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  1. Stop stepping over dollars to chase after pennies. Small ballers focus on what’s currently in front on them instead of delegating and going after the bigger picture and long-term strategy. Give the busy work to the secretary while you put on your heels and chase after the big deals. 
  2. Small ballers spend too much time in development and not enough time in doing. Why you been working on that speaker’s kit for 6 months instead of going out and getting speaking engagements? Which would serve you better? The actual petal meeting the metal experience or the perfectly spelled and worded word document. Get out of the development phase and jump into doing. 
  3. Go to the edge of your comfort zone and JUMP. Magnificence does NOT happen within your comfort zone. Small ballers aim for only what they feel they can absolutely reach or what other’s have done before them –  never ever venturing out into their own creativity. Why do this? Understand that entrepreneurship is not built to keep you comfortable and if you are feeling warm and cozy, you probably need to stretch yourself more. 
  4. Stop living up and into the boxes that others set for you. People give advice and set boundaries for you based of their own fears of what they feel they could accomplish themselves. Why are you carrying other’s weight? Why are you accepting the no’s they got when they tried to start a business? That’s too much weight to carry. Focus on your own goals, your own ambitions, and by all means CEOs, get your own NO. Don’t accept anyone else’s!
  5. Stop complaining about entrepreneurship. There is no glory in being a tired entrepreneur. It’s a life that you chose, and path that you wanted to tread. It isn’t supposed to easily make you millions. Refine those expectations about what the entrepreneurship life entails and buck up. Either you’re about this life or you’re not. 
  6. Small ballers are information junkies who NEVER take focused action. They shuffle around from lesson to lesson hunting and gathering but never conquering. Don’t do this. Put a timeframe on the learning, then make a committed, descriptive, deadline pending goal with yourself. 
  7. Take yourself and your business seriously. Stop floating deadlines, procrastinating on producing or only being a cheerleader in the women’s movement without ever executing on anything. 
  8. Small ballers wait on permission for everything. STOP! You didn’t get into business to be like everyone else or to do what everyone is doing. So why ask everyone for their permission to shine? This is your business. You are an entrepreneur. Now is the time to try out all of those unique ideas and unleash your champion!
  9. Stop being scared to talk about money. The more you run from or shun those who focus on their profits, the more you delay making profit in your own business. Learn to speak money. Learn to pay professionals. Learn to be comfortable making and spending money in your business. 
  10. Stop asking for little money. This keeps you small. Go after the whale. Pitch the big projects. Go for the bigger money and the bigger deals. If not you then who?
  11. Stop spending time with unqualified prospects. Make sure you give AWESOME content and send folks who are not quite ready to buy to your blog to get all that you offer for free, but don’t spend time convincing or begging someone to do business with you. 
  12. Small ballers don’t ask for what they need. They get scared by folks questioning their prices or valuing their knowledge. Usually, they cave in to deep discounts, and eating plenty of resentment. Don’t do this. Make a commitment to continuous learning and be confident in what you know, what you charge and who you were placed on this earth to serve. 
  13. Stop getting a consensus on your idea. Why ask the opinions of folks who’ve never accomplished anything of mention? Go with your gut and do your best. 
  14. Let a brand inspire you, but don’t copy them. Starting a business is YOUR time to truly explore and share your unique talents and authentic voice with the world. Copying keeps you unnoticeable. Blend in fo what?
  15. Learn to motivate yourself and speak life back into your day and your attitude. People who always need to go outside of themselves to get motivated should rethink becoming an entrepreneur.
  16. Stop speaking negative words. Do you know that your brain is hearing you and registering that something is wrong? STOP IT! Your mindset and how you leverage it is one of the most powerful assets you have. Make sure you are kind and patient with yourself and that you learn 2 or 3 really motivating affirmations that you can trot out whenever you need it. 
  17. Stop going at it alone. Small ballers don’t know how to ask for help, where to find help and are afraid of paying for quality help. Don’t do this. Get focused on building the best team you can around you. This is one key task that will drive you to the big leagues!
  18. Playing small keeps you focused on being liked. Do you know that you are not meant for everyone to like you? Business is business. It’s not always pleasant and sometimes you have to ruffle a few feathers. Understand that going big means you need to have a thick skin and the ability and gumption to take care of yourself and your interests.
  19. Small ballers spend time in negative circles and environments that are familiar but that no longer serve them. Yes, I know they are your family. Yes, I now they are your “friends”. When going big, you will have to change up your circles, clean out your sandbox and upgrade who you play with. You absolutely must remove yourself from circles that do not grow you and travel light on your way to the top. 
  20. Small ballers are proficient at letting any single solitary distraction or obstacle hold them back instead of making the obstacle a learning experience that can propel them forward. Write down every single excuse you’ve had so far in 2014…. write them all out, neatly and organized. Now, open the drawer, take out a lighter and burn that damn list completely. We’re done talking about circumstances and rather discuss creative opportunities. We’re done moaning lack and are focused on abundance. We’ve finished playing small and only speak of love, abundance, progression, success and focus, because we do NOT serve the world by playing small ball!

So what are you playing small at? 

Lesson 9 final .jpg

Today’s lesson will be personal for most of us. But it’s a small exercise that MUST be done to finally release all those pesky mindset traumas that consistently hold us back. 

Check out the recording here, then drop me a note below and tell me what it’s going to take for you….

lesson 3


How are you holding up CEOs?

Are you using the Strategy Lessons Immediately?

Ok, let’s jump right into Lesson 3, which is a short video where I show you how to implement 5 FREE tools in your business immediately for MASSIVE impact, needed time savings, to make you money, and create a more professional and strategic business.

Click the pic above to start the video and Enjoy!

And drop me a comment on the blog on how you will use the tools!

Ok, so the goal is $100,000 in income for your business this year. How do you produce that type of money and from what channels? I normally like to put big goals into brainstorming maps like the example below, but I also broke down the questions that you should be asking yourself for each channel to assess for reaching your goal. 
goal breakdown
So I broke the goal down into these channels:
  • Products
  • Services ( Consulting) 
  • Speaking
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • In-Person Meetings 
  • What types of products will you sell? 
  • How many of these products do you need to sell each week? Each month? Each quarter to reach your yearly goal?
  • Ebooks? How many ebooks and at what price?
  • Books? How many books and at what price?
  • Will you create a course? What kind of course? How much will you sell it for?
Services ( Consulting)
  • What will you consult in? ( Marketing, Business, Law, Accounting, Engineering, Fashion, etc. etc) 
  • Do you have a consulting rate sheet? How will people readily get access to your consulting sheet?
  • What price range are you in? 
  • How will you meet the type of clients who can fit that price range?
  • How many consulting clients do you need to consult monthly?
  • How many people do you need to pitch to get the number of confirmed consulting clients each month?
  • How many and what events do you need to attend to meet your potential client?
  • What will you speak about?
  • Do you have a speaker’s kit?
  • How many speaking engagements do you need a month? 
  • Will they be paid or unpaid? What are the tangible benefits of the unpaid engagements?
  • How many organizations do you have to pitch to get your confirmed speaking engagements a month? 
  • What is the price of your speaking?
  • What type of businesses or people do you need to partner with?
  • Where do you need to go to meet these potential partners?
  • How many partnerships do you need to create to reach your goals?
  • What type of partnerships are the most beneficial to your company?
  • How will you thoroughly vet these potential partnerships?
  • How will you make money from these partnerships?
In-Person Meeting 
  • What events will you attend?
  • Do they have your audience?
  • How often will you network?
  • How will you connect further and build relationships and possibly business with people you meet at these events?
  • How often will you set up individual meetings with people you’ve met from these events?
  • How many meetings do you need to have a week or a month to keep your speaking, consulting, database funnels full?
  • Where does your ideal client get your type of information? 
  • How are you going to market your business?
  • What social media channels are you going to use?
  • How often will you post through these channels?
  • What will you offer through your marketing so that what you post is useful?
This CEOs, is how you break down a goal thoroughly. This is 1000 steps further than simply saying…. I want to make more money, and substantially more steps than stating,” I want to make 100k this year’. 
Answering this questions or the questions you come up with when you break down your own goal, is the key first ingredient to putting together a plan to reach that 100k. You need to know where you should be daily, how often you should go there, what you need to do when you get there, how many folks you need to be connecting with afterwards and WHY. 
THIS CEOs is no longer a dream. THIS is how you break down a goal. So 2 things. 
If you’re ready for a one-on-one strategy session with me. Click here and let’s do it! 
Second, drop me a comment below on the blog and let me know what EXACT goal you are going to break down and how you will use this info!
Strategy Series Lesson 1

Before you can jump into making a strategic plan to launch of grow your business, you need to thoroughly understand where you’re going, who you need to aim for, who your competitors are and devise a plan from there. In Lesson 1 of our 10 Part Strategy Series, we share 5 of the Most Powerful Research Tools and how to use them NOW!


Reference USA   Did you know that you probably contain what’s needed to get direct access to one of the TOP and most comprehensive databases in the world? Reference USA is home to MANY different databases which can give you the tools to know who your client is, where they live, how much money they make, what percentage of them are college educated… the types of information you can find is MASSIVE. Most cities allow access to this database through the number on the back of your public library card. Yep, that’s it. If you have a free library card that your taxes have already paid for, you have access to a powerful database, which should be your first stop to setting your business goals, picking your niche, and deep diving into what you’re going to offer this niche.

EBSCO Host  Research business journals, databases, libraries, ebooks, business and media information… basically the list is endless. This is a POWER tool that most business either don’t know about or don’t use. But wouldn’t it be GREAT to know more about your client before you spend your life saving launching a business to reach them or before you go further down the wrong path? This site also allows you to research over 2700 business magazines and trade journals. WHY use the can’t afford it excuse? Here is the information you need for the cost of your time to sift through it on the internet.


Census Bureau Study your industry, find out what your competition is up to, and locate your exact demographical trends using this site. Learn your potential clients demographics, spending trends, earnings and income, health trends, labor economics and trends in technology. You pay so much in taxes...get something back and use it to launch your business or grow the one you currently have.


Kauffman Foundation was built simply help people gain economic independence through education and empower entrepreneurs. This site is not only powerful, it’s comprehensive and offers many avenues through affiliate sites to grow your business. This platform features business events, research programs, papers, studies, grant information, and a free annual insights book that you can order yearly, simply by asking for it. 


Spyfu is a great site in addition to Google Keyword Planner, to find out how many people are searching for a particular keyword. This is a quick tool to see if your current niche or an industry that you are considering jumping into is popular, where it’s being searched the most, and if there is an opportunity for you in this particular niche. Knowing what words your competitors are buying and what types of products and services they are building for your niche is great information to have as you build a strategic plan for your business. 


Good Research Questions ( and the answers to them are in these research tools) 

  • Who is my client?

  • Where do they live? Where does my best client live? Is it a city or online?

  • Do they spend on my type of product, service, or niche?

  • Are they college educated? Does that matter?

  • Who are my competitors?

  • What are my competitors doing? What types of products are they offering? What channels are they using to get their products marketed?

  • What is my competitors market share?

  • What reports can I find in my industry? What do they tell me? Do they answer the questions above? What’s happened in my industry? What’s happening now? Where is my industry going? What are the trends these reports are telling me?  Reading industry reports  is an AWESOME way to find out what’s happening, what’s coming, and what the trends are telling you about your industry or niche. Why guess? Read the numbers of people who have already put in the work to find the numbers, to survey your demographics and found out the statistics.

Bonus Tips:

Facebook Insights. Did you know that by clicking the “likes” button on your competitor’s page you can find out 3 key insights into their business:

  • the age range of their fans

  • the most popular city of their fans

  • the location of their fans

  • their most popular week

Then you can determine what type of posts they were dropping during their most popular week. Was is blog posts? Photos? Quotes? Videos? What were they doing that week that was so successful? How can you implement these types of posts into your own page ( of course in your own voice, using your own info and being authentically you)

Get FREE Reports on how your competitors are using social media to grow their businesses using Simply Measured. Make sure to at least download the free Facebook and Twitter reports.


Liked these research tools? Now I want you to drop me a comment below and let me know exactly how you will use these tools in your business TODAY!

Also, if you feel you’re ready for a focused strategy one on one, let me know here. 



JanFeb Business Report

This is the start of something new CEOs. I get many inquiries of where I’m going, who I’m working with, where I’m jetting off to, and what’s in store for Women CEO Project.

I can tell you that it’s a never ending journey- some days being pretty freaking awesome and some really, immensely tough.  I have a lot of ups and downs and pick up many lessons along the way. But to keep you informed, I will be crafting a regular monthly business report to give our subscribers the inner workings of the head Woman CEO and what I’m cooking up for you!

So, because it’s new, this one will be a little longer- I am combining January and February.


Disclaimer. All the details won’t be sexy! Running a biz has its fun parts ( traveling) and not so fun parts ( paying for the travel) I want to make sure that I say CEOs, this is after 3.5 years of CONSISTENT work on Women CEO Project and we have a TOOOOOON of a way to go. But I want to make sure to give details for those who REALLY ask those questions like:

  • Q: Kristi, how do you pay for it all  A: It’s not easy. Some months it’s low, some months it’s high. When it’s high, I save, and I always invest in educating and enriching myself in the area that I want to grow because that is the only way I’ll get better and better at business and be able to charge what I’m worth. I also build products around my talent and am starting to build a strong platform that serves as passive income. I talk all about the ups and downs of cash flow here.
  • Q: How do you get folks to fly you all over the world to work on their projects? A: I consistently try to put myself in the right situations or freaking create a situation. And big one here….. I tell them that is what’s required to work with me. Also, I teach the how’s, the logistics, the proposal components etc. to entrepreneurs who want to learn them, in my private strategy sessions. Get one here. 
  • If you have any specific questions you’d like to ask, shoot them here. 

Okay. Let’s dive in CEOs! 


Important Happenings January & February 2014:


mastermind hangout p

Launch of our 4th Global Mastermind Circles Team (January)  This virtual mastermind team is so very dear and near to my heart. Me, the experts and the members get so intimately involved with each other’s businesses, our fears, our mind block, obstacles, and what is truly at the core of us not growing our businesses.

Also, this is the time for the members to get feedback on their current projects, what’s working, what’s not and make changes from the advice of me, the invited expert and their team mates. Each member also has a dedicated accountability partner which they chat with a few times a week to keep each other on track. I host a weekly connect call every Monday morning to give them a quick lesson or “aha” and get them PUMPED for the week ahead, and we meet virtual and visually ( awesome what technology allows us to do eh?) once per month, where the invited expert and I dole out advice to the members and breakdown their business goals step-by-step, one-by-one, block by block…the results are amazing. The power of having folks to be accountable to, is underrated!

I’ve gotten plenty of questions about when’s the next one… and we won’t open the doors to our next team until July 2014 to start in August. Stay tuned and get details here.

Strategy Ad 4 Final

Launch of the Strategy Clinics. (Jan & Feb) In January and also February, I hosted 2 private clinics focused specifically on business strategy. I hosted the Jan session live in my home and the Feb session virtually. Both sessions were FULL! This was a proof of concept project for me. I knew I had been getting a lot of questions that basically resulted in being more strategic- an area that I’m strongest in, but I wanted to make sure that entrepreneurs were truly interested in getting and investing in guided lessons on the subject before I launched our new course, ReThink Strategy. These clinics focused on 5 major areas of adding or implementing strategy into your business, which helps to save and leverage your time, make you more money, help you develop those key business relationships that truly add to the bottom line, recognize and unleash your power to create your own opportunities, and the how’s and angles on pitching bigger clients, projects and deals.

I found, that many folks wanted to know how I picked up some snazzy Fortune 500 and 100 clients in 2013 and 2014 and I basically broke that down in module 5 of the clinic also. I’ve gotten enough feedback, some pretty awesome testimonials, and am happily planning away at the launch of the new course and ebook total package for March! Those clinics are done, but you can get your own private session by clicking here.


Bobby Business Breakfast

Women CEO Project hosted 2 Business Breakfast’s ( Jan & Feb ) This isn’t new territory for us, as of now, through my real estate biz and Women CEO, I’ve now hosted over 300 different events, networking, classes, trainings etc. etc. But what is different, for what used to be simple networking-meeting, connecting, exchanging info, we now have a specific themed panel discussion from a seasoned, local entrepreneur. The result? Pretty freaking inspiring! See photo to the left! 

Goals & Money Focus ( Jan & Feb ) These first months of the year we’ve uber focused on getting a handle on not just making goals, but the specificity of the goal. For February, our focus is money. How to get rid of those money blocks, how to finally get un-intimidated by the competitors in your field and complete your own goals, and how to prepare yourself for success. Get all the recent juiciness here.



Work + Play trip to Barcelona Spain ( February) Always wonderful to hop the ocean to get a change in environment-even for a short amount of time. I went to Barcelona, #1 because Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. Number #2, I’m planning a juicy speaking/teaching tour and was checking out locations… YEP I want the tour to be global shah! Lastly, or #3, I wanted to get away from the states for a few days and have some inspiration for my writing… That book, solid, in hand copy book ( not an ebook) it’s happening CEOs. I’ve claimed it. So it shall be! All in all, Barcelona was a blast, I relaxed a bit, got my objectives hashed out and made it back home in one piece.


Strategy Hangout

I hosted a FREStrategy Hangout ( February) …. More proof of concept work for me and a chance to connect. Secondly, this was a wonderful opportunity to give you a taste of what will be involved in the ReThink Strategy Course and ebook launching in March. I also got a chance to answer some user submitted questions, live and on camera. We were limited to 50 seats and sold out! If you were there…..you know we had an awesome time!

I jetted off to Louisiana ( February)  to work with a new consulting client for a one day 8 hour blitz. WOW. I actually love these. Afterwards the client and I can do nothing but sleep, but they are so very energized to tackle ALL of the plans we plot. I do a couple of these a month for my high-levels, ready to go, serious “bout this life” entrepreneurs. Let me know if you’re ready for one such session 🙂 here


Making the final changes to the ReThink Strategy eBook & Course Package. CEOs, can you tell, this is my biggest ebook to date? I’m really putting in the time on this one, and won’t do another ebook ( that is the plan) until my next book-the hardcopy book, is out and done. But this strategy package is my baby. I am putting in so much detail, specific lessons, case studies and actual worksheets I’ve created in the package. November, December, January and February, I worked on my project DAILY-whether that be through writing, having conference calls with my team developing designs for the project, delegating, and working on research for individual consulting clients and case studies. You CEOs know how I give a TON of info. This course and ebook will be no different. It is PACKED!


Lastly, I interviewed 2 literary agents for said book I’m writing ( February). Yep, this was a new experience, one that is getting me some no’s mixed with some maybe’s mixed with some “ do you know what you’re doing” questions from me….. Stay tuned on this subject…

BABY JESUS! Been a busy 2 months eh, and I maintain 4 individual small business, one woman shop clients each month. I’m trying to stay juiced up, exercise a little each day ( I’m working on this) and making moves on projects even while discouraged, learning new techniques along the way, getting some yeses and kicking a little ass 🙂 

Lessons Learned this Month:

Build up your own momentum and don’t let no’s make you stop. I made a post in January about having my ass handed to me in a “hell no” Kristi meeting, and CEOs, it was quite painful. But guess what? I had planned a meeting right after that one, and it was mandatory that I kept my momentum up for meeting 2 no matter the outcome of meeting 1.

I was able to get it together after that rough no, and meeting 2 was a success. Once I went home, I was still burned by meeting 1- I had been pitching the company for 3 months and I was MAD! But in the end, in my type of mind, I believe, in a year, they will be begging to work with me ( hey, do what you have to do to pep yourself up)


What’s Coming up for March:

March will be BUSY shah!

Launch of the ReThink Strategy eBook & Course !! Want to get on the VIP list to find out about it first? Click here and we’ll add you!


Full Launch of ReThink Strategy’s Marketing Plan. The schedule should be pretty full of interviews through video, online, Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, etc. I will be speaking often about the book and new course, doing giveaways, and having FUN. If you’d like me to speak on your radio, podcast show or Twitter chat, shoot me an email here.

Announcement of the Speakers for the unique 1 day Mastermind I’m launching 🙂 YASSSSSSS. EXCITEMENT!  It will be totally online, so no worries, you’ll be able to attend from anywhere! This will be a short ( 2 hour) and sweet POWER-PACKED Mastermind workshop for you CEOs involving some pretty awesome women, including yours truly 🙂

Announcement of the cities lined up for the my speaking/teaching tour! Time to birth this baby. As many things that I’ve been blessed enough to accomplish, this will be a BIG one and I don’t have all the answers. But guess what? I’m still making that move CEOs. I don’t just tell you to jump and not jump myself.  Wish me luck and I hope to see some of you in the cities we drop in 😉


I will also be getting ALL of your feedback on the ReThink Strategy course and book, as with our previous courses, The Creator’s Mastermind & The Creator’s Blueprint, I make changes, updates, and additions to them ALL the time and I do listen to your feedback!

Lastly, during March, I will hope to continue to inspire and work with a few of you awesome CEOs in private consulting sessions as we plot and plan and chart our OWN courses in the entrepreneurial life. 

The next month’s business reports will be MUCH, MUCH shorter- I promise. 

Have a wonderful end of February and start of March. Ohh and CEOs, don’t forget to QUIT focusing on your shortcomings, don’t let your setbacks stall you, focus on what you do have, what you CAN do today and totally KICK AZZ!


kristikayne (1)

One of the BEST interviews I’ve done to date, Denise Duffield-Thomas will TOTALLY get you past your money blocks. Sometimes, where we’re in the trenches working our business, we think it’s just us alone. We think that no one else had to jump back into corporate and get a job. We think that no one else has trouble with cash flow. We think that no one else has trouble negotiating their worth. 

As we continue February focusing on money, our profit streams, and funding, I want to share with you Mrs. Denise Duffield-Thomas, who gives frank, and detailed information on how to get on the right side of money in this podcast. 

She is also quite systematic on how she runs her business and touches on that is well in this interview. 

Get your pen, paper and maybe even a tissue and sit down with this interview. You won’t regret it! 

  • How to Eliminate those Pesky Money Blocks for GOOD!
  • How to Leverage your Time, Money and Talents by Automating
  • How to Make it Through those Startup Years
  • How to Get Help for your Business EVEN on a Limited Budget
  • Understand and Live the phrase ” You serve, so you Deserve” 
  • Let go of the Thrill and Focus on Profits 


itune logo

This Podcast is LOADED. After you finish listening, if you LOVED it, please give us a 5 rating on iTunes and drop us a review by clicking the iTunes logo here . We’d appreciate it! 




ReThink Strategy 1-watch video
Fill out my online form.
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DIY Strategy Session with Women CEO Project
You know why you have the absolute best ideas or remember the most important things while in the shower? Well, until they create an affordable waterproof cell phone, the shower is one of the only places where you can still have a few minutes of uninterrupted “thinking time”.
As soon as we hop out of the shower, we hit the ground running, often stuffing our day with “to do’s”, being more reactionary instead of proactive, please many people, take care of others, and possibly keep our job which leaves very little time to think through what it would actually take to change our lives or our businesses. 
Most folks think strategy is difficult. I used to think the same thing. I thought learning to “being strategic” was directly connected to obtaining a Harvard degree and thoroughly understanding the fundamentals of probabilities, charts, derivatives, and the like. 
Yep. I barely passed Statistics… in theory ( school) , but find that I can totally kick its butt in strategy in reality ( thinking & hitting the pavement) 
What I’ve learned, is that thinking strategically is simply a way of looking at your business, finding your best opportunities, creating angles and openings for yourself, measuring what’s working, and clearing out what’s not. 
And guess what…. you’re not alone in this process. 
My team and I have cooked up 2 POWERFUL opportunities to walk you through simple, yet effective business strategy lessons this month. But for those of you who want to know and understand the basics of what you can do now to totally change your business…. keep reading below to get the Step-by-Step DIY Strategy Timeout for FREE….
Ok, so you’re interested. Now, I want you to read through these steps, but DO NOT attempt them, until you have set aside time to give your business the respect it deserves. Depending on where you currently are in your business, this session and answering these questions could take 2-4 hours. 
Key Questions for a DIY Simple Strategic Session 
Take a massive TRUTHFUL assessment by answering these questions


What’s Your Current Situation? 

  1. What’s working in my business? Be specific and go through each product, service or event.
  2. What’s not working in my business?
  3. What am I currently measuring? ( analytics on my website, growth in database, etc.) To measure your analytics, try sites like Google Analytics, and Tweet Reach.
  4. Am I getting in my own way ( procrastinating, making excuses, wasting time, letting others waste my time)? What’s holding me up?
  5. Am I organized? Meaning, if someone were to call right now, wanting to buy my products and services, do I have a quick way to get them this information like through a consulting package,  rate sheet, speaker’s kit, portfolio, the proper documents, working and complete email addresses and websites, etc.?
  6. Am I truly ready to put in the work to make changes? 
Schedule an Uber Focused Brainstorming Session with Yourself
( a session without your phone, social media, checking email, or with noises) 
  1. How did you find your past opportunities?
  2. Are you doing that much and more to find new ones?
  3. Are you creating ways, products, or opportunities for people to get familiar with your talent?
  4. Who could help you share you message much further and have you started building a relationship with them? I don’t mean, cold emailing or contacting them and asking for help or a freebie.  Have you started to build a relationship with them by offering your services or helpful information first? 
What About Your Brand? 
  1. Do I know who your client is?
  2. How do you get on the radar of your client? 
  3. Am I giving my potential client a chance to experience my skills and talents through writing, blogging, videos, sharing useful information on social media, speaking, consulting, interviewing? 
  4. How am I leveraging social media to get my message across?
  5. Am I using my marketing and branding tools consistently to share not only my message but useful information? 
These are some preliminary, yet HIGHLY important questions to ask yourself, with answers that are very valuable to the growth of your business. You CAN make some changes to your current business and you CAN be more strategic without that Harvard degree. 
Like I said earlier, from your feedback, my previous consulting client’s issues and the massive amount of emails I get, we feel this topic and learning how to pick up thinking skills is imperative to the growth of our audience’s businesses.
So we’ve built 2 opportunities for change this month.
One being our FREE Strategy Hangout on Google, Feb 11th, that is for ONLY 50 attendees. We have a few spaces left, the session will be recorded, and we will answer the questions that the attendees have sent to us.
It will be an Answer Only session.
This live session on Feb 11th is free, however, the recording will not be. So grab one of the last seats NOW by clicking here
The second opportunity that we’ve built is our Strategy Clinic on Feb 22nd and it’s TOTALLY virtual.
Here’s were we go to level 2 with your business. 
We’ve killed the location obstacle by making this session virtual, so you can join us on Feb 22nd no matter where you are in the world.
I’m really proud of this session as my team and I put A LOT of time into your individual business- meaning, we do have a space limit for this session, so that we can give each business ample research time.
After you register, you fill out our quick Strategy Questionnaire, so that we can get an understanding of what you want to accomplish, then BEFORE the live session, our team spends time creating a business strategy recommendation plan for you. It’s a lot of work for us, but I love to do it and see the improvements it makes in our attendee’s businesses.
This session on Feb 22nd is our last live one. After the 22nd, this session will only be offered as an online course at a different price. So, if you’re really serious, I mean really, really serious, grab your seat now, and while you’re doing that, check out some of our past Strategy Clinic testimonials, and session benefits here 
 Details. Details. Details….

How to Prepare for the February 11th FREE Strategy Hangout

Register here 
– Submit your Strategy/Business question to Kristi at info@womenceoproject.com 
– Login on Feb. 11, 2014 at 6:30pm Central 
– Take notes, listen well
– EXECUTE on the information you receive! 
How to Prepare for the February 22nd Virtual Strategy Clinic
– Register here
– Fill out the Strategy Questionnaire that we will send to you after you register
– Read the pre-strategy information, advice and tools that we send you before your session
– Login on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014 at 9am Central 
– Download ALL of the documents that are included with the course
– Take notes, follow along with your documents, ask as many questions as you like
– EXECUTE on the information that you receive! 
It’s that simple. You ready???


Strategy Hangout

I learned something this weekend…. Creating a super ninja session on making sh*t happen, is the MOST effective way to create momentum, to bring clarity to the goals, to get really specific on our allocations and to finally move the ball in the right direction. 

Me and a group CEOs who had decided and claimed that 2014 was their DAMN YEAR, sat and uber planned our steps, our missions, our time, our focuses, our partnerships, and our high-level focuses. 

Yep, the session went tremendous, but instead of sitting back, feeling semi accomplished, I know that we need more work, more of you getting that focus, less of you getting left behind, and more opportunity for us to do it together. So, in addition to getting you lovely folks ready for the New Strategy eGuide coming soon that I’m writing, I’m doing 2 Additional things in the month of February, both with seat limitations so that we can leverage our time as best as possible and here they are!


  • FREE Strategy Google Hangout for 50 People on February 11th! To get one of the 50 Seats click-here
  • Another Strategy Clinic, TOTALLY Virtual on February 22nd ! To get one of these 12 spots click-here


Now, here are the details.  For the FREE Strategy Google Hangout, I’m opening up to the FIRST 50 of you who RSVP, I’m answering questions ONLY.  YEP, you need to do some work, because if you’re even remotely close to wanting some strategy in your business, you need to be at the point where you’ve located and gotten specific on your problem. So you can send in your questions early to info@womenceoproject.com . There will be a replay BUT, BUT, BUT, when you see it again, it will be a part of a paid package 🙂 So you might want to get in on the first 50 CEOs! Register for the FREE Strategy Google Hangout by clicking here– we will send the link to ALL registrants!

Ohh, and FYI,  the First 25 Registrants to the Strategy Hangout get to Preview & Give Feedback on the NEW Strategy eGuide I’m writing! 

For those of you who were sitting on the edge of hopping the fence into our last strategy clinic on Jan 18th but didn’t pull the trigger, you have 1 more chance! And for those who aren’t familiar with what happened or the Strategy Clinic Benefits, please check them out here AND a few of our attendee testimonials! 

Strategy Clinic Testimonial 2Strategic Clinic TestimonialFebruary, I’m confident and proud of the FACT that the time for the Strategy Hangout AND the $299 for the Strategy Clinic is the BEST money you can spend for your business for 5 hours of focused content and planning. Confident AND Proud I tell you. 

I’m ready to do it again, be with you and grow with you! For questions, email info@womenceoproject.com!