Women CEO Project Podcast


What do you do when you got a few Ms. Me Too’s lurking in the cut waiting to dissect and copy your hard work….what do you do? You ignore them, focus on your brand and make creation and innovation your priority… In this Episode we focus on :

  • The most POWERFUL thing you can do to separate you from your competition
  • How to View the People Who Copy You
  • What you should focus on instead
  • What the secret sauce to your brand is
  • How to find your unique “edge” 
  • How to develop your thoughts
  • and How your passion and authenticity make you stand out 

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Women CEO Project Podcast

In this Episode, we talk about how to give your current and future audience a lil taste of your skills, talents and maneuver through and stand out from the minutia of ALL the other media, marketing and advertising messages they get daily. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • some options of what to create for your audience
  • what to do with the DIYers or the people who don’t want to buy from you
  • how to wrap your “free” with strategy and leverage
  • how to combine different platforms to reach your audience

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Women CEO Project Podcast


WCP Episode 1 Going off the Ledge 

In this episode of the Women CEO Project Podcast, I give an introduction to Women CEO Project and share with you our experience on how we ignored fear and jumped off the ledge to build a business that we were passionate about even though the timing was absolutely horrible. I give tips on how you can take a pause, really listen to and determine what moves you, and strike out towards the business and life that you truly deserve. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to make a pivot
  • How to let go of fear
  • How to prepare to leave your job
  • How to finish your education and do
  • How to start STRONG from day one 

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