Marketing 101 Class Aug 20th
I lost money I didn’t have creating marketing plans that didn’t work.
I was moving really fast in the wrong places and not being authentic with my message.
I couldn’t do video because I hated my Louisiana twang. I couldn’t take new photos because I hadn’t lost that last 15 pounds.
All the while, I’m missing out on potential clients, not getting engagement on social media, no one signing up to my email list and drip drop of coaching clients-with a consistency I couldn’t depend on.
Then, I decided to dig deep and use some of that marketing knowledge that I had. In addition, I started to read every single marketing book I could get my hands on.
The result…. I created a social media campaign that got me to the White House. I got myself on the marketing team of an international presidential campaign for 3 months, created a national conference for a fortune 100 company, and I pulled a 6-figure contract to teach banker marketing and business development in another country.
Me. Kristi. With my lil Macbook, MBA and as confident an attitude as I could muster up.
All from leveraging those same tools that we typically ignore.
It’s too much out there. Every day I wake up-it feels like there’s a new marketing tool or social medium platform that you just MUST be on to be successful and it’s gets exhausting.
For my private coaching clients- I walk them through creating a Multi-Channel and Multi-Platform Marketing Plan. It’ our 3rd session together. We break it down,
Where they should be
Where their clients are
Who they should connect with
How they can kill many birds with one stone ( efficiency )
How they can save money and where they need to spend
How to bank the hell out of the free stuff including social media and video
For this first time- I’m going to teach this outside of private coaching.
On August 20th I’m teaching ” How to Create a Strategic Marketing Plan” via webinar from 7-9pm Central.
This webinar is pretty packed- you will be learning the entire 2 hours AND it includes the Strategic Marketing Execution Plan ( a $39.99 product )
So that I have time to answer the rush of questions that typically come with creating marketing plans- I’m keeping this class to 25 attendees.
So, as of RIGHT NOW, this class is open. No, there won’t be a replay- this will be a one day type of class, an intensive.
Plan to come with your notebook, your questions and a mind set on winning.
The webinar is $119 and this includes your Strategic Marketing Execution Plan. See you on the 20th.

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PS. Check out some of our testimonials from our last Marketing 101 Class below!






Use Google Analytics to Grow Your Business 3
Hey CEOs!
I wanted to make sure you knew about the Free Webinar on just How to Use Google Analytics to Grow Your Business tonight!
The webinar is at 7pm CT and we have space for ONLY 100 attendees. So, little secret… we have MORE than 100 people registered, but the first 100 who login at 7pm CT, will be the ones to get in and you KNOW how packed with information that my classes typically are.
There will be no (free) replay. The replay will be in the Women CEO Project store after the webinar tonight-so make sure you are there LIVE.

I’ll see you soon CEOs and you can click here to Register!

PS. An announcement and giveaway will happen during the live session 🙂 

Hi there CEOs!!

It’s Fall, October 1st and the last quarter of 2016 Just. That. Fast!!

And, just like all good businesses, we are making a few changes to better serve you.

Most of you signed up to receive business and event news from Women CEO Project or you visited one of our online or live events.

Many of you know that we recently launched a world tour visiting more than 30 cities that starts Oct. 29th in Houston, focusing on business strategy, business branding and your business funds, we also have a rollout of 9 products/planning tools coming in this last quarter. We also have some pretty engaging live events coming up in Houston, multiple cities in the US and abroad.

In an effort to make sure we offer the best service possible-we are updating and making some changes to our Women CEO Project Offerings. Can you please help us out by telling me all that you’d like to learn about from us.

Here’s the survey-it only has 1 Question AND I’m giving you a lil something for taking the time.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this short 1 question survey for me. And just to make it a little sweeter- I’m giving a discount code to ALL who take the survey- so make sure to add your email address at the end. Thanks again CEOs and Happy Fall !!




What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I can’t handle it?

What if I lose all of my money?

What if people don’t get me or don’t like me?

What if I lose?

What if I can’t turn back?

What if, what if this turns out to be the absolute BEST ride that I’ve ever been on and I WIN…..

What if CEOs?

I just left London, and many of your know that I did a LiveStream on all things Business Strategy, but what you don’t know, is that I also used that time to have meetings with women business owners, wannabe business owners, and even a few people who feel they have very limited options.

It’s a sad feeling to talk to a couple people, let alone one who doesn’t have the luxury of choice. However, I learned that there is power in not having a choice to quit or not launch, or launch tomorrow, not learn, not hustle, not try one more time.

There is power in knowing that quitting is totally off the table and the only way out –  is to WIN.

I started Women CEO Project August 31, 2010 on a whim, a growing idea of what I wanted and needed and what I felt other women needed to be better business owners. It was exciting, growing and moving very fast, but it was on the side for me.

Then, in 2012, The White House called, brought me to DC and recognized me for my work to help women entrepreneurs…… as I walked away from an overwhelming, all day POW WOW with 39 other folks who were doing GREAT works ALL over the world…..

I had to make a decision. 

It was no longer optional for me to have this business ” on the side “.

I was in a place to make a decision about leaving what I knew- for possibilities of what I could build.

The simple act of “deciding” can totally change the course of your life CEOs.

In the next few years, Women CEO Project will experience growth and we will offer many different types of programs, events, classes, courses on and offline, and I don’t know at what point or what program you will decide to jump on the boat with me.

But what I can tell you is, I want to work with you. 

And I’ve built a new program to do it.

Yes, for 2 weeks, I want to work with you and totally MAX out what is possible for your business.

I’ve created a PRETTY detailed curriculum and have included some profitable foundations to grow not only your business, but your mindset.

This is currently my ONLY group hand in hand program and because I get SUPER engaged with each and every one of my mastermind members- I’ve limited the group to 50.

Some of the awesome entrepreneurs who were on the London LiveStream with me last week got a bonus and have already joined, so we have 50 spaces TOTAL. 

Today, for some of you who I KNOW really need it- I hope you jump with me and decide that tonight, at this moment, success is no longer optional.

The link to the Mastermind is LIVE. ALL of the details and the Agenda are HERE } and I can’t wait to see who and what’s possible on the other side.

With Great Expectations,


slides pic- London LiveStream
Are you curious why soooooo many CEOs are walking around talking about #TANDEM ? Well, here is your chance to find out.
Many of you joined us from ALL over the world and we were able to TOTALLY break down 4 Major areas of your business that were giving a lot of you trouble and holding back your growth, your money, and that business idea that’s been on your to do list for years.
We also broke down your Money, Your Projects, the Types of Calls that should get your time too!
So below, is the Replay Link, the Slides, a Strategy Planner Spreadsheet AND a Digital Strategy Download for your purse!

{ Business Strategy Video Replay } 

thumbnail London Lifestream

{ Webinar Slides! }

slides pic- London LiveStream

{ Strategy Planner Spreadsheet } 

pic 14 day strategy planner

{ Strategy Planner Worksheets }

Day 1-7 Strategy PlannerDay 8-14 strategy planner



Come to LONDON with me!! 

Join me for a Live Webinar Jam Session that I will be Streaming from London on June 10th @12pm CT and teaching you just

” How to Master Your 2015 Business Strategy ” 


We will Work On: 

  • How to Determine Your Business Goals & Match them with Your Money Channels
  • How to Plan Money Tasks for a POWERFUL Week
  • How to Launch a 14 Day Business Strategy that Implements Your Goals
  • What Technology & Tools You Need to Run an Efficient & Effective Business Strategy
  • And ALL attendees will Receive a 14 Day Strategy Template!

I’m using a NEW, Innovative Platform to Jam with you and I’m Super Excited!!

Register Here }

Appearance of Business 1

So, you’ve ended the week tireder, but not a dollar richer eh?

This is a common problem. You put on a suit, you shuffled some emails, you had a coffee meeting, you worked a job, etc. etc, but you haven’t move an inch further towards growing your business or making money.

It’s all schematics.

How you line it up- determines how that thing will fall.

You allowed your day to be ruled by tasks and people who aren’t in your money lane, who are on your purpose train, and you may not be aware and certainly not focused on your #1’s.

Your  #1s are your core tasks. 

Those tasks that you must do to grow the business. Those meeting with key folks. Folks, who can sign checks and book entry visas.

Again, it’s all in how you arrange and organize your day.

Today, I want to save you time, frustration, and hopefully make you some money by helping you to zero in on your hands touching ONLY money tasks while allowing those who support you- to actually support you.

Because at the end of the day, who cares if you wore a suit, and passed out business cards? The appearance of business only serves our ego and definitely not our bank accounts…..

Let’s dig in……

  • First, know the goal. Yep, knowing what you are aiming for wins you half the battle. It’s truly disheartening to see someone going really fast in the wrong direction. So take purposeful AIM. Who do you want to meet. Who do you want to do business with? How much money/connections/clients do you want/need to make today/this week/this month’s goals?
  • Write all these goals down- and put a leash on them ( deadline)
  • Before you step out in the morning- go through and organize your To Do list.
  • There should be a column for calls you need to make, emails you need to send, your projects ongoing, your money etc. Matter of fact- just download this free Weekly Planner that I’ve created for you.
  • The ONLY items that should be in your personal list as opposed to the list you’ve created for your virtual or live assistant- should be money items. Let’s pause here…..

Do you know what you do best? Do you know how to make the biggest impact in your business? What should your role be? I know that I am absolutely horrible at doing spreadsheets, pivot tables, or organizing anything other than my closet. BUT, I just found this out a few years ago.

I’ve wasted time just like you- adding tasks that I’m not good at, that are not A Level, that don’t get me in front of the check writing man, and letting myself get frustrated because I couldn’t perfect said tasks.

Women CEO Project’s most used and detailed spreadsheet that I give to ALL of my clients…. my assistant took what I wanted, made it, and it works GREAT.

Once I asked myself- Kristi, what’s your talent ( selling/marketing/strategy/money ). Then I asked myself, how can you do more of those tasks and get your butt out of the way of letting folks do the other things.

You see- everything that takes you away from working on your core talents in your business- is a disservice to you, your business, and your profits.

So now,

  • What are you good at? What’s the best role you should play in your business?
  • Do any of the items on your To Do list have you in your Talent Role?
  • If they don’t, politely take them off your list and put them on your assistant’s list.
  • Next, no agendaless meetings… Yep…. I will beat this tip into the ground. But would you rather have wasted time in an agedness meeting with someone who hasn’t done a stitch of research about your business or be called a witch who’s selective about her time, gets paid her worth and uses her spare time to grow her spiritual, romantic, and health buckets…… ( hint: sticks and stones. sticks and stones CEOs)
So, now your list is reworked.

You are not only giving the appearance of business- you are actually running a business- keeping in mind- a business makes money. So until you can take all of this shuffling of emails, positive meetings to the bank- you need to become the BEST purger you can.

Nope, you’re not in this for play.

No, you don’t have plenty of time to waste.

Yes, you MUST make money or you’re playing.

No, you don’t have to say yes to every meeting.

Got it?

It’s Sunday. Time to plan the week. So, download your weekly planner here, and let’s roll.

Because looking like money isn’t the same as having a lil something in the bank…

With Great Expectations……. Kristi




Over 300 of you joined us for the LIVE 2 Week MasterClass on just “How” to Get BIGGER Business! 


We covered:

The Mindset

Your Value

The Package

and Stepping it UP!! 


And NOW, I’ve made the entire course LIVE on the website. So here are the details:



  1. Click here to Download your MasterClass Workbook
  2. Click here to Download your MasterClass Weekly Planner
  3. Click here to Download your Resource List and your 2015 Book List 

Click below to Access EACH Video Lesson:

MasterClass Intro Video

Video 1: The Mindset

Video 2: Your Value

Video 3: The Package

Video 4: Stepping it UP!! 


Now here’s something I want you to do- go to Instagram { @womenceoproject } AND/OR Twitter {@womenceo } and let us know what your BIGGEST Ah, Lesson or takeaway is- we’d totally appreciate your feedback. 


Have a wonderful week CEOs!

58 and counting .jpg

As my team launched my new course, ReThink Strategy, I developed this REALLY BIG plan of consulting 3000 businesses in the next calendar year. Will it be tough? Of course. Do I know how I’ll do it? Nope, but will I do it? DEFINITELY! 

As Les Brown says, the how is not your business, you just put your dreams and goals out there and go to WORK! 
So that’s what I did. My goal for the month of April, was to meet with 50 of you awesome women ceo’s and give you an intro consultation to acclimate you to what consulting can do for your business and show you how much clarity having your own ride or die business consultant can add to your business. 
For a few of you, I saw the light come into your eyes in the matter of minutes, and for that, I am truly grateful to have played a part. As I met with many of you this past month, I picked up a couple of themes and some of them bothered me enough for me to want to discuss them with all of you. The common themes I found in doing some uber focused sessions this past month are:
  • A resistance to determining a specific niche and a trend toward being more of a generalist as opposed to a specialists
  • Determining what exactly what you want to be known for
  • A need to get approval from someone outside of yourself to move forward on your dreams
  • Not focusing on marketing, only using social media to market yourself, or using your marketing tools inconsistently 
  • Having all of the knowledge needed, but not executing on it
I gave MANY different suggestions to these 58 women of the course of the month, but A LOT of the consultation initially focused on me asking them some very directed questions that once answered, provided all of the clarity that you needed. 
I want to make the lesson BIGGER. So I’m doing a LIVE Google Hangout on Saturday Morning (May 3rd) at 10am-11am Central TZ, where I will tackle those common themes and obstacles and how to get around them. 
The live session maybe a good idea for those of you who are really struggling in your business right now and who need an ounce of clarity to make MASSIVE changes. To get in on the live hangout on Saturday morning


no business strategy.jpg
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