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It’s Fall, October 1st and the last quarter of 2016 Just. That. Fast!!

And, just like all good businesses, we are making a few changes to better serve you.

Most of you signed up to receive business and event news from Women CEO Project or you visited one of our online or live events.

Many of you know that we recently launched a world tour visiting more than 30 cities that starts Oct. 29th in Houston, focusing on business strategy, business branding and your business funds, we also have a rollout of 9 products/planning tools coming in this last quarter. We also have some pretty engaging live events coming up in Houston, multiple cities in the US and abroad.

In an effort to make sure we offer the best service possible-we are updating and making some changes to our Women CEO Project Offerings. Can you please help us out by telling me all that you’d like to learn about from us.

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30 Cities Already Booked. More to come.

18 Months on the Road.

A Multi-City, Multi-Country, Hands-on and Engaging Summit for Women Entrepreneurs focusing on building her business brand, strategy and money.

For our 6th Anniversary, I’m traveling the world. Answering the call, the questions…Kristi, if I knew how to make my own money, If I knew how to start, how to brand myself, how to strategize, how to search for funds…Do you know what I would do with my life?

I’ve touched so many corners of the world and worked with business women and men on their strategy, on gaining more clients, on pulling in a bigger client, on how to leverage themselves and their business systems in order to win.

My and my little team are about to change the world. I know that you and I will NEVER be the same.

One city, one entrepreneur at a time. With my biggest business investment to date, I’m coming to you, with the sole purpose of changing lives, changing bank accounts, and changing up your idea of surviving, to one of thriving.

Today, on the 6th Anniversary of Women CEO Project, I am launching the Gobal Power Tour…….

First Stop, Houston, Texas October 29th, then


Accra, Ghana,

Johannesburg, and

Capetown, then forward, 30 cities plus on a 18 Month World Tour.

First Stop October 29th Houston, Texas. VIP & Regular Tickets Available.

I will bring 2 Local & Global Speakers along with me to each city to focus on your

Business Brand,

Your Business Strategy, and

Your Business Money…..

Only 80 seats Per City…….

***Sponsorship Opportunities Available……

Top Coaches 1

Hi guys!

We wanted to take advantage of the wealth of talent we have here in Houston by highlighting some of our top 10 favorites in their respective fields. We’ll be rolling out different lists from various industries over the next few days. Next up, Top 10 Business Coaches, Houston!

1.     Rhonda Townsend, MBA

          –       Business Coach/Strategist. Consultant. Speaker.



2.    Chris Westfall

   US National Elevator Pitch Champion | Business Coach Keynote Speaker


3.    Terra Bohlmann, PMP

–  Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


4.    Kachelle Kelly

–   Speaker. Business Coach & Mentor. Author of “Boss Women & Men Pray”



5.    Kristi L. Jackson, MBA

–   Entrepreneur, Biz Strategist & Founder of Women CEO Project


6.    Charles Alvarez

–       Cornerstone Advisory & Business Coaching


7.    Grace Rodriguez

–       TED ConferencesC2 CreateCulture Pilot


8.    Michele Price

–       Business Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneurial Startup Mentor, Product Launch Strategist


9.    Mattison Grey

–     Business and leadership coach, Greystone Guides


10. Karee Laing

–    Chief Brand Motivator and Principal at Studio Brand Collective


*The list is not in any particular order of importance, and each person was found based on searches through various social media platforms, like Linked In, Twitter and Instagram. Think we missed someone? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to let us know, and share below!



Hi CEOs,



I’m Answering Questions LIVE from Miami June 30th @12pm Central! 


MANY of you had questions about my upcoming 2 Week ONLINE Mastermind,

– what to expect in terms of privacy, community and support,

– what it required in terms of time, tools needed or mindset,


– what you will learn about your business, profits, marketing, proposal writing and growth,


– what workbooks,toolkits, checklists and templates you will get,


and I’m answering ALL of it LIVE from my the beach!

This Live Webinar Jam will be ONLY 1 Hour and I will get in as MANY questions as possible.


Here’s how to join:


1. Register for the Q & A  { HERE }



2. Email your question(s) about the 2 Week Online Mastermind to 

See you in Miami CEOs!!