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I truly couldn’t have found a better woman to speak with you about fear and finally jumping that hurdle to reach the other side of your success. 

Daily and weekly, Kia Granberry effectively leads women to find, unleash, then pursue their passions and tonight, you have her all to yourself. 

She is a minister, a Fox News Correspondent, and branding strategist. 

Tonight, in 2 Hours at 7:30-8:30pm Central,  we want to tackle it all. I’m ready, I’m excited and I want you there with us. 

We are sending out the link to join us to everyone who’s registered at 7pm tonight. So grab your seats NOW. 

I truly don’t want you to miss Kia!!!

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What does it take to start or grow a business? Learn with me and the Marketing Stylist Lisa Alexander here

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I have a friend and consulting client. 

Who just quit her job. 

Closed her business. 

Left her dog and family in Houston.

And moved about a gazillion miles away to pursue her passion and a build a totally new business. 


Nearing her forties, she took a chance on herself, followed my specific advice, made a major move, got some initial success, got connected with some pretty famous celebrities and brands, had the doors to some prime opportunities opened……


Then… she quit. 


Four months in. She freaking quit and I couldn’t be more upset if I absolutely tried. 

Not because she wasn’t good. Not because she wasn’t experiencing a level of success. But for another reason. 

Let me tell you why.


She made 2 HUMONGOUS mistakes that so many entrepreneurs make.  

  • She felt that the success she was seeing from some pretty established folks in her niche, who had put in 10, 20 and 30 years…. She felt that type of success was owed to her after 4 measly months. 
  • She compared her beginnings to someone else’s established success and became overwhelmed, frustrated and felt hopeless.


CEOs, hear me now…


You don’t get points for showing up. You gain progress from putting in the work….


Don’t to this. It is a setup for failure. It is a prime recipe for unfounded feelings of inadequacies. 

I consulted her to some quick success but her fear, feelings on entitlement, and being overwhelmed made her quit. 

Most of you get frustrated because you’re comparing your first attempt to someone else’s 100th attempt. Your first proposal that didn’t work to someone else’s 25th proposal. 

Your first attempt at business from your comfy apartment with someone who lived in their studio for the first 8 years of building their business. 

Don’t ask me about my over 400th event’s success, ask me about my first event in 2004, that I prepared for, for WEEKS, and that absolutely ZERO people showed up to except my sister… And she had to bribe me with chocolate and a pedicure so I wouldn’t cry. 

 I was full of embarrassment. Full of what I imagined, were failure thoughts and looks from others in my real estate office.  

But then the next week, I was marketing a NEW event, with new ideas and learning new ways to make it a success. It took a while, and I had a winning formula in 2 years, but what if I had quit from the first attempt?

Ask me about my first proposal- that was ugly and on Google docs and so amateur and emailed ahead of my meeting because I was broke and out of ink. Or having to pull in 2 of my neighbors to roll with me to this meeting so that I looked like I had a team- when I had only the awesome meal I promised I’d cook them for the favor. 

My first 5 years in business were rough and I haven’t finished seeing rough times. Every single person who loved me, told me I should quit and move back home. But I couldn’t and thank goodness I didn’t, because successful year 6, year, 7, year, 8 and on were waiting for me. 

I could fill your head and your inbox with plenty of stories, but you must get one thing from this. 


It AIN’T Quitting Time. 


Failure has not found you. Failure is not your destiny. Failure is not your home- until you give up. 
Don’t get caught up comparing your beginnings to someone who’s been in the game, cutting their teeth, consistently hitting the pavement and paying their dues.

Until you have exhausted every single, solitary, opportunity, angle and option that you have developed for this business… it’s not time to let it go. 


Hold on to your intuition, that feeling that you just can’t let it go, that desire to think of something new, to try again. Hold on to your business and the reasons why you started it and imagine yourself feeling like a success, not like a failure. 


Just focus on starting, executing, on not letting fear succeed, on tapping into that power that you KNOW you possess. Focus on being the most fearless, courageous, creative, entrepreneurially minded, no matter what person you know…. 

and go after it relentlessly.




Reformed Professional Quitter…Kristi 

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How awesome has the last 2 weeks been? Well, the Strategy Series is coming to an end. We only have 2 things left! I have gotten a MASSIVE amount of feedback with your questions, what you’ve learned and what you’re doing with the lessons from this series. We have 2 things coming and I give ALL the details in the short recording.

Do know this CEOs, your goals, your hurts, your fears, your setbacks, your obstacles…. I hear them all and

I Believe in You Anyway…. Do you? No sales. No strategy. No profits. No business. Just You. 

Listen to the recording below and let me know.

With Great Expectations,


20 (1)


  1. Stop stepping over dollars to chase after pennies. Small ballers focus on what’s currently in front on them instead of delegating and going after the bigger picture and long-term strategy. Give the busy work to the secretary while you put on your heels and chase after the big deals. 
  2. Small ballers spend too much time in development and not enough time in doing. Why you been working on that speaker’s kit for 6 months instead of going out and getting speaking engagements? Which would serve you better? The actual petal meeting the metal experience or the perfectly spelled and worded word document. Get out of the development phase and jump into doing. 
  3. Go to the edge of your comfort zone and JUMP. Magnificence does NOT happen within your comfort zone. Small ballers aim for only what they feel they can absolutely reach or what other’s have done before them –  never ever venturing out into their own creativity. Why do this? Understand that entrepreneurship is not built to keep you comfortable and if you are feeling warm and cozy, you probably need to stretch yourself more. 
  4. Stop living up and into the boxes that others set for you. People give advice and set boundaries for you based of their own fears of what they feel they could accomplish themselves. Why are you carrying other’s weight? Why are you accepting the no’s they got when they tried to start a business? That’s too much weight to carry. Focus on your own goals, your own ambitions, and by all means CEOs, get your own NO. Don’t accept anyone else’s!
  5. Stop complaining about entrepreneurship. There is no glory in being a tired entrepreneur. It’s a life that you chose, and path that you wanted to tread. It isn’t supposed to easily make you millions. Refine those expectations about what the entrepreneurship life entails and buck up. Either you’re about this life or you’re not. 
  6. Small ballers are information junkies who NEVER take focused action. They shuffle around from lesson to lesson hunting and gathering but never conquering. Don’t do this. Put a timeframe on the learning, then make a committed, descriptive, deadline pending goal with yourself. 
  7. Take yourself and your business seriously. Stop floating deadlines, procrastinating on producing or only being a cheerleader in the women’s movement without ever executing on anything. 
  8. Small ballers wait on permission for everything. STOP! You didn’t get into business to be like everyone else or to do what everyone is doing. So why ask everyone for their permission to shine? This is your business. You are an entrepreneur. Now is the time to try out all of those unique ideas and unleash your champion!
  9. Stop being scared to talk about money. The more you run from or shun those who focus on their profits, the more you delay making profit in your own business. Learn to speak money. Learn to pay professionals. Learn to be comfortable making and spending money in your business. 
  10. Stop asking for little money. This keeps you small. Go after the whale. Pitch the big projects. Go for the bigger money and the bigger deals. If not you then who?
  11. Stop spending time with unqualified prospects. Make sure you give AWESOME content and send folks who are not quite ready to buy to your blog to get all that you offer for free, but don’t spend time convincing or begging someone to do business with you. 
  12. Small ballers don’t ask for what they need. They get scared by folks questioning their prices or valuing their knowledge. Usually, they cave in to deep discounts, and eating plenty of resentment. Don’t do this. Make a commitment to continuous learning and be confident in what you know, what you charge and who you were placed on this earth to serve. 
  13. Stop getting a consensus on your idea. Why ask the opinions of folks who’ve never accomplished anything of mention? Go with your gut and do your best. 
  14. Let a brand inspire you, but don’t copy them. Starting a business is YOUR time to truly explore and share your unique talents and authentic voice with the world. Copying keeps you unnoticeable. Blend in fo what?
  15. Learn to motivate yourself and speak life back into your day and your attitude. People who always need to go outside of themselves to get motivated should rethink becoming an entrepreneur.
  16. Stop speaking negative words. Do you know that your brain is hearing you and registering that something is wrong? STOP IT! Your mindset and how you leverage it is one of the most powerful assets you have. Make sure you are kind and patient with yourself and that you learn 2 or 3 really motivating affirmations that you can trot out whenever you need it. 
  17. Stop going at it alone. Small ballers don’t know how to ask for help, where to find help and are afraid of paying for quality help. Don’t do this. Get focused on building the best team you can around you. This is one key task that will drive you to the big leagues!
  18. Playing small keeps you focused on being liked. Do you know that you are not meant for everyone to like you? Business is business. It’s not always pleasant and sometimes you have to ruffle a few feathers. Understand that going big means you need to have a thick skin and the ability and gumption to take care of yourself and your interests.
  19. Small ballers spend time in negative circles and environments that are familiar but that no longer serve them. Yes, I know they are your family. Yes, I now they are your “friends”. When going big, you will have to change up your circles, clean out your sandbox and upgrade who you play with. You absolutely must remove yourself from circles that do not grow you and travel light on your way to the top. 
  20. Small ballers are proficient at letting any single solitary distraction or obstacle hold them back instead of making the obstacle a learning experience that can propel them forward. Write down every single excuse you’ve had so far in 2014…. write them all out, neatly and organized. Now, open the drawer, take out a lighter and burn that damn list completely. We’re done talking about circumstances and rather discuss creative opportunities. We’re done moaning lack and are focused on abundance. We’ve finished playing small and only speak of love, abundance, progression, success and focus, because we do NOT serve the world by playing small ball!

So what are you playing small at? 

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Today’s lesson will be personal for most of us. But it’s a small exercise that MUST be done to finally release all those pesky mindset traumas that consistently hold us back. 

Check out the recording here, then drop me a note below and tell me what it’s going to take for you….

26 Lessons 2
  1. Make an unbreakable commitment to yourself in one area of your life.
  2. Quit the self doubt and the negative talk. We often kill our own opportunities before our enemies can. 
  3. Think long-term. Thinking short-term doesn’t allow you to create a legacy or an impact. 
  4. Determine, what you want your legacy to be? Then create a life that achieves that.
  5. Make your MUST list. Who you MUST meet, MUST collaborate with, MUST write/speak for. Hold yourself to that MUST.
  6. Become disciplined about your money, no matter how big or small it is. 
  7. Learn to say no. You are the guardian of your time, your energy, and your life.
  8. Stop blaming others for your position in life. Once you take control of your life, you have the power to change it.
  9. Make peace with any mistakes you made in 2013, so they don’t screw up your 2014.
  10. Set a solid goal, with a deadline and milestones, then make a plan to incrementally reach it. 
  11. Get something to hold you accountable to said goal, either a business coach, an accountability partner or a mastermind team
  12. Put a time limit on worry, crying, or tantrums. Have them if you need to, but make a promise to yourself, to stop at some point and start planning.
  13. Proximity to success and being in the conversation of success are important, but only ACTION and EXECUTION can get you to success.
  14. Understand that you will fail sometimes, but your failures come with much more powerful lessons than never trying. 
  15. In business, in life and in love, you teach others how to treat you. Start by treating yourself well. 
  16. Allow yourself time to think and respect your ideas. We dismiss million dollar ideas daily because we’re too busy to think them through.
  17. Make a commitment to keep learning, growing, and educating yourself. Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. 
  18. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
  19. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your path had different stones. You and your story are unique.
  20. Put a limit on research. When that time is up, commit to ACTION!
  21. You will get inspiration. You will get advice, but stop looking for the answers to be laid out for you in a 1 ,2, 3 pattern. Learn to be inspired, then channel that inspiration into your goals.
  22. When you feel yourself getting scared to make a move, ask yourself, ” If this fails, what’s the worst that could happen ?” 
  23. When you’re trying to reach your level best, before you turn in a project ask yourself,” Is this my absolute best ?”
  24. When confronted with an obstacle, ask yourself, ” What’s the best way that I can do this?”
  25. Take advantage of all opportunities granted to you but get accustomed to, proficient even, at creating your OWN Opportunities
  26. If you’re gonna go for it, go for the whale, GO BIG. You DO NOT serve the world by playing small ball. 
fail to respect your dreams

We give such little respect to these million dollar ideas floating through our thoughts daily. We ignore them, discount them, find fault in them, then systematically open ourselves to let others totally dump on what’s left of our goals. 

But why? The way to get the most POWERFUL movements off that paper and finally executed is to show them some respect by placing a high value on where we want to be, how to get there, who and what we allow to get our precious time, and who we let speak into our lives. 

We’ve burned the resolution list, because we are fully aware that making lists gets nothing done. We are now focused on setting goals with some power behind them so they become more than paper. They become DONE.  But what does this mean? What are power goals? And what tools are available to help you make steps towards your idea of success?

1. When making your “to do” list, stay focused on what tasks on that list are high-level and which ones are low level.  Here’s how to tell the difference. If the task directly brings in revenue, moves the dial on your business, or cultivates a key business relationship, then, you should be doing it. 

If it’s a task that helps to support your initiatives and projects like creating the documents to your projects, inputting emails into your database from the networking event you hosted,  creating the spreadsheets for your business that shows what revenue the high-level tasks brought in….. Those items should be done by someone else and are administrative. ( these should not be on your plate) 

Make sure that your “to do” list is focused at least 80% on the high-level items and spend a small amount of time checking the work and progress of your assistant doing the administrative or low-level tasks. 

2. Are the things on your “to do” or “to go to” list clearly aligned with your goals? I got a call last night from a pretty ambitious guy that I used to sell jewelry with. He always wanted to go into real estate and was one of my biggest supporters when I took the leap. After the formalities and catching up from not speaking in over 7 years, he asked one question, “ Kristi, how do you suggest that I get my client? I’m going to all of these events but I’m getting people who have so many financial issues and who aren’t ready to buy. I asked a few questions about where he was going to network…..Long story short, he was attending Credit Repair Workshops and sponsoring Free Events. I’m sure many of you just had a little chuckle like, if he’s going to credit repair events obviously, these folks have financial issues right? Sounds simple, but many of us fill our days going to, sponsoring and giving our time to activities and events that absolutely do not have our client that we say we want to work with. Continuing to do this, is counterproductive to reaching your goals. 

 Take a look at the activities currently on your calendar and ask yourself a simple question, “ Is my client attending?” It is your job to separate your busyness from your business focuses and clear up your schedule from doing things that don’t help you reach your goals.  

3. Having a goal is simply not enough. You must also attach an execution strategy behind how you will achieve this goal. How will you get it done? Whose help do you need? How will you market it? How much will it cost to accomplish it? Who will be your partners? Who will help keep you accountable? What date will you have it done by? What do you need to be working on today, tomorrow, this week, this month, to reach this goal? Answering these questions gets your goal executed not simply written down on paper or sitting pretty on a vision board. 

4. Learn how to separate business from volunteering or fun activities. Some of the things that you do or give your time to are volunteering, contributing to the greater good, but do not confuse them with business activity. For example, if you have a product or service that cost money, and you are giving or volunteering at a shelter or women’s rehabilitation group under the guise of “business” you are fooling yourself and wasting time. If you want to volunteer, call it volunteering and let it be that. But if you are hoping to gain clients from volunteering here, your chances aren’t necessarily nil, but they are extremely low. It would be better to spend your time around women who can currently afford your products and services and STILL volunteer at the shelter whenever you want, just with a clearer understanding that the goal here is charity, not business. 

5. Wear the opportunities you do get, the HELL OUT. It’s amazing to me to sit and watch folks get dressed up, break their neck to get a ticket to an event, then go, and sit and wait for the magic to happen. WHY? Why are you at an event and not talking to people, or just talking to the folks you came with? 

If you get a crack in the door of opportunity, you need to tear that bit*h down and bring some of the sheetrock with you. 

Why are you posting up on social media, simply reworking other’s articles and posts about celebrities? For many of us, this is the most powerful form of marketing and branding that we can afford. You should be wearing it the HELL OUT-productively. 

Why spend your time going to an event if you don’t have a goal to meet X amount of people and build some great relationships.

Why are you letting ALL of these business events come and go in your city (most of them for free) and you are not breaking your neck to get to EVERY SINGLE ONE that has your client there? CEOs, don’t watch opportunities waiting on the next one. Who promised there would be a next one?

The year is new but are you? Are you giving your goals the respect and priority they deserve? Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t wait until the next opportunity. Work on them daily. Even if it’s only an email, or a phone call, whatever it is, make small progress on it daily.Organize, plot and plan your dreams NOW. You and your goals are worth it. 


2014 Goal Setting Tools





Many times our business stress comes from lack of strategy, using leverage and our energy wisely, thinking things through or getting help where needed.

For our 2014 to be successful, it requires us to focus more on what’s important, what brings us closer to our goals, makes us more profitable and, if possible, hits more than one stone at the same time.

Here are 8 very basic ways to reduce your stress, use what you’ve got and be more strategic in 2014!
1. Use your time wisely and get help where you need it. Today I want you to put out a job on for a virtual assistant for 2 hours a week at $10 an hour ($80 a month) and start delegating.  Yep, you can afford that. And give them things to do that shouldn’t be on your plate anyway while you slowly learn to focus on the larger projects and meetings that bring in your business more money. This assistant will do things like

  • editing and uploading blog posts

  • creating and editing documents

  • sending out emails ( I wrote this email but my assistant sent it to you while I’m in Austin wine tasting and doing a lot of nothing…)

  • and this is just the beginning. Go to Chris Ducker’s website to learn more about how to hire your virtual assistant in the new year. 

Part 2 of using your time wisely. Guard your time like a hawk. I’m sure I get “blessed” by someone at least once per week because of a meeting I refuse to have. CEOs, it is absolutely your job to sniff out those agenda-less meetings, brain picking sessions, or complete wastes of time. Get comfortable with no. Make friends with no. Understand that no isn’t mean, it just means, no.  


2. Get off all of those social media platforms and only use the ones that help your business and the ones where your client hangs out. Many of us waste time on platforms where our client is not hanging nor where they go to get information on your particular product or service. Make sure to schedule your posts, and spend no more than 10 minutes a day “live posting” or checking your pages. Social Media, especially if your using it has no angle or reason, is a huge time waster and you can’t be strategic if you’re wasting the little time you have. A few quick tips:

  • – if your product is visual (retail, clothes, a widget) think Facebook, Instagram, possibly Pinterest

  • – if your product is professional, like consulting/coaching, think : Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

3. Pick a ledge and jump.  MANY of us are juggling way toooooooo many job descriptions, titles and services. It truly does not make you look good to have this on your website: Financial Coaching Services, Image Consulting, Empowerment Speaking, Modeling, Model Coaching, can be hired as a spoken word Poet…. Yep. That all came from one blog and I didn’t list all of her services.

But not only the way it looks, dividing your time, energy and talents into too many areas dilutes your power and makes you and your business less effective.

CEOs, I want you to stop doing this in the new year. Being a Jane of All Trades is what gets us unpaid. How can the blogger mentioned above come to me or anyone else and say, I’m really proficient in this area, very knowledgable and should be paid 1k? We can’t take her seriously and we all want our business talents, skills and time invested taken as seriously as possible. 

One of our biggest problems is picking a platform or niche, then going at it with 100% focus. Without giving our focus, we can’t see opportunities, we don’t have time to go for the bigger deals and we end up not doing all of our projects or completing our goals. And most importantly, without focusing on a niche, you CANNOT get the larger paychecks. 

4. Ask.

That’s the tip. Ask for what you want. I learned this lesson years ago but more thoroughly in the last few years. Instead of wondering what people will pay for your product or service, ask them.

Instead of wondering if one of the top celebrities, business people, or influencers will work with you or your company or will agree to simply try your body products for free….ask.

Instead of shuffling around the no’s that your sister got, or the no’s that your friends say you’ll get, just ask and find out. Get your own no.

Novel idea eh? Tip 4….ASK

5. Do the work. Put in the work where you need to, market the hell out of it strategically of course, then do the work some more. Many times when I speak to a lovely CEO, no “strategic” work has been done. Let me explain what I mean.

Yes, you’re writing, you’re doing regular blog posts BUT, they are random at best. Today you’re talking about celebrities, tomorrow, business tools, then next week, you’re talking about consulting or your event. Don’t you know your audience is thoroughly confused? Most can tell when your idea or post has not been researched, was typed on the fly and was just the information off the top of your head.

You’re writing so that people will find your site, think you’re knowledgable, and find you so resourceful that they keep coming back. What do you think will get me more hits to our site….My random thoughts on marketing or creating a post called the Holy Grail List of Marketing and PR tools with more than 250 resources…. Which do you think will continue to get us traffic to our site and introduce people to our knowledge? That post took me a week by the way( I read every single resource and one just one resource has 75 marketing articles) and it is one of the posts that gets us the most traffic…. Point is, do the work. A well written 1 post will do much more for you then a whole bunch of empty, random, “I’m blogging just because they say to do it” posts…..

Your blog posts should be

– informative

– useful

– have tips and tools your audience can use immediately

6. Five words.

What 5 words do you want to be known for? This could also be phrases or 2 words like , “business attorney”. So that you are not all over the place for 2014, think like this, what 5 words do I want to be known for? If someone didn’t have my name or my company name, how would they find me on Google?

I did a training with Google this year and that was one of the first questions they asked, and if we don’t know the answer to it, we’ll be  working like crazy all the time without this strategy in mind. Because, many people who find us and like our information, will not know our business name or our name. So, here’s where that niche comes in again.  What do you want to be known for? Take the next couple of days and work on this. Pick some words, Google them and see who’s coming up for those keywords. Then determine, is that a search term you want to show up for? Then, once you get your 5 words, incorporate them into your writing, into the products that you create, the speaking engagements you go after and the type of meetings you set up. Knowing your 5 words can really change the direction of your business and streamline all of your activities and energies into a specific area. This, my friends is being less random, willy nilly and more strategic.

7. Make educating yourself a priority. I do want you to ask questions-as that’s the best way to find out answers, but before you do that, have you tried? Have you gone to the library? Have you Googled it? Have you put in the work? Have you used the tools available at your fingertips already? I put out A LOT of info yearly, and sometimes, when someone asks for help, I’ll ask if they researched the info I’ve already given, or if they’ve tried to help themselves….. CEOs, this is a tough one, because we’ve all done it. We’re entrepreneurs now. We have to be the first on deck to do the work and waiting around for someone to give us the answer takes too much time.

I used to ask my brother in law, any single technical question that popped into my head. Sometimes he’d answer me, but soon, he got tired and said, “you know I’m just Googling it right, and you could be doing the same thing?” Stung, but he was right. 

I learned the lesson. Ask for help where you need it, but put in your own work, so that you are not wasting time waiting around for an answer.

8. Get rid of dreams and start setting goals. Yep, gonna beat this alive just to beat it back dead again. CEOs, we are not setting goals. And, I know many of you think you are, but you are actually building dreams. Goals have tangible parts, deadlines, steps broken down, energy, and sustainability.

I’m not telling you to get out paper and start writing the New Year’s Resolution list. I’m telling you to write out your MUST list. What must happen? Who must be involved for this to happen? What tools must I have to get it done? What date must it be done by? What must I do right now to make these damn dreams a reality? If I’m not doing them, what MUST leave my space right now so that I can?

I hope these tips help you to save time, use what you have, and leverage ALL that you do have in the new year. Check out our trainings and events below, and drop us a note in the comments to let us know what you will do to be more strategic in 2014. 


Women CEO Project January Events & Trainings

    1. Global Mastermind Circles Closes on or before January 6, 2014. To find out all of the details, click here.
    2. Private Business Strategy Clinic at my House 🙂 Jan 16th! For details, email
    3. Business Breakfast in Houston, Tx Jan 17th 7:30am-9am @ Canopy Restaurant . RSVP here!
Podcast_Cube (2)

Is 2014 your year to leave the J.O.B behind? Want to learn how to successfully leave your job and finally be in your business full-time? In this episode, we had the chance to interview the successful and energetic Farnoosh Brock, who is the owner of Prolific Living LLC. She made a smooth transition from a cushy and growing corporate job as an engineer, to creating the business of her dreams. 

In this Episode you will Learn:

  • How to create an exit plan and slowly move away from the job you hate
  • 5 Things to do if you are starting a new business or blog TODAY!
  • What do you do about health insurance when you leave your job
  • How to do a financial assessment and know how much money should you save before you leave
  • How to have focus and work productively to get everything done as a new entrepreneur
  • How to build relationships to grow your business, your database, and share your programs and services
  • What to expect when you start a business
  • Learn how to build wealth on your own as a business owner
  • What a typical day is like for an entrepreneur
  • The GREAT importance of deadlines and specific goals as an entrepreneur

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