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Are you ready to build your DREAM TEAM for 2016? Well, Women CEO Project wants to help you out starting with the wealth of talent we have here in Houston. We are highlighting our top 10 favorites in their respective fields. We’ll be rolling out different lists from various industries over the next few days and first up,

Top 10 Social Media Creatives

  1. Gabrielle Deculus

– Founder of Business Rules for Women, Development Director at Habitat for Humanity

Gabrielle Deculus Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Basya

-Artist. Creative thing. Chief harvester Pinkcilantro

Basya Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Madalyn Sklar

-Twitter Marketing Expert.

Madalyn Sklar Houston Behind the Grind



  1. Ashley Small

-Digital PR Strategist & President of Medley Incorporated

Ashley Small Houston Behind the Grind



  1. Kami Huyse

-Speaker. Founder and CEO of ZoeticaMedia

Kami Huyse


  1. Aimee Woodall

-President and Founder of The Black Sheep Agency

Aimee Woodall Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Portia Chandler

-Founder of Creative Marketing Agency Portia Chandler

Portia Chandler



  1. Fayza

-Writer. Speaker. Digital Strategist.

Fayza Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Deun Ivory

-Photographer. Art Teacher. Illustrator. Writer.

Deun Ivory Houston Behind the Grind


  1. Unique James

-Producer. Photographer. Founder of the full service production company, Compozition.

Unique James Houston Behind the Grind



*The list is not in any particular order of importance. Each person was found based on a search through various social media platforms. Think we missed someone? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to let us know. The more the merrier!

Women CEO Project Podcast


While working with many women ceo’s I’ve noticed that we’re always tired, seem unfocused, getting nowhere, stagnant and unsatisfied. We always working working working, always hustling, with absolutely no hustle plan. This gets us nowhere. This lack of focus mixed with fear feelings is the reason we created our upcoming Unleash Your Champion Virtual Summit event on Oct 30th with 3 powerful women who will speak to our fears and obstacles. More on that later, but today, I want to kick off a 4 part “ Focus Your Hustle” Podcast and blog series leading up to Unleash Your Champion.

Part 1: How to Value the Room

While it’s important to know how to work a room, it’s first imperative to understand how to value a room to determine if you should be there in the first place.

Starting a new business is totally filled with the type of excitement and adrenaline rush that feels unstoppable, that moves mountains, and that counters every obstacle.

That adrenaline is needed to plow through rooms of naysayers, to shake hands with millionaires, to request mentorship from seasoned professionals. But when networking, power connecting and making the best use of your time, you must first, understand your goal, and second, make sure your business development is done with those who help you to reach your goals.

It’s imperative that you zone in on

  • who you need in your circle

  • who you are currently connected with

  • who you want to connect with

  • who you can benefit

  • and who has your audience


I used to run my car and my tired ragged following behind every piece of supposed real estate business before truly understanding that if I focused on my goals, then determined what activities and events could get me to my goals, my networking and business development strategy totally changed, reduced in amount of time, yet increased in yielded sales. So, before stepping out to your next event, simply going to places that you’ve been invited, run through the simple checklist to determine if there is benefit in you spending your time, your money there.

Understand these key things:

  • We cannot fill our day simply going to things we’ve been invited

  • We must know who we’re looking for

  • We must be willing to take risks and expand

  • We must learn how to make true connections

  • We must understand, know, and identify the value we bring to scenarios before we pitch them

How to Determine the Value of a Room:

  • Does it cost money to attend this event? If not, understand that although you may meet a few quality people there, then chances are greater that you will meet people who may not be ready to invest in themselves or your products and services. Understand this simple fact, if your product or service costs money, and the event was free, you may not be sitting in an environment with people who want to spend money.

  • Is this an industry event? It’s a common sense mistake that I see businesses making everyday…. they are an attorney, so they fill their week with attorney networking events, and wonder why they are not getting clients… Does this make sense? If you fill your day with industry events, you will meet people in your industry who are also looking for clients- you probably won’t run into too many clients. You should instead fill your day with events where you can meet they type of client you want to buy from you. If you don’t find an event that specifically caters to your ideal client, you should create it. Think like this, if you’re say for example, a small business attorney try hosting

    • Meetups, events and networking functions for small businesses, startups or entrepreneurs

    • Hangouts for small businesses where they can “ Ask the Attorney”. I know a many small business owners who would LOVE to ask an attorney one question without having to drop a retainer.

    • A livestream panel of tips, tools, resources, and legalities to avoid for small businesses.

    • See the trend. The goal is to go where your client is or host something that your client would want to attend. Don’t fill your day with other attorneys looking for clients ( I know many realtors who fill their week with realtor association functions)
  • Did this event cost money to attend? BINGO. You have increased your chances of meeting people who spend money and who invest in themselves. That simple.

  • Are the people in the room a step above you? Some people want to only be in rooms where they are the star, but how can you learn from this room, how can you grow UP? Every now and then, go where everybody knows your name, but sprinkle in those events, functions and conferences, that will allow you to grow mentally, in thought and that give you access to meet the stars. It’s imperative to be around and learn what the stars do to become a star and also, keeping people around who are even slightly ahead of you keeps you on your toes and they usually love to reach back and pull you up.

  • Are there people there whose advice, connections, or doing business with could totally change the course of your life, career or business? Then break your neck to be there, to be of benefit to them and to connect. If there is no one there

  • Know who is going to be at an event. This is pretty easy, it just requires an ounce of effort. Check out the event website or the invite. Who are the speakers, is it someone you want to connect with? Is it someone you’ve been wanting to meet or interview? Find out before hand, connect with them pre-event, get the conversation started, and read here, where I give some strategic connection tips.

  • If you made a list of the top 5 attributes of your ideal client, is this particular type of person going to be at this event? Again, if you have for example a florist shop, would it be better for you to go to a whole bunch of florists events, to happy hour networking events, or C. to bridal shows, meeting planner association meeting, office manager association meeting…… Who would buy your flowers? Brides, office managers, meeting planners for events… Think strategy, and no, random, is not a strategy.

This checklist is simple isn’t it? In business, and especially starting out, one of the most precious things we have is our time, and our resources. We can’t give it away or waste it. If something is for fun, let’s call it fun, but if it’s supposed to be for business, let’s handle it professionally, analyze our options, and get the most out of our time spent and potential connections we can make

So now, before get busy stuffing your week full of meaningless (to your business) or unfocused events, I want to to truly understand and know the value of the room before you give your time and definitely your hard earned money.

I hoped you’ve enjoyed part 1 of the Focus Your Hustle Series, “ How to Value the Room” get ready for Part 2 where we dive into “How to Break Down Your Goal into Baby Bites”


Show Notes:


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60 Ways to Increase your Influence Online- From the Top Gurus in the World ( 10 here, read the other 50 @ Online Influence 

#1. David Meerman Scott. “Stop talking about your products and services. People don’t care about products and services; they care about themselves.” -@dmscott

#2. Anne Holland. “Improve the buttons on your landing page. Can you make your button bigger?” -@anneholland55

#3. Mike Volpe. “We share lots of things that most companies would keep internal. By sharing both the good and the bad, you build digital influence.” -@mvolpe

#4. Michael Port. “Consistency. Consistency demonstrates commitment. You’re going to earn trust because you’re consistent.” -@michaelport

#5. Liz Strauss. “Know where you’re going — because who would want to follow you if you don’t know where you’re going?” -@lizstrauss

#6. Robert Scoble. “Follow better people. The better your inbound is, the better your output will be. And your output is what people follow.” -@scobleizer

#7. Carol Roth. “Align yourself with outstanding strategic partners.” -@CarolJSRoth

#8. Scott Porad. “Make connections with people online, and then go and meet them in person in the real world, offline.” -@scottporad

#9. Joe Pulizzi. “Create content that stands for something: what I call Higher Purpose Content Marketing.” -@juntajoe

#10. Laurel Touby. “Each month, on the first day of the month, assign yourself 3 digital trends you’ve been hearing about and do a test drive.” -@laureltouby