Since Dec. 4, 2015, OVER 14,000 Entrepreneurs all over the world have taken this FREE Goal Setting Pro Course!
It’s Dec 2nd, we have just a few days left before the New Year, I’ve made some changes to the Course and made it even better!
BUT, this year, I am going to join you in taking the course for our December Biz Series!
For the month of December, we will go through the goal setting course together, you will get a fresh email from me daily with details on how to work through the lessons plus added info & videos, we will meet online for a LIVE Q & A on Tuesday ( Dec 6th) AND on Sunday (Dec 11th)
Our December Biz Series Agenda :
Dec 2-11th We work through the Goal Setting Course Together
Dec 6th We have a LIVE Call so YOU can ask questions
Dec 11th We finish the course and have our last LIVE Q & A
Dec 13th-15th Master Strategy Planning Series, How to Apply the Planner to Your Biz for 2017
Dec 18th Technology Cleanup Webinar, Getting Your Tech & Systems Ready for 2017
2017 Mastermind Team Jan 2-16th
2017 Global Power Tour ( Louisiana, London, Ghana, SA) Jan
We have a lot going eh? We are committed to getting you and your business ready for 2017 and we will ONLY send out the lesson extras for the Goal Setting Pro Course if you opt in. To join me as I walk you through one of the MOST Effective Goal Setting Courses, {click here and you’ll be on the list }
To get details on everything else on our schedule, you can email us at info@womenceoproject.com AND stay glued to your email.
I LOVE this time of the year. It’s time to not only dream and plan but to put in place all key elements to start 2017 successfully.
Have a wonderful weekend CEOs.




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A Best Selling Planner Create Uniquely for Modern Entrepreneurs..

Master Strategy Planner

Hesitation is the enemy of hustle.
While you’re still analyzing, getting permission, a consensus from your friends or wishing to see the outcome before you take the first step, we out here making moves.
You could be too.

9 Chapters👉🏾16 Planners & Templates included
Link in 👉🏾 BIO👉🏾Get started👉🏾👉🏾MasterStrategyPlanner.com







2 week online mastermind 1

I spent the majority of my first 5 years of business alone.

Other than the calls from my well-intentioned parents- there really wasn’t anyone calling to making sure I didn’t quit, hold me accountable, and remind me of what I’m capable of.

And, there was absolutely no one there who understood

why I was pushing so hard
why I chose this life when I had so many other options
what it felt like to struggle with money
why I was deciding to go after my passion instead of what was stable


No one that could give advice that I could use…. Not just, you’ll be alright baby, you always seem to land on your feet, etc. etc.

Many of you are new to Women CEO Project, and no doubt, you’ve subscribed because you were looking for that “push”. Whether it be through blog posts, classes, events, or simply inspiration… you were looking for some level of support.

Today, I wanted to let you know, that the doors have opened for our most anticipated program, our 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7th Mastermind Team, that was created precisely, to give you that push.

I’ve seen some amazing things happen when entrepreneurs, who have a unique mindset, link up with other entrepreneurs who understand them, can relate to their day, and who can offer support, encouragement, and tools that work.

I created the group in 2012, this is my 7th team, and I lead the mastermind for 2 weeks teaching a strong curriculum of business lessons that I’ve learned over my 13.5 year business career. Each year, with each team, the lessons get deeper, more streamlined and efficient. I am honored each year, to lead entrepreneurs to

write books,
secure high level meetings & sponsorships
create business academies,
build national business tours,
build successful coaching practices
and paid speaking careers…

Technology has made it possible for me to reach you with support, your own private and online community , and the tools that you need to enhance, grow, and expand your business goals.

This Mastermind is FULL of Global Business, Strategic Marketing, Proposal Writing, Self-Publishing, Financial Planning, Business Development, Sales Funnels in ADDITION to a strong community of support and accountability partners.

Some of these decisions you are making… go into business, do it on the side, quit my job, write a book, how to pay the bills while I follow my passion, what are all of these other full-time business people doing, what am I not doing, how do I help people but not starve, where do I need to be, how do I find the time, why do I feel like I’m doing this all alone…..

Because, you are. But there’s no need to be.

I’ve opened the doors….Today, added new topics, new templates, a payment plan AND the first Mastermind Lesson FREE on next Thursday, July 7th.

To Register for the FREE Lesson, get ALL the details and see if my team is what you’ve been looking for click

{ 2WeekMastermind.com }

#52Questions Journal


If your mind was free from clutter, what could you create in your life or in your business?

I’ve been working specifically with women now for 5.5 years and, simply put, we are different.

The way we go about our day, the way we make decisions and definitely the way that we start and grow businesses, is-different.

I’ve found that our mindset- the strength of it or the weaknesses in it- show up immediately when we want to accomplish our BIG goals.
I always have my head to the pulse of the women in business industry, and my hands in some of the most detailed parts of the global women in business sector, and I wrote a journal to address some of my findings.
Based on the feedback from one our most used and life changing products…. a free online course that had a small section for the students to ask themselves simple, yet poignant questions about their lives, I made a discovery.
Many of the students hadn’t re-visited some parts of their dreams and their previous paths in many years.
In the course they were challenged to face themselves, evaluate their current circumstances, and see where they made a turn and what street then needed to start down again.
In the middle of the 52 Questions that I created for women, I included some of the most life-changing questions that I asked myself to go from I can’t do, I can’t go, I don’t have to a life of comfort, some abundance, and a substantially less amount of fear.
This journal will be more of a personal read for you than a business book.
It is my hope that I am continuously granted energy to write books, to coach, to teach and to reach the women across the United States and the most needed parts of the world to women who desire to not just survive, but for once, start to thrive.
It ALL starts with the shape and clarity of your mindset…. ‪#‎52Questions‬
Personal and Business Clarity, One Week at a Time…

Link 👉🏾👉🏾{www.52QuestionsJournal.com }
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@52Questions { Instagram }

Goal Setting Book Cover



FREE ONLINE 10 Lesson Course + 9 Worksheets
There comes a time in ALL of our lives where we must stop and ask ourselves if we are the reason our goals and dreams aren’t coming to life.
We have witnessed first hand our ability to make it from obstacle to obstacle still standing, but find ourselves continuously holding on to our true desires, tucking them away for later, procrastinating on dreams, or sometimes, even giving up.
We’ve perfected moving items from one to do list to the other. Our calendar this time last year looks the same as our calendar this year.
Because we’re waiting on some inspiration to change our own lives. We are awaiting some motivation from an unknown source. We want someone or something to drop in, place the answers in our lap, pep talk us to get up and work when we’re tired, and help us live an ABUNDANT life without us having to sacrifice anything to get it.
You’ve been waiting on someone or something, but it’s you.
You’ve been holding you back. 
But you can change. We can be our BIGGEST source of motivation. We can start to understand that motivation usually shows up when we’re working, doing, and taking action.
We are ready to be the CATALYST that changes our own life.
In the next few weeks, we will have a fresh new start.
A new set of months to play BIG.
An opportunity to revoke our consent to playing small ball and the determination to experience some of the abundance we’ve gotten accustomed to not living.
It’s time. It’s your time.
It’s your time to leverage ALL that is at your fingertips.
I can attest to the POWER our mindset and the ” organization ” of our goals can have on our lives.
The life that is before me today, is NOT the life I was told I would live, or should expect to live, or even hope to see.
It is full of blessings but not without a MASSIVE overhaul in my attitude, my mindset, who I thought should make the changes, and waiting on permission to launch.
Change had to start with me. 
I noticed change when I started to have BOLD thoughts, followed by BOLD actions, coupled with BOLD connections, a stiff chin and a true feeling that I deserved it.
I’ve spent the better part of a month creating some pretty intense products for entrepreneurs for 2016.
And last week, I decided to give away one BIG paid product…. for free.
This product was cultivated out of an MAJOR desire for YOU to feel like you deserve it and for you to make a move.
So, now, LIVE TODAY, there is a
FREE ONLINE 10 Lesson Course + 9 Worksheets
waiting for you.
It is my ultimate prayer, that not only is 2016 one of your BEST years, but that you who are ready, can take this Course and use it to get enough confidence to launch the BIGGEST goal you’ve had residing in your mind and burning in your belly.
Let’s Birth this Dream Today…



Appearance of Business 1

So, you’ve ended the week tireder, but not a dollar richer eh?

This is a common problem. You put on a suit, you shuffled some emails, you had a coffee meeting, you worked a job, etc. etc, but you haven’t move an inch further towards growing your business or making money.

It’s all schematics.

How you line it up- determines how that thing will fall.

You allowed your day to be ruled by tasks and people who aren’t in your money lane, who are on your purpose train, and you may not be aware and certainly not focused on your #1’s.

Your  #1s are your core tasks. 

Those tasks that you must do to grow the business. Those meeting with key folks. Folks, who can sign checks and book entry visas.

Again, it’s all in how you arrange and organize your day.

Today, I want to save you time, frustration, and hopefully make you some money by helping you to zero in on your hands touching ONLY money tasks while allowing those who support you- to actually support you.

Because at the end of the day, who cares if you wore a suit, and passed out business cards? The appearance of business only serves our ego and definitely not our bank accounts…..

Let’s dig in……

  • First, know the goal. Yep, knowing what you are aiming for wins you half the battle. It’s truly disheartening to see someone going really fast in the wrong direction. So take purposeful AIM. Who do you want to meet. Who do you want to do business with? How much money/connections/clients do you want/need to make today/this week/this month’s goals?
  • Write all these goals down- and put a leash on them ( deadline)
  • Before you step out in the morning- go through and organize your To Do list.
  • There should be a column for calls you need to make, emails you need to send, your projects ongoing, your money etc. Matter of fact- just download this free Weekly Planner that I’ve created for you.
  • The ONLY items that should be in your personal list as opposed to the list you’ve created for your virtual or live assistant- should be money items. Let’s pause here…..

Do you know what you do best? Do you know how to make the biggest impact in your business? What should your role be? I know that I am absolutely horrible at doing spreadsheets, pivot tables, or organizing anything other than my closet. BUT, I just found this out a few years ago.

I’ve wasted time just like you- adding tasks that I’m not good at, that are not A Level, that don’t get me in front of the check writing man, and letting myself get frustrated because I couldn’t perfect said tasks.

Women CEO Project’s most used and detailed spreadsheet that I give to ALL of my clients…. my assistant took what I wanted, made it, and it works GREAT.

Once I asked myself- Kristi, what’s your talent ( selling/marketing/strategy/money ). Then I asked myself, how can you do more of those tasks and get your butt out of the way of letting folks do the other things.

You see- everything that takes you away from working on your core talents in your business- is a disservice to you, your business, and your profits.

So now,

  • What are you good at? What’s the best role you should play in your business?
  • Do any of the items on your To Do list have you in your Talent Role?
  • If they don’t, politely take them off your list and put them on your assistant’s list.
  • Next, no agendaless meetings… Yep…. I will beat this tip into the ground. But would you rather have wasted time in an agedness meeting with someone who hasn’t done a stitch of research about your business or be called a witch who’s selective about her time, gets paid her worth and uses her spare time to grow her spiritual, romantic, and health buckets…… ( hint: sticks and stones. sticks and stones CEOs)
So, now your list is reworked.

You are not only giving the appearance of business- you are actually running a business- keeping in mind- a business makes money. So until you can take all of this shuffling of emails, positive meetings to the bank- you need to become the BEST purger you can.

Nope, you’re not in this for play.

No, you don’t have plenty of time to waste.

Yes, you MUST make money or you’re playing.

No, you don’t have to say yes to every meeting.

Got it?

It’s Sunday. Time to plan the week. So, download your weekly planner here, and let’s roll.

Because looking like money isn’t the same as having a lil something in the bank…

With Great Expectations……. Kristi




I just caught myself making this bullcrap list of goals without any specificity. I know better than that. Having been in sales all of my working like, I’ve always ecelled at reaching goals when given a target number, deadline and especially some healthy competition.

I just threw away that list. It was bullcrap, so now I want to help you throw away your own crappy lists. 

Goals need to be specific. Uber freaking specific. Let’s take a look at a common goal:

Wanting to increase your sales. This not a goal. 

Wanting to increase your sales by 20% this year, is a goal. 

See the difference. 

Let’s get even more specific. 

Wanting to increase your sales by 20%, yet not spending another dime in marketing than the year before, instead opting to leverage social media, blogging, video, networking, writing, etc….. Now, we’re getting really specific. 

Your goals need to be broken down into baby bites so that you can digest, make plans for it, and create a system of having small wins per day, which motivate you and your team. 

Now that the goal of increasing your sales is broken down, you then need to break down the strategy to reach it. You are going to increase your consistency in other channels, but what channels? How often? Do you need help? What do you need them to do? 

Blogging: Need 2 blog posts per week which means you write on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s. Set this time in your calendar and stick to it. 

Videos: Want to increase your videos to 4 a month. This can be done all on one day. Plan out your videos, tie them to your other programs, create loops explained here ), optimize them, get them edited at once, then you’re done for the month in one day. 

Find a Mentor: Make a list of potential mentors. Why do you want to connect with them? What do you think they will add to your life or your business? What can you add to their life? Where will they be this year? How can you connect with them?Create a long-term strategy on connecting, then building a relationship with them because of course you will not ask them for help on your first connection or meeting. 

See how I broke these 3 goals downs into baby steps?

Also remember these 3 things when tackling your goals, 

1. Give yourself a set deadline

2. Have someone hold you accountable

3. Measure your results to see where you can improve or what you can change

So now, in writhing this post for you, I have fixed my list. Not only was my goal crappy and not specific enough, it also wasn’t big enough, so good thing I started over. Now I have a nice, neat big ass audacious goal, with a deadline and mini goals to keep me busy for the entire month of May. 

Good luck on yours!