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One of the things that I do BEST, is get in your business, find the MOST strategic ways of getting connected to the right people, increasing your financial funnels, and creating systems, operations and strategic plans that get your initiatives DONE, and your business goals met.

Over the course of 5 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of smaller, one woman shows, on up to Fortune 500 Companies and political campaigns.


The video to the left… explains my ENTIRE Business Coaching Process. How we will work together, what to expect, what the benefits are and how we can get started.

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3 Coaching Options

Private Business Coaching is LIVE ( in person in Houston) or Online one-on-one sessions with you and I.  These sessions are INTENSE and cover the MAJOR foundations, systems, operations, marketing, and the financial buckets in your business. We will conduct these sessions via online platforms or in person if you’re in the Houston area.
There are 3 MAJOR Coaching Options available depending on your current business needs and budget.

The MOST Popular Option is the 4 Session Package in which I will work with you over the course of four (2 hour) sessions either online or in person. This option, gives you the opportunity to have the 4 KEY Areas of your business strategized and planned with you. The video above breaks down these 4 Key Areas and a detailed coaching plan on how we will tackle each area.

Our second Coaching Option is to have a ( 3 Hour ) POWER Session. In this session, we will get LASER Focused on ( ONE ) Major Topic that you want to work on . Be it a big project, an obstacle, or an event, we will brainstorm and work on it intensely.
The third package is for those who need a little something unique. The Custom Package is available if you need me Onsite in your business for the day, or if you’d like me to create a 1 Day or ½ Day Session for you. To do a custom package, please email us the details of your project by clicking the box below.

4 Session One-on-One Private Coaching Package

watch Kristi’s coaching video for detailed information on this package

This is a custom package for serious entrepreneurs ready to:

  1. Identify their ideal client
  2. Zero in on financial and milestone goals
  3. Create and Launch major business initiative

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  1. Develop a business foundation including a plan, a strategic marketing strategy, and business systems
  2. Create their client package, tangible business benefits, and develop your product pricing and strategy
  3. Understand the POWER of Pitching, how, when, and who to pitch to
  4. How to develop a win/win proposal presentation for pitching
  5. How to go after the “ Bigger Deals” and scale your company
  6. How to Identify the BEST Audience for you to Speak in front of
  7. The KEY elements needed in your Speaking Package and Contracts
  8. How to Price your Speaking Engagements & What to Sell
  9. Create your OWN Products, Services, Events and Digital Tools
  10. Build your Power Funnels to effectively streamline your business
  11. Watch my Coaching Video above to get a Detailed Overview of what you and I will work on in this package

$6,000.00 ORDER NOW

Power Session

watch Kristi’s coaching video for detailed information on this package

This is an INTENSE 3 Hour Session where you and I will ZERO in on One MAJOR topic, obstacle, or project. You will fill out a questionnaire, so that I can get SUPER familiar with your project AND do some pre-work and research, then my assistant will schedule you on the calendar. You and I will meet online or in-person and get to work for 3 full hours.

$1,400.00 ORDER NOW

Custom Coaching Package

(starts from)$11000

plus Expenses

Custom coaching is available if you need a special combination package created for you, you need me to fly into your city or country, be onsite with you, create a full day or 1/2 session for your business or work hand-in-hand at your business for a block of time. 

For a custom package email us here.

The Process


Watch my Coaching Video Above then,


Determine which coaching option is right for you and put it in your cart and,


You will be contacted by my assistant who will email you a detailed questionnaire to get more information on your business and to set up your appointment on her calendar

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Coaching FAQs

I don’t live in Houston. How can we work together?

Coaching can be done virtual or online OR in person. Custom packages are available where I can come to you in your state/country, or you are always welcome to come to the Women CEO Project office.

Is there a payment plan for consulting?

The curriculum and detailed coaching plan is created for a fully committed entrepreneur.  So, typically, a payment plan is not available. Email us if you have any additional questions.

How long does the 4 Session Package usually take?

The 4 session package is launched within 2 months. Each session is for 2 hours (in person or online). During the course of 2 months, a two hour session is held once every 2 weeks. Within 2 months, depending on schedules, the 4 Session package should be complete.

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