Group Monthly Membership

Women CEO Project is a Community of Entrepreneurs who want to build profitable, strategic, and growth-oriented businesses. We foster this growth by offering a curriculum of classes, digital business documents, private consulting, an opportunity to meet global entrepreneurs, brainstorm, ask business questions and get live feedback, and have access to step-by-step video tutorials. Please click the Membership tab to get ALL of the details.

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Business Coaching

One of the things that I do BEST, is get in your business, find the MOST strategic ways of getting connected to the right people, increasing your financial funnels, and creating systems, operations and strategic plans that get your initiatives DONE, and your business goals met. Click the Business Coaching tab and watch the video which explains my ENTIRE Business Coaching Process. How we will work together, what to expect, what the benefits are and how we can get started.

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Business Lessons & Entrepreneur Interviews

Women CEO Project is soon launching a New & Innovative Platform to offer you up close, personal and LIVE Interviews and Business Lessons from some of the most sought entrepreneurs in the world. These interviews will offer you honest advice from business owners who’ve traveled the same entrepreneurial path you are currently navigating.

Global Retreats

Live Global Retreats

Starting FRESH in 2016, Women CEO Project will host LIVE and Engaging Business Retreats ALL OVER the World! These retreats will give you hands on business coaching by Kristi and invited coaches, provide materials, lodging, food, women’s amenities and relaxation on some of the MOST intoxicating locations in the world. Make sure to sign up to get ALL of the details First!

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Online Mastermind Groups

Quarterly, Women CEO Project offers 2 Week Online Mastermind Groups that are as engaging as they are intense and POWERFUL. The members of these Mastermind Groups have gone on to create growing businesses, create academies, become authors, start their businesses, finally become profitable and create global educational tours. Make sure to sign up to get updates on the next Online Mastermind Session.

Self-Publishing Webinar June 10th (1)

Self-Publishing as a Business-Coaching

For many, writing and publishing a book is one of their BIGGEST goals. It’s also, one of the scariest. In 2015, I Self-Published 2 book from Women CEO Project and it was one of the BEST decisions of the year. Those 2 books that came directly from my brain and onto paper, turned into a tangible work product that not only changed the lives of the readers and their businesses-but it added over 6 figures to our bottom line. Now, I’m teaching other entrepreneurs how to add a book project to their line of products and how to create a business and branding expansion plan from their books. You can do either-get personal handholding from me when writing your book or see if there is a workshop ( typically hosted online ) coming up. Join me. Holding your book in your hand is one of the most rewarding things that you can do.