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What does it take to start or grow a business? Learn with me and the Marketing Stylist Lisa Alexander here http://goo.gl/HB3y7G

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We had the pleasure of catching up with Mrs. Activate herself, Lucinda Cross as she is busy making waves in the branding, marketing and speaking arenas. 

Lucinda truly is the comeback queen and in this podcast she describes finding her core vales, uncovering her natural talents, and being on charge of creating her own momentum, designing the exact life that she wanted and then, showing other women how to:

  • Navigate and separate themselves from the sea of sameness
  • Activate their lives, their relationships, their businesses and their dreams
  • How to build their own launch pad
  • and How to be their own savior instead of waiting for someone else to activate their dreams

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One of the BEST interviews I’ve done to date, Denise Duffield-Thomas will TOTALLY get you past your money blocks. Sometimes, where we’re in the trenches working our business, we think it’s just us alone. We think that no one else had to jump back into corporate and get a job. We think that no one else has trouble with cash flow. We think that no one else has trouble negotiating their worth. 

As we continue February focusing on money, our profit streams, and funding, I want to share with you Mrs. Denise Duffield-Thomas, who gives frank, and detailed information on how to get on the right side of money in this podcast. 

She is also quite systematic on how she runs her business and touches on that is well in this interview. 

Get your pen, paper and maybe even a tissue and sit down with this interview. You won’t regret it! 

  • How to Eliminate those Pesky Money Blocks for GOOD!
  • How to Leverage your Time, Money and Talents by Automating
  • How to Make it Through those Startup Years
  • How to Get Help for your Business EVEN on a Limited Budget
  • Understand and Live the phrase ” You serve, so you Deserve” 
  • Let go of the Thrill and Focus on Profits 


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Is 2014 your year to leave the J.O.B behind? Want to learn how to successfully leave your job and finally be in your business full-time? In this episode, we had the chance to interview the successful and energetic Farnoosh Brock, who is the owner of Prolific Living LLC. She made a smooth transition from a cushy and growing corporate job as an engineer, to creating the business of her dreams. 

In this Episode you will Learn:

  • How to create an exit plan and slowly move away from the job you hate
  • 5 Things to do if you are starting a new business or blog TODAY!
  • What do you do about health insurance when you leave your job
  • How to do a financial assessment and know how much money should you save before you leave
  • How to have focus and work productively to get everything done as a new entrepreneur
  • How to build relationships to grow your business, your database, and share your programs and services
  • What to expect when you start a business
  • Learn how to build wealth on your own as a business owner
  • What a typical day is like for an entrepreneur
  • The GREAT importance of deadlines and specific goals as an entrepreneur

Links Mentioned:

How to Double Your Traffic by Writing Irresistible Deadlines by John Morrow

Creator’s Mastermind Free Video Series

Creator’s Blueprint 6- Module Online Course 

Heal and Empower Yourself with 21 Steps, Free Video Series 

10 Sites to Create Your Own Avatar 

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Women CEO Project Podcast


While working with many women ceo’s I’ve noticed that we’re always tired, seem unfocused, getting nowhere, stagnant and unsatisfied. We always working working working, always hustling, with absolutely no hustle plan. This gets us nowhere. This lack of focus mixed with fear feelings is the reason we created our upcoming Unleash Your Champion Virtual Summit event on Oct 30th with 3 powerful women who will speak to our fears and obstacles. More on that later, but today, I want to kick off a 4 part “ Focus Your Hustle” Podcast and blog series leading up to Unleash Your Champion.

Part 1: How to Value the Room

While it’s important to know how to work a room, it’s first imperative to understand how to value a room to determine if you should be there in the first place.

Starting a new business is totally filled with the type of excitement and adrenaline rush that feels unstoppable, that moves mountains, and that counters every obstacle.

That adrenaline is needed to plow through rooms of naysayers, to shake hands with millionaires, to request mentorship from seasoned professionals. But when networking, power connecting and making the best use of your time, you must first, understand your goal, and second, make sure your business development is done with those who help you to reach your goals.

It’s imperative that you zone in on

  • who you need in your circle

  • who you are currently connected with

  • who you want to connect with

  • who you can benefit

  • and who has your audience


I used to run my car and my tired ragged following behind every piece of supposed real estate business before truly understanding that if I focused on my goals, then determined what activities and events could get me to my goals, my networking and business development strategy totally changed, reduced in amount of time, yet increased in yielded sales. So, before stepping out to your next event, simply going to places that you’ve been invited, run through the simple checklist to determine if there is benefit in you spending your time, your money there.

Understand these key things:

  • We cannot fill our day simply going to things we’ve been invited

  • We must know who we’re looking for

  • We must be willing to take risks and expand

  • We must learn how to make true connections

  • We must understand, know, and identify the value we bring to scenarios before we pitch them

How to Determine the Value of a Room:

  • Does it cost money to attend this event? If not, understand that although you may meet a few quality people there, then chances are greater that you will meet people who may not be ready to invest in themselves or your products and services. Understand this simple fact, if your product or service costs money, and the event was free, you may not be sitting in an environment with people who want to spend money.

  • Is this an industry event? It’s a common sense mistake that I see businesses making everyday…. they are an attorney, so they fill their week with attorney networking events, and wonder why they are not getting clients… Does this make sense? If you fill your day with industry events, you will meet people in your industry who are also looking for clients- you probably won’t run into too many clients. You should instead fill your day with events where you can meet they type of client you want to buy from you. If you don’t find an event that specifically caters to your ideal client, you should create it. Think like this, if you’re say for example, a small business attorney try hosting

    • Meetups, events and networking functions for small businesses, startups or entrepreneurs

    • Hangouts for small businesses where they can “ Ask the Attorney”. I know a many small business owners who would LOVE to ask an attorney one question without having to drop a retainer.

    • A livestream panel of tips, tools, resources, and legalities to avoid for small businesses.

    • See the trend. The goal is to go where your client is or host something that your client would want to attend. Don’t fill your day with other attorneys looking for clients ( I know many realtors who fill their week with realtor association functions)
  • Did this event cost money to attend? BINGO. You have increased your chances of meeting people who spend money and who invest in themselves. That simple.

  • Are the people in the room a step above you? Some people want to only be in rooms where they are the star, but how can you learn from this room, how can you grow UP? Every now and then, go where everybody knows your name, but sprinkle in those events, functions and conferences, that will allow you to grow mentally, in thought and that give you access to meet the stars. It’s imperative to be around and learn what the stars do to become a star and also, keeping people around who are even slightly ahead of you keeps you on your toes and they usually love to reach back and pull you up.

  • Are there people there whose advice, connections, or doing business with could totally change the course of your life, career or business? Then break your neck to be there, to be of benefit to them and to connect. If there is no one there

  • Know who is going to be at an event. This is pretty easy, it just requires an ounce of effort. Check out the event website or the invite. Who are the speakers, is it someone you want to connect with? Is it someone you’ve been wanting to meet or interview? Find out before hand, connect with them pre-event, get the conversation started, and read here, where I give some strategic connection tips.

  • If you made a list of the top 5 attributes of your ideal client, is this particular type of person going to be at this event? Again, if you have for example a florist shop, would it be better for you to go to a whole bunch of florists events, to happy hour networking events, or C. to bridal shows, meeting planner association meeting, office manager association meeting…… Who would buy your flowers? Brides, office managers, meeting planners for events… Think strategy, and no, random, is not a strategy.

This checklist is simple isn’t it? In business, and especially starting out, one of the most precious things we have is our time, and our resources. We can’t give it away or waste it. If something is for fun, let’s call it fun, but if it’s supposed to be for business, let’s handle it professionally, analyze our options, and get the most out of our time spent and potential connections we can make

So now, before get busy stuffing your week full of meaningless (to your business) or unfocused events, I want to to truly understand and know the value of the room before you give your time and definitely your hard earned money.

I hoped you’ve enjoyed part 1 of the Focus Your Hustle Series, “ How to Value the Room” get ready for Part 2 where we dive into “How to Break Down Your Goal into Baby Bites”


Show Notes:

Unleash Your Champion Virtual Summit

You’ve been worried about money. 

You’re pretty overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to do to get your business off the ground and make some profit from it. 

You’ve been worrying about your readiness, your permission or lack there of. 

You’ve been wondering if now is the time to actually launch, to share those thoughts, those ideas that had previously been reserved for your family, close friends, or sometimes, no one.

You’ve been wondering. You’ve been waiting. You’ve seen others start, grow and run right past you.

You’ve watched others launch your ideas…..

Is it your time? Are you ready? Do you have the talent? Can you afford it? Will people laugh at you? Will your inner circle say you’ve changed? Will your family support you?

Yeah, we’ve wondered the same things too, and guess what?


NOW is the time to move anyway.


Now is the time to get those ideas on paper and into action to truly KNOW  if they will actually work.

Now is the time to stop being the smart person at your church or in your circle who gives everyone advice, but to now, advance to the person, the professional who actually gets paid well and what they deserve for their advice.

 Now is the time to develop the type of bulletproof mindset that tells you, you CAN do it, even when you feel like a failure.

The mindset that tells you, you CAN make the money you only daydream about, and that you are worth receiving it.

The mindset that makes you respect, focus and channel your time into activities that only take you HIGHER, not simply tireder.



Now is the time. Now is your opportunity.


We have combed the feedback of our CEOs, locally and globally and heard your need. You’re tired, unfocused, have an unhealthy relationship with your money and you have not been sharing nor refining your unique gifts, instead, tucking them away and ignoring their importance totally.



On October 30th, you will meet 3 POWERFUL Women who will get you unstuck, focused, and no longer ignored.


Lisa Nichols ( Keynote Speaker) ” Unleash Your Champion

CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world, a best-selling author of 6 books and one of the most sought-after transformational speakers whose global platform has reached and served millions.

Kristi L. Jackson ( Host) 

Kristi L. Jackson, MBA is an Award Winning Humanitarian, Founder of Women CEO Project, Power Culture Magazine and the first and only Multi-Country, Multi-Speaker, Virtual Business Summit for Women Entrepreneurs. She’s a White House recognized Citizen Innovator and Entrepreneur, POWERFUL speaker, podcaster, and women’s business advocate.

Tiphani Montgomery ( Speaker)  ” How to Focus Your Hustle

Tiphani Montgomery is a #1 Essence Magazine Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and founder of Tiphani Montgomery, LLC, a personal and entrepreneurial development firm that provides online training for women entrepreneurs.

AnneMarie Cross ( Speaker) ” The Wealthy Mindset” 

Annemarie Cross is a Brand Strategist, Money Breakthrough & Business Coach and supports women entrepreneurs in unearthing and communicating their inner brilliance (their brand) to the world so they can boost their credibility, visibility and hireability and finally get noticed, booked and paid what they’re worth.


Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing exclusive event information and deeper insights with you about our speakers and their journeys. For now, use the next few days to have your excuse burning party, release the ghosts and obstacles holding back, and prepare to have your cup filled by these phenomenal women. 



Women CEO Project Podcast


What do you do when you got a few Ms. Me Too’s lurking in the cut waiting to dissect and copy your hard work….what do you do? You ignore them, focus on your brand and make creation and innovation your priority… In this Episode we focus on :

  • The most POWERFUL thing you can do to separate you from your competition
  • How to View the People Who Copy You
  • What you should focus on instead
  • What the secret sauce to your brand is
  • How to find your unique “edge” 
  • How to develop your thoughts
  • and How your passion and authenticity make you stand out 

Show Notes Include:


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Women CEO Project Podcast

Are You Giving Your Business the Shaft? 

When your business gets the last drop of your disposable income, after your normal activities, daily splurges, shoe habit, margarita friday’s and ….. when your business gets the last drops of oil, why do we expect it to be uber successful?

There is much truth in the sayings, the things that get your money and your mind are the things you give value to and to see your business grow, you have to invest some time AND some money into it.

 In this Podcast, you will learn:

  • How to Give your Business the RESPECT is Deserves
  • Then How to Find the Funds You Need to Grow Your Business!
  • And TONS of links, tools, and additional resources

Podcast Show Notes:




Women CEO Project Podcast

We all do it….. fall prey to saying yes, being a people pleaser and promptly allowing, even handing the broom to folks, and sweeping our needs and desires under the run. Why do we do this to ourselves. We can’t we say no, even when saying yes is detrimental to our own health, peace of mind, families, and businesses? 

This podcast is for ALL of the women I know who fall into the yes trap, who don’t put their needs first and who have trouble saying no to the things that don’t move themselves and their businesses forward. 

Please drop us a comment below, and tell us what you have trouble saying no to…


Included in this Episode:

  • Why we don’t say no when we really need to
  • How to say “ No” scripts
  • How to make your no clear and clean 
  • How to get your personal and business needs met
  • How to make “ YOU” your #1 priority
  • How to redirect request for free services or products 
  • How to respond to requests from people you love, charities and churches 

Links Mentioned:


Women CEO Project Podcast

In this Episode, we talk about how to give your current and future audience a lil taste of your skills, talents and maneuver through and stand out from the minutia of ALL the other media, marketing and advertising messages they get daily. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • some options of what to create for your audience
  • what to do with the DIYers or the people who don’t want to buy from you
  • how to wrap your “free” with strategy and leverage
  • how to combine different platforms to reach your audience

Websites and Tools Mentioned: