Marketing 101 Class Aug 20th
I lost money I didn’t have creating marketing plans that didn’t work.
I was moving really fast in the wrong places and not being authentic with my message.
I couldn’t do video because I hated my Louisiana twang. I couldn’t take new photos because I hadn’t lost that last 15 pounds.
All the while, I’m missing out on potential clients, not getting engagement on social media, no one signing up to my email list and drip drop of coaching clients-with a consistency I couldn’t depend on.
Then, I decided to dig deep and use some of that marketing knowledge that I had. In addition, I started to read every single marketing book I could get my hands on.
The result…. I created a social media campaign that got me to the White House. I got myself on the marketing team of an international presidential campaign for 3 months, created a national conference for a fortune 100 company, and I pulled a 6-figure contract to teach banker marketing and business development in another country.
Me. Kristi. With my lil Macbook, MBA and as confident an attitude as I could muster up.
All from leveraging those same tools that we typically ignore.
It’s too much out there. Every day I wake up-it feels like there’s a new marketing tool or social medium platform that you just MUST be on to be successful and it’s gets exhausting.
For my private coaching clients- I walk them through creating a Multi-Channel and Multi-Platform Marketing Plan. It’ our 3rd session together. We break it down,
Where they should be
Where their clients are
Who they should connect with
How they can kill many birds with one stone ( efficiency )
How they can save money and where they need to spend
How to bank the hell out of the free stuff including social media and video
For this first time- I’m going to teach this outside of private coaching.
On August 20th I’m teaching ” How to Create a Strategic Marketing Plan” via webinar from 7-9pm Central.
This webinar is pretty packed- you will be learning the entire 2 hours AND it includes the Strategic Marketing Execution Plan ( a $39.99 product )
So that I have time to answer the rush of questions that typically come with creating marketing plans- I’m keeping this class to 25 attendees.
So, as of RIGHT NOW, this class is open. No, there won’t be a replay- this will be a one day type of class, an intensive.
Plan to come with your notebook, your questions and a mind set on winning.
The webinar is $119 and this includes your Strategic Marketing Execution Plan. See you on the 20th.

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Business Bundle 3

As requested, we’ve put together some of our BEST products into Business Bundles of products that can be BEST used together!!

So, here are the bundles AND the description of each product below!

Present, Promote & Sell Yourself as an Expert and the ReThink Strategy Guide ( regular is $158 together ) Bundle $115 Here 

Self-Publishing Execution Plan & the Strategic Marketing Execution Plan ( regular $79.98 together ) Bundle $50 Here

Think Big. Startup Small & the Master Strategy Planner ( regular $54.98 together ) Bundle $40 Here

Self-Publishing & Strategic Marketing Execution Plans & ReThink Strategy Guide ( regular $178.98 together ) $135 Here


ALL items are digital and ALL items can be purchased individually in our store here 




Present, Promote and Sell Yourself as an Expert is a 44 Page eGuide with over 200 links on just “How” to create your brand, your platform, and products to present you an expert in your industry-EVEN as a beginner. There are many additional resources, articles, templates, scripts and video lessons embedded within this eGuide.




Self-Publishing Execution Plan. This is one of our BEST Sellers with 39 pages that are laser focused on teaching you how to take that idea from your head to a plan, a book, then actually launched with a focus on your goals, profits and reaching your ideal reader. Screenshots, book budgeting spreadsheets, marketing planner and tips included.

This execution plan shows you Step-by-Step, how to Write, Self-Publish and Profit from your words, your lessons, your story or your knowledge.


Strategic Marketing Execution Plan. Nothing happens until you market it properly AND in front of the right customer. This 31 page digital execution plan brings you through the steps of understanding your goal for your projects THEN how to create a multi-channel marketing plan utilizing multiple platforms and modern strategies.


Marketing Execution Plan by Women CEO Project
Marketing Execution Plan by Women CEO Project


Think Big Startup Small

Think BIG. Startup Small. A 57 page comprehensive eguide on free to low cost online tools and included case studies for the modern entrepreneurs.




RT ebook-cover

ReThink Strategy Guide… This 84 is the deep dive into business strategy with full text, examples, embedded scripts and over 200 additional links, articles and videos. This entire guide was created to help you understand business strategy AND give you action steps to implement into your business TODAY.


Master Strategy Planner ( the digital version ). This 92 page book is our BEST seller with 9 chapters, 16 templates and step-by-step guidance on how to build a solid and strategic foundation in your business.


Master Strategy Planner
9 Chapters, 16 Templates on Building Key Business Foundations and Strategies