that your audience should ask about but maybe they don’t know the exact questions they should be asking. Sitting with my accountant for only 10 minutes conjures up many should ask books that she can write. I don’t know what to ask, until she brings up a subject that I am totally clueless on.

    6. Start getting familiar with publishing platforms. There are several different ways to publish your ebook and I suggest you do a quick Google search for “ebook publishing platforms” and spend some time going through your options. Also, depending on which publishing platform you pick will determine the cost to your total ebook creation and launch.
      how to publish and ebook photo

  2. Create an outline ( just the topics and headlines for now) You do not have to know everything upfront. You will probably change photos, chapter titles, move chapters around, or scrap some altogether. Creating an outline, just helps to keep you organized and it also helps you to not feel overwhelmed.

    1. Determine any links you want to include ( any of your products, affiliate products, events, blog posts, or websites you want to mention in the ebook) Add them to the chapter outline.

    2. Determine what photos you want to use in the ebook and start finding and filing them.

    3. Come up with chapter titles

      1. then what sections within each chapter

      2. then possible products, programs and events for each chapter

    4. TIP: Mindmaps are really good for the creating an outline or you can just use Google Docs


  1. Write dump each chapter one at a time. Meaning, DO NOT EDIT right now. Tame your fingers to do no backspacing, no corrections, no fixings right now. This is one piece of Best Selling Author Terry McMillian’s writing advice. You will kill your creativity if you keep interrupting your flow. One of our BEST Selling eBooksPresent, Promote & Sell Yourself as an Expert” was written ALL in one night. That’s right, one night after a conference by myself in Dallas, I sat by the fire, the concierge kept bringing me cookies and milk ( I kid you not) and I wrote and wrote, and did not correct a thing. This book was pretty detailed, but had I stopped myself to edit or fact check, I’d still be trying to finish it. So JUST WRITE!

    1. Side note, I like to use Google Docs to write ebooks because if your computer drops, you forget to save, anything happens at all, your work is saved.

  2. Go to sleep. Yep. I include this step now. I have found that sleeping after you finish your work is the best way to find mistakes and make good changes to your ebook… in the morning. If you try to do it all in one sitting, you will miss several mistakes as your eyes will easily glaze over them.

  3. First edit and add in your details. After you’ve written your first draft and slept on it, now you want to go back in and make corrections. You will see glaring errors since you now have fresh eyes. This is also the time where you want to drop in all those websites, events, books, resources etc. that you want in the ebook from your outline. I would double check each link again just in case.

  4. Source a team to help you make your book a winner, because no matter how good your information is, competition is high and no one will take your ebook seriously, download it and definitely not pay for it, if it isn’t well designed and laid out. A couple of resources to create a team for your product is,

    1. Elance is where I find TONS of designers. I like that the site protects me if there is a disagreement, and I can post my job with my budget and requirements and get designers to bid on it. Then I go in and pick the designer I want to work it. Simple as that. Two jobs that you want to consider to complete your ebook are a

      1. Designer and

      2. Editor. The editor makes sure that your content is flowing properly, things are spelled correctly and that your writing voice sounds consistent. Many people have asked me if they can skip this step ie. DIY or get it done on Fiverr, and I’ve done both. Both times, I regretted it. The DIY route and the cheap route cost me more in the long run, and had to be done over. I suggest to budget for a range of ( $75-$170 ) for the cover design and layout of your ebook ( make sure to put in your job description that you want both done. If you don’t, they will think that budget is just for the cover, )  and $100- $150 for the editing ( this price highly depends on the number of pages. If you have over 60 pages, plan to spend more for editing and for designing)

      3. TIP 1: Source your own photos on these free places like Compfight, Google “Royalty Free Photos” OR ask the designer if they already have an account at a stock photo site. They ALWAYS do, meaning, they have a monthly membership where their price doesn’t change no matter how many photos they download. If you don’t ask for this, they may try to charge you for the photos that they are getting for free. Just a tip to save you money. I give more tips like this in this FREE Video Series, click tab 3 Creating the Dream Team AND download a free toolkit here to get all the tips to deal with designers and freelancers successfully.

      4. TIP 2: Ask your designer to give you a jpeg copy of your cover. You will use this photo over and over, and over and you cannot upload a PDF to many publishing platforms or main social media platforms.

    2. Fiverr. It’s $5 per project and you can get some decent work done here. I would suggest Elance as your top choice, but if you are really, really strapped for cash, there is always Fiverr and tons of magic can happen there.

  5. Shoot your book off to be edited. While your team is designing and editing your product, this is the time for you to create a Marketing Plan! You have so many options here including this ALL things marketing resource guide, but the first thing to do is to determine where your client is hanging out? The people you want to get this ebook, where do they go for this type of info? Start there and don’t be afraid to go to a few different platforms to market your product. For example, a simple plan could be something like this:

    1. Pick 3 Social Media Platforms to share my new ebook like

      1. Facebook, because of sheer numbers, no matter where you audience hangs out, many of them will be on Facebook.

      2. Pinterest ( develop a Pinterest board around your book subject, its topics and link to buy)

      3. Video ( this is a great way to create interest in your book and share info/inks to buy)

    2. Develop an interview schedule with this in mind,” Who has my audience? How can this book benefit their audience?” Then develop a pitch ( lovely win/win benefits filled email or phone call) and aim to schedule 5-8 interviews minimum.

    3. Create a blog post series around your ebook. This can start before it drops to get your audience ready or you can start it the day your ebook launches. In the blog series, you can share topics that you are including, or ask for feedback on topics you plan to include.

    4. In the same tone, you can create a video series discussing each chapter or the first 3 chapters, or the first chapter ( you see the point) or simply about your new ebook and make sure to give TOTAL details on how to get to more videos or blog posts in the series and definitely the link to purchase or download the ebook.

    5. Consider selling your ebook on Gumroad. I have found this tool to be ABSOLUTELY wonderful for selling digital items. We have a MASSIVE List of digital tools that can help you in several areas of your business in this ebook, Think BIG, Startup Small: The #1 Webtools List for Entrepreneurs, which of course, is hosted on Gumroadgumroad

    6. Create a hangout ( free Google Plus hangout) or Virtual Chat ) around the launch of your ebook. Make sure that if you do all of this, that you have put in the work. Make sure that you have a WONDERFUL cover, your ebook is edited as best as it can be, and all links are working.

    7. Create a Twitter program. We create Twitter programs for ALL products, services and events. Twitter is just an awesome way to get your news out there quickly and it can trend if it’s interesting enough. We start creating our campaign by looking through what we consider to be some of the best tweets out there- a little Twitter research/brainstorm time, then I come up with our tweets including links, hashtags, and dates, etc.

    8. Consider selling or sharing your ebook on Amazon, eJunkie and many other sites that hosts digital products or publishing platforms ( I list many of the best ones in thePresent, Promote ebook I mentioned earlier)Present Promote_200413_Flat

  1. Editing, Scheduling, Getting your Ducks in a Row! So now is the time for final editing of your ebook. Yes, even if you hired an editor, you need to look through your book more. They may have made mistakes or made changes that you don’t agree with, also the designer may not have understood something and there is an error. Also, this is the time to check all of your links. One of our ebooks has over 400 tools and links, and it took forever to check behind the designer, but I am SO glad that I did. Several of them were not working, were going to dead pages etc. The final product is ultimately your job.

    1. This is the time that you want to

      1. schedule all of your marketing efforts

      2. double check your interview appointments ( always double check)

      3. get all your design work together and schedule this too

      4. get your blog posts and videos written, recorded, edited, together, and scheduled

  2. Then LAUNCH!! Yep, this is the step that many people don’t get to, but we have absolutely no idea if our ebook will sell, will be received well or present us in the way we want to be presented. You  MUST put it out there to find out where you can improve and what you will do next. Important side note: You will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS find a mistake or two afterwards. After editing, and editing, and editing, I always find 1 or 2 or 4 in our Power Culture Mag, but guess what? Over 400,000 women ( and men) still find the digital magazine quite useful and worth downloading. So, we’ll just make a commitment to improve along the way.

  3. Review, Revise and re-Launch! This is another step that gets entrepreneurs down… The numbers aren’t what we expected, so we quit. Or, we didn’t have a way to measure the numbers and we have no idea how we did. I suggest using Gumroad as mentioned before, because you can see, daily, how many people are reviewing, buying or looking at your book. Also, if you host your ebook launch on a separate page on your blog, you can add free Google Analytics to the page and totally measure EVERYTHING. I have a highly useful post here on how to use some of Google’s free tools for your biz. But the key is to measure, review your results, make changes where needed and launch again!


So there you have it. This ultra long post WILL get your first ebook done, marketed and launched! Ohh and as I mentioned above, here is our first ebook. It wasn’t the best, it was done on my computer, yet it’s gotten over 10k downloads, sooooo the moral is to START!


If you feel you need extra hand holding through the ebook creation process or to create another type of information product for your business, I have 2 options to share with you, this is more personalized hand holding and this is a work at your own pace at 2 am if you want to hand holding… your choice.

Good luck and when you finish your first ebook, please drop the link for us in the comments!


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